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Paedophile Information Exchange. Updated 12th March

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Please Note: If you zoom out on the map, you will see the network reaches Turkey and Egypt

Quick research recap:

So far my research has led me to the following conclusions:

1; Peter Righton and P.I.E appear, for the moment, to be the key connection between the area's of high, sustained abuse in children's homes, schools, residential schools and other care centres.

This connection is first found in 1957 when he started working at Red Hill.

We now have a larger list of P.I.E names to work with, thanks welshwitch for updating that.

1. Thomas Victor O'Carroll (ex-chairman) (aka Carl Tom)
Founder (From Warwickshire but dual Irish/British national moved to Leam Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire in 1972. Moved to Shildon, County Durham after P.I.E. disbanded. born circa 1945) Also helped run P.I.E.s successor, The International paedophile Child Emancipation Group and a subsidiary, Gentlemen Without an Interesting Name. In 1977 was press officer for the Open University.

2. Charles Napier
(retired language teacher with links to Peter Righton)

3. Peter Righton (deceased) (aka Paul Pelham)
Co founder one time treasurer (one of Britain's leading child protection specialists)

4. Steven Adrian Smith (Chairman 1979-85)

Steven Freeman (aka Steven Smith)
(Former Home Office security guard from Catford used name Steven Adrian born circa 1954)

5. Peter Bremner (aka Roger Nash)
born circa 1940 several papers name a David Bremner but I think it's the same person.

6. David Wade (treasurer)

7. Sir Peter Hayman (deceased) (aka Peter Henderson)
former UK envoy to Canada.

8. Michael Hanson (first chairman)

9. Ian Campbell Dunn (deceased)

10. David Joy

11. Dr Edward Brongersma (deceased)

12. Keith Hose (chairman 1975)

13. Warren Middleton (aka John Parratt)one of PIE’s first London members – Creater of the Understanding Paedophilia (UP) magazine that was eventually replaced by Magpie

14. Geoffrey Prime

15. Barry Cutler
(from Porchester Mead, Beckenham born circa 1951)

16. Leo Adamson
(from Cricketers Court, Vauxhall born circa 1962)

17. John Morrison
(from Upper Richmond Road, Putney born circa 1967)

18. Michael Dagnall– Close friend and fellow abuser with Tom O’carroll

19. Tony Zalewski - European rep -Named in Daily Express, 26th August 1983

20. Lee Edwards - Named in Daily Express, 26th August 1983

21. Bernard Haunch
Former teacher

22. Jimmy Savile - M Murrins information and letter to QEII,Patten etc

23. Richard Travell

24. Richard Morris Clive Bigham
Eldest son Viscount of Mersey

25. Stephen King (aka Stephen Gosling)
lectured to various criminal justice conferences at which the Met Police, the CPS, the Probation Service

26. Michael John De Clere Studdert
(former Chaplain at Crowthorn School, Hampshire from Churt Road, Hindhead born circa 1939) Had largest know child porn collection ever found in UK in a secret vault on his 17 acre country estate. Heavily involved in charity.

27. Alan John Doggett (1936-1978), conductor, composer and choir master. Leader of London Boys Choir  - A letter in Magpie 10 reported and commented on the suspected suicide of Alan Doggett weeks before he was due to face child sex charges for having sex with a choir boy. Hit by train. Also has links to a certain Paul Raven aka Gary Glitter

28. CJ Bradbury Robinson – American author who wrote several times for Magpie magazine – His pro-paedophile books include A crocodile of choirboys “Bare Knees, Boy Knees.” The latter offers an “unmatched” and “startling trip into the strange world of the Paederast,” says the description on Amazon, which has one used copy for sale for $500. Advisor to P.I.E

29. Richard James - writer Magpie

30. Paul Green - writer Magpie

31. David Blomfield

32. Dr Morris Fraser - BBC Kaleidoscope

("The form of the child-adult encounter, so very often idealized by writers, is almost too painfully authentic here, too horribly real - yet depicted so beautifully. The Lost Boys has that rare virtue of blending truth with exquisite taste and perception.")

