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The Montreal Gazette - Sep 23, 1975

Wealthy Briton gets prison term over vice racket

LONDON (CP) - The odd man out in a Piccadilly prostitution ring operating from Piccadilly Circus's Playland amusement arcade was Charles Hornby, 36, a man who "had everything" but was sentenced yesterday to 2½ years in prison.

The other four in the vice racket to lure young runaway boys into prostitution - for wealthy customers such as Hornby - were listed on Old Bailey records as having "no occupation."

Their sentences ranged from 2½ years to 6½ years on charges of indecent assault, importuning and living off the earnings of prostitution.

But Hornby, Eton-educated, married to a former debutante, owner of a vast Gloucestershire estate where the family sometimes entertained Prince Charles, seemed to be a pillar of British society.

The only thing Hornby and others in the dock had in common, as the judge noted, was that "all of you are completely obsessed with boys."

The suggestion that accused were trying to help the boys was "the most nauseating part" of the nine-week rent-a-boy trial: saidJudge Alan King-Hamilton. Hornby sat with his head bowed as his lawyer spoke of his "secret shame" - the attraction to young men he had felt all through his army days and as a racehorse trainer, but never confessed to his wife of friends.

A former lancer and superior amateur jockey - because of his six-foot-four height bookies referred to him as The Lanky Lancer, Hornby later became a Lloyd's under-writer. His father was chairman of the giant publishing and book store company of H. W. Smith and his sister once was married to the Marquis of Blandford, later the 11th Duke of Marlborough.
The Canberra Times - Wednesday 24 September 1975

WORLD news
5 jailed on vice charges

LONDON, Tuesday (AAP). - Five men, including an Old Etonian former Lancers officer, were jailed today for their part in a "rent-a-boy" vice racket at an amusement arcade in London's Piccadilly area.

The five were sentenced to terms ranging from 12 months to six years on a number of charges which arose from police investigations into activities at the Playland Amusement Arcade.

The court was told that young penniless runaway boys were attracted to Playland then became prey for men who offered them meals and shelter.

The five men were: Mr Charles Hornby, 36, Old Etonian, former Lancers officer, horse trainer and gentleman jockey - jailed for 12 months on conspiracy and gross indecency charges, and 18 months for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Mr Andrew Novac, 29 - five years on conspiracy, importuning and indecent assault charges.

Mr Basil Andrew Cohen, 39 - five years for conspiracy, gross indecency and
indecent assault.

Mr Malcolm Raywood, 43 - six years for conspiracy, living on immoral earnings, importuning and a sexual offence.

Mr David Archer, 28 - four years on five sexual offences and 18 months on three charges of gross indecency. All pleaded guilty.

The judge described the nine-week hearing as "nauseating". He said what was sickening, was the way the men had tried to suggest they had helped the young boys.

"But these boys soon be came young prostitutes selling the only thing they had for sale - their young bodies", the judge said.

by Discovery77

"A man was jailed for life at the Old Bailey yesterday for the murder of a homosexual who tried to pick him up for sex. Edward Hillhouse smashed his victim’s skull with a hammer and stabbed him 12 times. The decomposed body of Malcolm Raywood, 59, who had just been released from prison for sexually assaulting young boys, was found a week later in a King’s Cross, London,hostel."

"Roger Gleaves, the notorious self-styled Bishop
of Medway and his hostel for boys he picked up at London's Kings Cross station that lingers"
(from the ex copper on thread posted earlier)

Considering he had so many hostels and connections in the environs it makes you wonder if the place Raywood was murdered was owned by Gleaves and ring - the murderer actually just another victim fending off/getting revenge on his attacker?


  1. That is a very interesting suggestion.

  2. I was a teenage victim of Malcolm Raywood and think he had a fitting end


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