Wednesday 6 December 2017

Peter Steen Dead

For survivors of Bryn Alyn Community, a little update.

Abusive ex care worker, Peter Steen died on Monday 4th Dec 2017, may he rot in hell.

Friday 23 June 2017

Shatterboys awareness day in Lancaster

Shatterboys awareness day in the city - The visitor

Good luck Danny and all at Shatterboys UK, supported by Voicing CSA.
Launch of the charity in Lancashire.

Event starts, I believe, at 11am at Vale of Lune rugby club
Powderhouse Lane, LA1 2TT Lancaster, Lancashire

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Friday 19 May 2017

Islington | spotlight

Want to know why Corbyn is NOT the man for the job?

Islington | spotlight

Any MP should have acted to stop the abuses carried out by council employees and highlighted by so many.

Saturday 22 April 2017

Survivors "Let Down"

A report into child sexual abuse from the Children’s Commissioner’s Office (CCO) has criticised the speed of decision-making in child abuse cases.

Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield said children are “being let down by the system” and are “waiting too long to see their abusers charged or jailed”.

The Investigating Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) report, published on Thursday (April 20), examined the timescales involved in CSA cases from the point of initial report to the outcome in court.

Using Home Office data from 18 forces in England, the CCO found the investigative process took an average of 248 days, compared to 236 in 2014/15 and 179 in 2013/14.

The report also highlighted that this is 101 days more than the average for adult sexual offences.

Furthermore, the average length of time for the investigation of historic CSA is 270 days, compared to 207 for a current offence.

Three recommendations were set out in the CCO report including the establishment and roll-out of ‘children’s houses’, otherwise known as the ‘Barnahus Model’.

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Saturday 25 March 2017

St Aidan's, St Vincent's, Nugent Care

In amongst the information sent to myself from iiCSA,

St Aidan’s and St Vincent’s 

33.St Aidan’s and St Vincent’s were two of five homes at the centre of the litigation that became known as the ​“North West Child Abuse Cases”. The defendant was the same in both: the Nugent Care Society.

34.In respect of St Aidan’s, we currently only have one core participant directly associated with this case study: RSA. Although the Chief Constable of Cheshire Constabulary has not applied for core participant status, he has made it clear that Cheshire Police will co-operate fully with the investigation and seek to provide any relevant material. However, as noted above, at present we have no  core participant victims and survivors from St Aidan’s. We would encourage any victims and survivors from St Aidan’s who wish to be core participants or witnesses to come forward. If no one approaches the Inquiry within a reasonable time then we will need to consider whether it is appropriate for St Aidan’s to remain a case study in this investigation.  

Nugent Care still operate today as care providers. They also run fostering services.
One of their homes is an unlisted secure unit

I believe the investigation should look at Nugent Care as a group of homes. Their staff would have been interchangable just as they were with Bryn Alyn Community.

iiCSA Forum, 23rd March, Manchester

Thursday, 23rd March,
I arrived at the hotel early and was directed to the fourth floor, where I saw a few familiar faces, and met a few people I have been in contact with but never met face to face.

Some of these people were from Bryn Alyn Community, same as myself.Now, when the court cases were ongoing against BA staff, the defense team constantly threw at the survivors, the idea of collusion simply because they had been talking to others from the home.
This was a concern raised at the start.Whilst I was there yesterday, I came to the conclusion that Now, with the iiCSA hosting so many events at which survivors will meet with people that could fall under the collusion bracket, that one now has to be out the window as a plausible defense.

Several tables were set out in the room, with a facilitator posted to each table, 10 seats to each.
Estimate 25 people attended.
The day started slightly late, with Robbie making quick introductions and an apology for the email blunder.
Dru outlined the code of conduct and the agenda for the day.

It was mentioned by Dru that the Seminars are actually open to the Public. This met with the response that this was not known and perhaps that needed to change.
This led to a lengthier than anticipated discussion about the actual setup and function of the Seminars.

There was then a short video from the Migration investigation.

This was followed by a table discussion, with Dru and Robbie dropping onto each table during the discussions on the inquiry so far and how better to engage people.
Discussions were then put to the room for further input.

After lunch there was a short introduction by Stephen from the Research department.
He went through the schedule for the next year and then opened up a table discussion on the direction we saw the inquiry going, and the way forward. The changes we wished to see and the ways the inquiry can engage with us on a more equal footing.
Also discussion on possible future seminar topics.
Discussion was then presented to the room for further open thought.

Majority of the room were open to the idea of an online forum where iiCSA could moderate threads, keep us informed of upcoming events or deadlines, and we could leave our thoughts as to the progress and direction.
A lot wanted a regular newsletter (although that could be handled via the online forum).
It was agreed the Tech dept. would look at the ease and viability of both.

An extension of the Health Care investigation was called for, to incorporate Lunatic Asylums.
An extension on Residential Schools was called for to include the Lack of education actually provided.
Local Authority info sharing and disclosure was raised.
FGM was raised, as was the need to extend the inquiry into the different ethnic communities.
The TV and media normalisation of paedophilia was mentioned.
There was also comment of a need to look deeper into the activities of paedophile information exchange within SS and Gov.

It was agreed that all comments would be considered.

Thursday 9 February 2017

Life Changes. They want To Lock Me Up.

Have stopped drinking.
They threatened to send me to an institution.
The last two institutions I was sent to, I was raped by staff in both of them.
Kirklees Community Mental Health Team think it appropriate to threaten my mental state and my perceived safety for 8-12 months so i would lose the house and contents while i was gone. and probably my mum and dog. Come out with fk all and end up dead.

I haven't asked for intensive therapy, all I have requested is somebody to sit with me in talking therapy.

Thursday 19 January 2017

Feb 21st iiCSA Seminar

Well, iiCSA certainly know how to push survivors away.
Received a letter today in regard to the February seminar.
1 day event in London, 21st Feb.
Expenses has now gone down to £26 for food for 24hrs+, from £35 for 2 days.
We have been informed 
"the Inquiry has stated that on this occasion, Core Participants will not be invited to address the Panel directly, but should submit their comments to their legal representatives, so that the legal representatives can make submissions on behalf of their Core Participant clients."