33. David Grove - born 1904 - secretary of PIE

34. Michael Walker  – London – Member level of P.I.E – He did not agree on certain issues of P.I.E but condemned hostility against P.I.E

35. Den Nichols - Author of paedophilia literature called “Towards a Better Perspective For Boy-Lovers”. Published in 1976. In its preface to ‘serious minded adult males who feel an existential attraction to young boys”. Copies were advertised and sold by P.I.E/Magpie for £1 each, including post & packaging

36. Jack Bennett - started out at Greystone Heath. worked with Righton.

37. Anthony Green – Somerset – He attended a meeting of P.I.E that was attacked by the Nation Front. He urged tolerance and understanding of paedophiles

38. Bill Thornycroft– He was disgusted at attacks on P.I.E. He was quoted “The sexual freedom of children was needed” – Member of Communist Party Gay Rights Committee in the 70′s

39. Roger Gleaves - Child rapist Roger Gleaves, who called himself the “Bishop of Medway”. Gleaves, of North London, has been in and out of prison for a series of child sex crimes he committed over a 40-year period. Links to several P.I.E members

40. Robert Atkinson – Newcastle teacher was arrested for sexually abusing a 13 year old student. He was fined £200. The headmaster and staff however continued to support him after the his guilt. Member level status in P.I.E

41. Ian Harvey - P.I.E member – He sought to differentiate bewteen “good paedophiles” and pedarasts, but without defining his terms or explaining why

42. Micky Burbidge – He supported P.I.E’s proposal to abolish the age of consent laws. Also wrote a book entitled “Evidence on the law relating to and penalties for certain sexual offences involving children for the Home Office Criminal Law Revision Committee” with Kieth Hose

43. Frits Bernard (1920 – 2006) was a Dutch psychologist,sexologist, homosexual activist, and pro-pedophile activist.Together with the late Edward Brongersma, he laid the foundations of the emancipation movement of boylovers in the Netherlands.

44. Keith Spence – He applauded the “courage” of the leaders of P.I.E in the face of ; quote – Hysteria, hostility and violence, also wrote several paedophile articles for Magpie about sexual abuse of young boys

45. Jane Rule – Canadian Writer of lesbian-themed novels and non-fiction. Co author of Magpie: Journal of the Paedophile Information Exchange - Also supporter of NAMBLA (The North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) was founded in December 1978 and is an activist homosexual and pedophilia coalition group. Their primary aim is stated to be the overturn of statutory rape laws and reduction of “age of consent” laws that require a child be of a certain age (which varies by state) before they can agree to sexual intercourse.

46. John Finnin - Co author of Magpie: Journal of the Paedophile Information Exchange

47. Peter Saxon - Co author of Magpie: Journal of the Paedophile Information Exchange

48. Kenneth Plummer – Involved with O’Carroll. He stated “Any study that can take adult-child sexuality out of the zone of shrieking horror and place it in the demystified zone of everyday experience must be welcomed”. sociologist Dr Kenneth Plummer of Essex University, sent a “warm message of support” for “Betrayal of Youth,” and, in company with Nettie Pollard and Professor Donald West (qv), also read, made suggestions and then praised “Paedophilia the Radical Case” receiving “heartfelt thanks” from its author, Paedophile Information Exchange Chairman Tom O’Carroll. Attented several P.I.E meetings

50. Dr Brian Taylor – Sociologist Brian Taylor adopted the pseudonym “Humphrey Barton” when he was research director of the PIE magazine “Understanding Paedophilia,” being co-opted to its executive committee. Another contributor to his book was a PIE EC member from 1976-77: Peter Righton, who was Director of Education at the National Institute for Social Work. He contributed a chapter entitled “the adult.” He too is quoted in praise of Tom O’Carroll’s book. Attended at least one P.I.E meeting

