Sunday 25 May 2014

Paedophilic Apathy In Calderdale and Beyond

Over the last eighteen months, I have laid out how Malcolm Osric Phillips and Peter Righton and his Residential Child Care course mapped out the world of Residential Child Care, how Paedophile Information Exchange has been at the heart of Local and National Government and how the cover-up is still being perpetrated today despite the so-called "witch-hunts" across the UK.

I have laid out my efforts with West Yorkshire Police, in particular Halifax. The lengths I have had to go to in order to be allowed to make my statement and my heartache over the last few months after realising my original statement had never been Full. Let's face it, how could one possibly hope to charter 3 years of any lifetime in just 5 hours, let alone one filled with abuse.

Then there was the decision, by Halifax, to not pursue any of the claims laid by myself over the course of 5 hours.
Malcolm Phillips was to evade trafficking charges, Kenneth Prentice was to escape Rape charges and Calderdale were not to be held accountable for "Failure to Care".

This week I received a letter from my CICA solicitor informing me that Halifax Police had not received any report from me about abuse during my time in Care.

So here is the extreme I hoped never to have to reach.
I give you the redacted version of my statement notes, as compiled at the suggestion of Halifax Safeguarding Unit prior to my Video Interview on 8th February 2013.

All names of the innocent have been removed along with any distressing incidents.

Halifax Police took a copy of these notes, in full, as did Operation Pallial and my since-sacked solicitor, David Greenwood of Switalskis, Wakefield.

Operation Pallial had to wait at least 7 months for West Yorks Police to separate the 3 portions of my interview - Halifax for year + / Bryn Alyn for year + / Halifax again - and type up the transcript of the interview.

Approx 8 weeks ago, I gave my handling Officer from Halifax SafeGuarding a list of Homes regularly used by Phillips to rehome "difficult" children.

My handling Officer, DC Mel Baker, 3808, was inexplicably absent from work when I telephoned to discuss these issues last week.

I have a variety of communications between myself, my MP and Halifax Police detailing the contact I had with them during the Interview process, at least one of which details an interview process I undertook at Halifax Police Station.

So HOW can I have not made a report to Halifax Police.
The following images are direct scanned extracts of my statement notes.
They do not identify victims or incidents..
They do not include the Wrexham portion of my interview.
They do name abusers and other members of Care Staff.

One point I will quickly make is that West Yorkshire Police, despite all their failings, have still not let me down as much as Operation Pallial. That evidence will be released in full as soon as the trials are finished.

When I found a solicitor willing to act on my behalf, I sat and made a fuller set of notes so she knew what she was working with. More of a timeline of events rather than bullet points for me in an effort not to leave out important bits.
I had been told by Halifax Police to just include names and references to incidents simply to help the Officers in their questioning.

These I give you below.

May '89, I entered Skircoat Lodge Assessment Centre, Skircoat Green, Halifax, on a voluntary basis after family breakdown caused by my fathers untreated schizophrenia and violence towards me.
May '89, Phillips ordered me to be put on the Pill. I was registered with a new Dr.Dr Lord was the GP for all the residents.I was not sexually active at this point.
Absconded several times over the next year due to threats, intimidation, mental and physical violence from members of staff at Skircoat Lodge.Malcolm Osric Phillips, Head of the home,
Pamela Wright, nee Gibbons, his Deputy Head, and
Linda Brunning, residential care staff, were responsible for this abuse.

October '89, Left North Halifax High Grammar School. Had stopped attending due to boredom. Having begged for several years to be advanced a year, I had given up hope of achieving a decent education within the Secondary School system and was prepared to opt out until exam time so I could proceed to University.
I had Universities already offering full Scholarship places upon completion of my A levels. I was to study Archaeology and Languages.Absconding continued as did the mental and physical abuse.I started drinking heavily and suffered several bouts of Alcohol Poisoning.

January 1990, Developed double pneumonia whilst sleeping rough in a Bail Hostel-owned caravan in Manningham, Bradford, whilst absconding.
Jan '90, Enrolled at Sowerby High School, Sowerby Bridge, Halifax.Attended for 1 (one) day, got drunk and left as they could not meet my education needs.
March '90 I moved to Macclesfield Young Persons Unit.A child mental facility in Macclesfield, they took in up to 14 residents on a 3 month assessment basis initially.
During my 3 months there, my Mum agreed I could leave voluntary Care and return home.June '90, Macclesfield offered me a more permanent place which I refused, and I returned to my Mother's house.

June/July '90, This relationship quickly devolved and I was back in Care on a Court ordered Care Order within 2 weeks.I was put into Close Lea Children's Home, Rastrick, Brighouse.I was enrolled in Rastrick High School which again could not meet my education needs and I left.September '90, Transfer papers were delivered, signed by Phillips, for my removal from Calderdale Council operated Children's Homes to a private-operated facility in North Wales.
September/October 1990, Moved to Gatewen Hall, Bryn Alyn Community, Berse Road, New Broughton, Wrexham.Was enrolled in their on-site school which could never hope to meet the educational needs of a cat never mind me.[...]
September '91, Transfer papers arrive back to Halifax.
September '91, I arrive at my new Children's Home in Halifax. Farfield (193 Huddersfield Road).The actual postal address of this property is 192 Huddersfield Road, Halifax.It is unknown how or why it adopted the # of a property across the road.I got my son out of the car to be greeted by Malcolm Phillips. He preceded to tell me I'd “been a good girl in Wales. If you keep your mouth Shut, you and your son will be well looked after.”
Over next 3 (three) months, there is a visible campaign between Calderdale Social Services, my GP, Dr Lord and the Health Visitor to separate me from David.They eventually succeeded with the help of staff from Farfield, who were constantly interfering. At one point they moved me from an annexed flat I had been living in and placed my son and myself in an upstairs room within the Children's Home with other residents.
December '91, David goes to Foster Parents.
February '92, Raped by somebody with a key to my room. The only night staff on duty was Kenneth Prentice, Malcolm Phillips' nephew.


  1. Many thanks for sharing your story ... respect ... I also spent periods in care and, later became a social worker to try and challenge the abuse and crap that being in care often involves.

  2. i was so deluded about philipps recently found out a dear friend of mine was a victim too im gutted as i have stood up for him for years do you have any photoes of prentice as i dont remember the male staff names from 193

  3. also just commented this is beverley not graeme but dunno how to change it ss

  4. Search ken prentice on faceboOK if you want to see his picture I used to work with him at jla ripponden halifax he is a health and safety manager there, ken has left his wife and now got married now to a guy Mike mcgarry who dad michael mcgarry from Halifax got 13 years recently in 2018 for raping and abusing a child in 1990s goggle it


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