Tuesday 20 August 2013

Goat-Sex Man Banned From Every Farm In Country

Goat sex man banned from every farm in UK
Robert Newman has been banned from every farm in the UK (Picture: SWNS/posed by model)

A man who admitted having sex with a goat has been banned from every farm in the country.
Robert Newman has also been told he must stay indoors after dark until his sentencing hearing next month.
The 23-year-old had been due to stand trial but at the last minute changed his plea to guilty at north-west Wiltshire magistrates court in Chippenham, admitting one count of an act of sexual penetration on the animal.
He will now be sentenced on September 12, and until then, Newman, of Devizes, Wiltshire, must abide a curfew of between 7pm and 7am, as well as stay away from all farms.


Monday 19 August 2013

William Henry Smith School, Brighouse

The William Henry Smith School in Brighouse todayThe William Henry Smith School in Brighouse today
Compensation, which could run into six figures, is to be paid to former pupils of a residential boys school at Brighouse who claimed they were physically and sexually abused.
An out-of-court agreement has been reached between solicitors representing the former boarders and lawyers and insurers of the school, following allegations of historic abuse dating back to the 1960s.
The claims were made against staff working at the William Henry Smith School, a residential special school in Brighouse, in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.
Alan Collins, of Pannone Solicitors in Manchester, who represented 30 former pupils, confirmed an agreement had been reached with the school’s insurers and lawyers to give them compensation for their experiences.

Sunday 18 August 2013

Medomsley and Neville Husband

Compiled by Dopey

Neville Husband

1967 - Whilst training with the prison service Husband was arrested at Portland borstal, Dorset, and charged with the importation of pornography from Europe. The material seized included sado-masochistic images involving teenage boys. Husband admitted showing the material to boys in his care, but the charges were dropped when he said he was conducting research into homosexuality.

A document, signed by the governor of HM Borstal Portland, reads: "The police showed me sample photographs of men in obscene and lewd postures, a signed order form and a signed cheque for 20/- which they allege was sent to an address in Sweden by Officer Husband. "The police interviewed Officer Husband at Portland police station and he admitted sending for a series of photographs, the sample of the series he ordered pictured two naked men, apparently engaged in homosexual activity. Immediately following the police interview Husband saw me privately and informed me of the statement he had made to the police. He told me - and the police - that he was considering writing a book on homosexuality and he had sent for the photos to assist to this end. Officer Husband is a good cook and baker, a married man with one child, buff, hearty and something of a comedian."

1969 - Neville Husband was moved from Portland borstal, Dorset, to Medomsley detention centre where he ran the kitchen for 15 years

1977 (June) - a police officer is believed to have covered up allegations after one victim (Kevin Young) walked into Consett Police Station to make a statement about abuse. His claims were ignored and the paperwork for his statement has been destroyed. Kevin Young went to report his abuse the day he left Medomsley, but he said police told him not to pursue the complaint unless he wanted to be returned to the detention centre. Until recently, Durham police denied that he had made a statement on his release, but they now admit that a number of complaints were made by former inmates, "particularly in the 1970s and 1980s". 

Saturday 17 August 2013

Detention Centre Paedo Inquiry

Senior officers have launched a major inquiry into the horrific sex abuse after complaints were ignored or dropped

Victim: John McCabe suffered horrific abuse

Victim: John McCabe suffered horrific abuse
Stuart Nicol
Claims a ring of violent paedophile prison officers routinely raped hundreds of teenage boys in a borstal are finally being investigated – after an alleged police cover-up.
Senior officers have launched a major inquiry into the horrific sex abuse at Medomsley Detention Centre, County Durham, after complaints were ignored by police or dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.
One brave victim, who has waived his right to anonymity, said: “I was raped every single day.”
John McCabe was abused, aged 17, for six months by prison officer Neville Husband.
He said: “I was asked to work in the kitchens. That’s where I met him.
"He told me if I didn’t do what he wanted he’d kill me and nobody would care.
“I thought I was the only boy he abused. Now I know there were more. A lot more. And it wasn’t just him.”
John, of East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, added: “I’m fighting for justice for those boys, for myself.
"Too many people have got away with this for far too long.”
Police fear hundreds of young men were assaulted while serving sentences at Medomsley in the 70s and 80s.
Husband was jailed for 12 years at Newcastle crown court for mass rape of boys in his care.
Storeman Lesley Johnson was jailed for six years. Both men are now dead.
Victims say the 2003 probe into Husband did not go far enough and that he was part of a ring of officers involved in systematic abuse.
At least four other prison officers were involved, along with individuals outside the centre, police suspect.
And a police officer is believed to have covered up allegations after one victim walked into Consett Police Station in 1977 to make a statement about abuse.
His claims were ignored and the paperwork for his statement has been destroyed.
The missed chance meant the ring could continue to abuse inmates for years.