51. Dennis Grain - started at greystone heath

52. Peter Hodge - Was Chairman of National Council for Civil Liberties (now Liberty) and allowed P.I.E to be affilliated with the Council within a year of accepting Chair. His wife Margaret Hodge has been an MP since 1985, after critisism for ignoring complaints of Child Abuse forced her out of her Council seat in Islington and, in 2003 was appointed Minister for Children

53. Michael Taylor - started out in Islington at Gisburne House. After pleading guilty to 7 counts indecent assault, was moved to Bersham Hall in Wrexham where he abused 2 11 year old boys repeatedly.

54. Peter DeathmanTom O’Carroll used to visit prisons to provide ‘comfort’ to convicted paedophiles. He made regular visits to Peter Deathman, a PIE member who was serving a 10 year sentence for abducting children.

55. Charles Oxley
1983: The Age Taboo, by Dan Tsang: a review. This review has a colourful history: there were questions about it in Parliament. O'Carroll wrote the review while in Wandsworth Prison for conspiracy to corrupt public morals...The review was written on prison stationery, complete with his prisoner number, L20711, and sent as a letter to PIE member Charles Oxley, who later turned out to be the founding headmaster of a private school based on "old-fashioned moral values", and also an amateur spy. Oxley's efforts resulted in Eldon Griffiths MP raising the matter at Question Time in Parliament. On 11 November, Griffiths, Conservative Party spokesman for the Police Federation, asked Secretary of State Sir Patrick Mayhew whether paedophile literature was permitted in Her Majesty's prisons; and why a prisoner at Wandsworth was allowed to receive and review for publication..."a book on the subject of sexual intercourse with children". The question prompted an equivocal reply, and an apology on behalf of the prison governor. (Minor Problems 1, 15 April 1983, pp.10-11)

56. Frank Beck

It was a chance remark by a mother that sparked Britain’s biggest investigation into child abuse. The conversation between the woman, accused of ill-treating her son, and a Leicestershire council officer did not take place until 1989, three years after Beck resigned as head of three children‘s homes, the Poplars in Market Harborough, the Ratcliffe Road home in Leicester, and the Beeches in Leicester Forest East.
She confided in the official, blaming her own behaviour on the abuse she suffered herself while in Beck’s care at the Ratcliffe Road home in the mid-1970s. She was advised to go to the police and detectives she spoke to noted the names of other children who also claimed they were abused. Senior police officers decided to interview every child who had been in care in homes run by Beck from when he started work at them in 1973.

57. Greville Janner MP
Was named by Beck. Damning evidence concerning JANNER’s sustained sexual abuse of a 13 year-old boy in care emerged during Beck’s trial, but JANNER was shielded by the then Director of Public Proescutions, Sir Alan Green—who resigned shortly after as the result of a “kerb-crawling” incident.

P.I.E Affilliates if not members:

Nicholas Ferguson
Terry Waller
Tony Deane
Keith Spence
Rictor Norton

Kaz list

If I spend the next few days tracking these names, adding abuse instances to the Righton tracker map, make a list of all the homes involved, all other cases of abuse in those homes, and any other names linked to that abuse, same as i have been doing up to now, we should get a decent view of what we're dealing with.

2; the whole world is a disgusting cess pit which i'm not sure i want to live in.

3; and this is the most important conclussion of all!
We are the normal people!!


  1. 35. Jack Bennett
    Worked with Righton. Abused boys at Greystone Heath.

    Kaz - found another one

  2. Yes, have him on the map, just not on the list yet, ty honey.

  3. same as dennis grain and a couple of others

    1. Posted up additions - just trying to find links to add in + will update and repost. wld like to find news articles/court case links pref. Maybe not today tho!
      Sorry can't be much help with maps +stuff -me sh1t at anything techie - just good at being a rottweiler. :)
      Hope pooch settles and eats. I had 6 cats, then 'found' an abandoned dog- so of course hound was taken in. Cats were a bit miffed - but all settled in fine once the dog knew the cats were boss.

