Thursday 8 August 2013

Warwick Spinks Free.

Evil Warwick Spinks, dubbed the Pied Piper of Paedophiles, was extradited from the Czech Republic in November after 15 years on the run.
He should have then served the last 18 months of his five-year jail term. But when he was caged back in 1995 the law only allowed officials to make offenders serve part of a sentence before automatically freeing them.
That loophole was closed for absconders last year but it cannot be enforced retrospectively.
So officials had to free Spinks FOUR MONTHS after his recapture.
The pot-bellied paedo, who now calls himself property tycoon Willem van Wijk, celebrated his freedom and 49th birthday with a sordid bash for 14 pals, including toyboy Vladimir, 34.
The Sun watched as he:
SIPPED champagne with pals at a luxury floating restaurant.
UNWRAPPED creepy presents including an edible thong.
WRITHED with male go-go dancers, saying: “You’re only as young as the boy you’re feeling.”
CAVORTED starkers in a glass-sided plunge pool with a Slovak lad in front of other perverts.
A source said: “Spinks should be behind bars. Many people in Prague were shocked to see him back so soon acting as if nothing had happened. He is cocking a snook at British justice.”

Party perv … chubby Spinks gets a birthday dance from three half-naked lads at gay club
Dan Charity
Spinks was first identified as a dangerous child abuser in 1992. He divided his time between England and Amsterdam, introducing sex tourists to young boys.
He told one undercover cop he could arrange sex with …read more
Source: The Needle

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