Thursday 8 August 2013

John Ernest Allen

A former boss of children’s homes will deny 32 sex charges brought against him by detectives probing allegations of historical child abuse in North Wales, a judge heard.
John Ernest Allen, 72, of Foxglove Avenue, Needham Market, Ipswich, appeared before Caernarfon Crown Court.
He was the head and founder of the Bryn Alyn Community which at one time ran a number of children’s homes in North Wales.
The charges include 22 indecent assaults. They are alleged to have taken place between 1968 and 1989 and involve 15 complainants aged between seven and 15.
Prosecutor Karen Mullin told Judge Merfyn Hughes QC during a 10-minute hearing: “Police are doing everything they can to progress the investigation.”
The pensioner’s barrister John Gibson said: “Mr Allen denies these allegations.”
Allen spoke only to confirm his name and that he could hear the judge from inside the glass-fronted dock.
Miss Mullin said a QC had conduct of the case for the Crown.
Judge Hughes remanded Allen in custody. The next hearing is due to be on October 28.
The judge told the lawyers: “It’s impossible for me to tell you when this case is going to be heard.”

Warwick Spinks Free.

Evil Warwick Spinks, dubbed the Pied Piper of Paedophiles, was extradited from the Czech Republic in November after 15 years on the run.
He should have then served the last 18 months of his five-year jail term. But when he was caged back in 1995 the law only allowed officials to make offenders serve part of a sentence before automatically freeing them.
That loophole was closed for absconders last year but it cannot be enforced retrospectively.
So officials had to free Spinks FOUR MONTHS after his recapture.
The pot-bellied paedo, who now calls himself property tycoon Willem van Wijk, celebrated his freedom and 49th birthday with a sordid bash for 14 pals, including toyboy Vladimir, 34.
The Sun watched as he:
SIPPED champagne with pals at a luxury floating restaurant.
UNWRAPPED creepy presents including an edible thong.
WRITHED with male go-go dancers, saying: “You’re only as young as the boy you’re feeling.”
CAVORTED starkers in a glass-sided plunge pool with a Slovak lad in front of other perverts.
A source said: “Spinks should be behind bars. Many people in Prague were shocked to see him back so soon acting as if nothing had happened. He is cocking a snook at British justice.”

Party perv … chubby Spinks gets a birthday dance from three half-naked lads at gay club
Dan Charity
Spinks was first identified as a dangerous child abuser in 1992. He divided his time between England and Amsterdam, introducing sex tourists to young boys.
He told one undercover cop he could arrange sex with …read more
Source: The Needle

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Handpicked Judges For Sex Cases.

Specialist judges will be hand-picked to deal with child sex abuse cases to give victims greater protection.  
The changes announced today will mean senior judges will have to approve the trial judge for all serious sex cases that are due to last more than two weeks or where there are multi-defendants.
This will also happen where a witness is considered to be 'significantly' vulnerable.
This core batch of judges will then get additional specialist training.
But the most senior judge in England and Wales  rejected calls for specialist courts to deal with cases of child sexual abuse.
Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, the head of the judiciary in England and Wales, believes the proposals for specialist centres will lead to increased waiting times and are likely to be costly to run.
Writing to chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee Keith Vaz MP, Lord Judge said he had made changes to the selection process for judges sitting on serious sex cases. 
As well as calling for additional training for judges, Mr Vaz's committee also recommended the Government introduce specialist courts, similar to domestic violence courts currently running, for child sexual abuse or sexual offences as a whole.
The Committee did not want new buildings created but rather in each region one court room should be designated as the preferred court for the most serious child sexual exploitation cases.

Saturday 3 August 2013

The Peter Righton Files

The Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme

The Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme gives members of the public,  whether they are a parent, carer, guardian or another interested party, a formal mechanism to make enquiries about individuals who are in contact with children.
Around a quarter of child sexual offences are carried out by strangers, and the majority of child sexual offenders are known to their victims. They are often someone who has some form of access to a child e.g. a member of the family, a friend of the victim, or a friend of the victim’s family. This is why this scheme may allow you to better protect a child from harm.

If police checks show that the individual has a record for child sexual offences, or other offences that might put the child at risk, the police will consider sharing this information with the person(s) best placed to protect the child, usually the parent, carer or guardian.The aim of the scheme is to give parents, carer, guardians and other interested parties a more formal mechanism for requesting information about an individual who has contact with their child or a child close to them if they are concerned that the individual is a child sexual offender. We will discuss your concerns with you and decide whether it is appropriate for you to be given more information to help protect the child involved.
 If you have concerns regarding such an individual, we have a dedicated telephone number, where you can contact us to make enquiries within this process.  The dedicated number is 0114 2196954.
Further information relating to the scheme can also be found on the following websites:
Gov website
Parents Protect website

Brighton Man Guilty Of Haiti Child Abuse

31 July 2013

A former Brighton man was sentenced today in Miami to 165 years in prison, followed by a lifetime of supervised release, for child sex tourism offenses.