    2. thanks honey. so far its 2-1 to the cat i think, but the dogs been ill today.
      still hasnt eaten since he arrived herre on friday.
      so rather concerned.


  4. Great what your doing and so needed x

  5. The Guardian’s paedophile-in-residence Tom O’Carroll used to visit prisons to provide ‘comfort’ to convicted paedophiles. He made regular visits to Peter Deathman, a PIE member who was serving a 10 year sentence for abducting children.
    Yet another one for the list?


  6. Mr Paul Andrews Treasurer

    Mr Ralph Alden


    1. Ralph Alden was from Berlin he arrived from there and lived in Bromley then moved to Catford
      The local police had him on constant watch
      He was questioned with regard to " Brighton Beasts " case assault on 6 yr old boy
      His associate Ted Beach resembled the beer gut guy in description
      Two boys that Alden was abusing were placed in Orchard lodge secure unit Anerley
      SE London
      Following year Southwark council employed
      Daniel Swales to work at Orchard Lodge he was another paedophile
      He was detected and fled

    2. Jason F Hoyte Lambeth paedo was Co Director with Bertie Caleb Headley at Accapella Records Limited
      Hoyte used his position with Accapella and
      who took children out on day trips to abuse
      them as well as abuse young girls connected to Ruach City Church
      Bertie and Deborah Claire Headley ran the Elizabeth Claire child care homes
      To profit by they didn't even pay the staff
      They also ran a lot of failed businesses
      with creepy names: Boys Only Clothing and Pan Productions and London Cruises that employed probation offices
      Bertie listed himself as " care director / social worker even though he nor Deborah were qualified
      A sum of £10,000 was paid to Accapella from Lambeth council
      Also Lambeth council funded the Elizabeth Claire child care homes too
      with no inspection at all
      A survey about child exploitation incuded Elizabeth Claire homes And just accepted the word of Deborah Claire Headley that nothing untoward had taken place this despite the fact that the Headley couple were in business with a serial child sex offender namely Jason Hoyte

    3. Michael John Carroll after leaving Lambeth in 1991 went to North Wales where he not only purchased The Hand Hotel in Chirk he also setup ozanam centre for children along with his St Vincent de Paul Catholic associates Michael Redfearn and Michael Joseph Kennedy amongst others
      Michael Joseph Kennedy was awarded MBE for " services to families and children "
      Also whilst in North Wales Michael John Carroll joined the North East Wales Network with a bunch of notables eg business types connected to Food and bread and hotels
      This group came to be known as the Hotel gang. Aided and abetted by out friendly security services
      Another off shoot of this lot was a huge charity in Liverpool
      ( that place shows up a lot with ozanam group) the charity helps " serious offenders

  7. The problem with UK child protection policies is they are not evidence based. There is no specific legislation or regulations which require local authorities to collect & hold information on child abuse perpetrators or for them to use that information to formulate evidence based child protection policies.

  8. Hi guys, I've been looking at your very detailed site with interest. I work in child welfare and justice system reformation. A recent map with current investigations into child abuse has come out today showing the geographical areas that are under investigation and it reminded me of your map. I wondered whether you might take a look at it and see if you can spot any correlations with yours? I would love to know what you think.

    1. Whilst yes, there are close ties between the early research I produced and the current investigations, the data on this map is now way out of date in comparison to the results I have since collated.
      The police are still ignoring vital evidence despite them starting to accept my research is solid - as proven by GMP contacting me in February for info.

  9. i have info of a convicted sex offender ie name and address in kent if anyone would like to contact me for the information along with proof of what he did

  10. Chaplain John Spencer WESTMUCKETT
    Another PIE member
    Ended up Barnet Boys Brigade

    1. Hi.i would like to know if danny swales has been convicted for molesting boys or any information on would be good.he worked at or hard childrens home and football manager of the vangaurds.



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