Wednesday 23 January 2013

Fighting to be heard

While waiting to make a statement in regard to the abuse I suffered in Halifax and Wrexham, this
is the disheartening treatment I have received from Operation Yewtree. Will point out, Op Pallail
have been great so far, and have tried to help sort this out for me, although they are hampered
by the fact Op Yewtree are in control of my case, for the moment.

As a survivor of Bryn Alyn Community, the trauma's inflicted upon my mind whilst in Wrexham only served to broaden my existing untreated mental health issues. My last diagnosis, less than 6 months ago, was Manic Depressive Schizophrenic with Multiple Personalities Disorders. I went undiagnosed and untreated for approximately 27 years.

When the child abuse investigations were re-opened last year, I thought.... finally, my chance to have my say, maybe find a little peace along the way. So I came forward, and laid out the basic facts of my case to the authorities.