Friday 15 March 2013

Gatewen Hall

Gatewen Hall is a Three-storey, Georgian-style Grade II listed country house in Berse Road, New Broughton, Wrexham, and had been a residential school prior to its purchase by Bryn Alyn Community in or about 1982.
 It was opened on 1 April 1983 as a children's home to provide for 14 boys and girls in the age range of 14 to 18 years with a view to preparing them for independence.

1999 There was yet again persistent sexual abuse of boy and girl residents of Gatewen Hall, which was a private residential school prior to its sale to the Bryn Alyn Community in 1982. 
The abusers were the two proprietors from 1977 to 1982, Roger Owen Griffiths and his then wife, now Anthea Beatrice Roberts, who were convicted on 4 and 5 August 1999 in the Crown Court at Chester. Griffiths was sentenced to eight years' imprisonment and Roberts to two years' imprisonment.

Peter Steen was accused of numerous physical assaults by residents of this home. It is unclear wether or not he was prosecuted.

John Allen was again accused of multiple offences by many victims from this home.

During the late 1980's early 1990's, a number of sexual assaults on girls occurred within this home although details are not currently available.

As for Gatewen Hall, most of the complaints related to the same period but a wider range of staff was named: there were not less than 26 complainants who named 12 members of staff in all.

Staff members as of July 1991;

Lynn Williams - Head (replaced later in year by Steve Ford)
Steve Ford - Deputy head (promoted and Paul Eccles first took Deputy position, later replaced by Ken White jr )
Yvonne Ford - Care staff
Peter Steen - care Staff
Trish Steen - Matron
Carol Rowlands - Care Staff
Evelyn Dodd - Care Staff
Gareth Dodd - Care Staff / Van Driver
Jock (real name Richard Burt) - Care Staff
Kim ? - Anti Natal advisor / Care Staff
Andy Williams - Care Staff
Sue MacKenzie - Care Staff
Mac MacKenzie (Sue's husband. book-keeper.)
Paul Eccles - deputy head March though September


  1. Roger Owen Griffiths and his wife worked at a childrens home in Shroshire in the mid 80s.called Milverton Court abuse was rife and many ex residants believe there was a cover up. I know no ex residants have never been contacted by the police in regards to the activitys of the above couple when they was working there.Many More abusers from Bryn Alyn was also working at Milverton Court. This childrens home was opend by Richard Groome and Norman Wainwright..

  2. Was andy Williams care staff of mixed race

    1. to be fair, i can't remember.
      I know Carol Rowlands was ginger-haired and looked anorexic.
      Steve Ford spoke Russian.
      Sue and Mac had a Volvo estate.
      Mixed race wasn't something I took notice of at that point in my life.
      Whilst I took note of fine detail about people, at 15, mixed race wasn't something I even considered to be a descriptive feature. Naive perhaps, or just not twisted by media impressions of such things.
      Sorry. Will ask next time I speak with ex staff.

  3. Thanks I know now it is nit the same man.. Do any if you remember bob miller he also worked at milverton court. A member of staff there reported him for sexual abuse in 87 also police in 90s when investigating milverton was again told of his actions.. Police told witnesses they would get back I touch they never did.

    1. I know Bob Miller. I was locked in a room with him. He sexually abused girls. The police did NOTHING. Social workers did NOTHING! Andy Williams was white with a beard, tall. Rick Baker beat the crap out of us and locked us in the entrance foye for hrs days what ever suited him.

  4. Bob miller needs locking up i told staff at milverton about him and nothing was done

  5. There was also care staff called Gary and ray at gatemen hall not mentioned at top Ray was mixed race jock worked at erdig road at the independence house and x police man Dave I remember he battered me and made me dig in field at back for hours


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