Matthew Andrew Carter, 68, aka “William Charles Harcourt” and “Bill Carter,” was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Joan A. Lenard of the Southern District of Florida.

A jury convicted Carter in February of five counts of traveling in foreign commerce from the United States to Haiti for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct with children and one count of attempting to do so.

“For 15 years, Matthew Carter, under the guise of serving as an international humanitarian, sexually abused more than 50 Haitian children,” Acting Assistant Attorney General Raman said in a statement. “He held himself out as a savior to vulnerable children in Haiti, but in fact cruelly forced those children to choose between poverty and submitting to repeated sexual abuse.

“Child sex tourism is a heinous crime, and today's sentence demonstrates our commitment to bringing the weight of justice on anyone who seeks to exploit our most vulnerable citizens, wherever they reside,” he added.

According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, from 1995 to 2011, Carter resided at and operated the Morning Star Center near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, prior to his arrest on May 8, 2011.

The Morning Star Center was a residential facility that provided shelter, food, clothing and school tuition to Haitian children.

The children who lived at the Morning Star Center were from impoverished families that could not feed, educate or otherwise support their children.

The evidence at trial showed that Carter specifically targeted children in need and preyed on their vulnerability. Between 1995 and 2011, Carter frequently traveled between the United States and Haiti in order to raise funds from churches and donors for the continued operation of the center.

Carter sexually and physically abused the children in his care and custody at the center during this period of time.

According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, Carter used force to get these children to comply with his sexual demands and required the children to participate in sexual acts in order to receive food, remain at the center and/or continue to receive school tuition payments.

At trial, 16 Haitian victims who resided at the Morning Star Center between 1995 and 2011 testified. Additionally, four witnesses testified that they were sexually abused by Carter in London during the 1970s.

Carter previously was charged with and acquitted of charges related to the sexual abuse of children in London, Cairo and Winter Haven, Fla.

Friday 2 August 2013

A Step By Step Guide To Tackling C.S.E

I tracked down the original document that WYP have gathered their info from for the C.S.E campaign

What to do if you suspect a child is being sexually exploited 

A step-by-step guide for frontline practitioners 

1. This step-by-step guide complements, and should be read in conjunction with, the 
Safeguarding children and young people from sexual exploitation statutory guidance 
published in 2009. It is intended for frontline practitioners in the statutory and voluntary 
and community sectors (VCS). It outlines the actions they should take, as a minimum, if 
they suspect that a child they are in contact with is being sexually exploited. 

2. Child sexual exploitation is a form of child abuse which involves children and young 
people (male and female, of a range of ethnic origins and ages, in some cases as young 
as 10) receiving something in exchange for sexual activity. Perpetrators of child sexual 
exploitation are found in all parts of the country and are not restricted to particular ethnic 

Thursday 1 August 2013

Child Sexual Exploitation: West Yorks Police

Yesterday afternoon as I was walking through town, I stumbled upon a group of Police Officers outside the bus station, near a large video monitor which was playing a 2min feed on a continuous loop. I stopped to speak with the Officers and tried to gather info about their plans for the campaign and to give feedback on the monotone video they had droning away in the background.

The video they were showing actually stopped at around 2m 20s rather than the full 4m 11s avail. here. This may be a good thing as the info given at the end is highly inaccurate and misleading.
Now, as regular readers will know, I have "issues" when it comes to WYP, but I tried to put these to one side as I hoped this was a chance to raise awareness.
After speaking with the Officers handling the campaign yesterday, my "issues" have grown somewhat. The attitude of some of the Officers was awful. I witnessed one in particular, who had been tasked with leaflet distribution.....
A young female walked down the concourse of the bus station, past the Officer who noticed and called after her.. "Oi..." she kept walking. "Oi..!" on she walked..... "Oi!" after five such attempts she finally decided there couldn't be anyone else so she stopped and turned. The Officer walked up to her, shoved a leaflet in her hand and walked off. No explanation about the info he had just delivered, no Please nor Thank You....
After speaking further with one of the Officers, I took a leaflet and left my details as somebody they could contact should they (and Yes, they do!!) need help, feedback or suggestions from victims as to how to approach the subject of Child Sexual Exploitation and gain some of the exposure needed.
Since then I have been in contact with the Press Office for WYP and expressed some of my concerns in regard to the Campaign itself and the Officers tasked with it. 
Among other comments I made during that conversation, I pointed out to the Press Office that women are offenders too..... but that the info they were distributing specified offenders as being male.
I hope WYP can take the suggestions on board and actually make the campaign work. I have volunteered my input along with the information I have gathered over the months/years. Let's hope WYP make use of the research and stop others suffering.

*Update: Thank You to Patrick Brooke and Andy Smith from WYP for taking the time to read my comments and this blog and your positive-sounding comments.
Below is the content of the leaflet.....