Saturday 2 March 2013

Bryn Alyn Home of Horror runs nursery for 13 years

Sunday 25th November, I set off at 10am to go uncover what has happened to the Finances that remained of the Bryn Alyn Community Holdings, managed by

Born in 1957, Kenneth John White is a British director who undertook his first directorship role 21 years ago at the age of 33. His first directorship was with a company called "Bryn Alyn Community (Holdings) Limited" His most recent non-secretarial directorship isthe position of "Company Director" at Eurolite Consultancy Limited, which was founded in 2011. He has held the position for 1 year, 9 days.

I found him living in Bryn Alyn Hall with family. Renting out apartments - very exclusive apartments, at both BA Hall and Wilderness Farm. 

Conversations with a few local residents and Mr White's business partner David Clark provided corroborating info to back the initial view, that Mr White has a booming lettings agency, several horses in the fields, and a family that lives with him, in the whole of BA Hall, while the other buildings are rented out. 
Funny how the only David mentioned on Directorships is a David Russel Evans....

It also revealled that he had run and maintained a Nursery on the property until approx 13 months ago, at current time of writing.
The nursery was operated out of the old prefabricated buildings that formed the major part of the memories I have from the school.

 Alyn Lodge, Pont-y-Capel Lane, Gresford, LL12 8RY

was being run, for over 13 years out of this property:

The Former Bryn Alyn Hall. 


More pics to follow as soon as I remember to get a new wire for my phone....

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