Saturday 15 August 2015

Halifax Protest

Despite the rain, Friday 14th August saw a fantastic response to the protest outside Northgate House.
Larry Budd from Radio Leeds did a fantastic job with the interview I gave him in the run-up to the event.
Sally Simpson (itv) and John Cundy (BBC) braved the weather with us, as did a photographer from the Examiner in Huddersfield.

Sally Simpson ©Giblin

John Cundy ©Giblin

Around 50 protesters arrived from Nottingham, Redcar, Stockton-on-Tees, Manchester, and across Yorkshire to support the call for fresh investigations into the crimes committed by Malcolm Phillips and Rod Ryall.


Abuse in Dobroyd Castle, Todmorden 1973-1975 - Terence O'Hagan.
O'Hagan was found dead part way through his trial for crimes committed against boys in the borstal situated in the middle of the remote pennines. 

Abuse of children in care by Director of Social Services - 1974 - 1988 - Rod Ryall.
Ryall was convicted in 1988. Further trials have since failed, lastly in 2010 when a Judge instructed the Jury to find him Not Guilty on grounds of a prejudiced trial. 
 Rod Ryall

Establishment of a local paedophile ring. - 1974-2000 Rod Ryall, Malcolm Phillips, Andrew Shalders, Terence O'Hagan. 

Malcolm Phillips

Connections to abuse and abusers in Birmingham, Lancashire, London, Newcastle, North Wales, Nottingham, Scarborough, Paedophile Information Exchange, Rev Bennett and Jimmy Savile. Ryall worked closely with Peter Righton in Birmingham. All three, Phillips, Ryall and Shalders are believed to have sat Righton's residential childcare accreditation course.
Ryall was appointed Ass Director of Calderdale in '74 and Director in '85, despite having been questioned by the police and formally disciplined by Calderdale Council, for “inappropriate behaviour toward two young boys” in 1982.
He appointed Phillips as “Principal” of Skircoat Lodge Assessment Centre when it opened in 1976. 

Abuse in Skircoat Lodge Assessment Centre, Halifax 1976 - 1996 - Malcolm Phillips, Andrew Shalders, Linda Brunning, Pam Gibbons.
In 1985, Shalders was suspended after a Skircoat Lodge boy and four other former residents said he had sexually assaulted them. The case was dropped because of insufficient evidence and Shalders was reinstated.
Although Shalders was noted as having moved into Adult services in 1988, documents still show him as Education officer within Skircoat Lodge in 1990.
In 1994, an NSPCC report criticised Skircoat. It said “bathroom doors were missing locks, staff walked into children’s rooms unannounced, meals were eaten in silence and children and staff seemed dominated by Phillips”.
In 1995, a former resident accused Phillips of rape and the complaint was ignored. In 1996, as a result of the '94 inspection by NSPCC, Phillips was suspended and Skircoat Lodge was closed.
An investigation was launched a year later. 

Trafficking of children to other areas 1976-1996 - Malcolm Phillips.
It is believed 10 (ten) girls were sent to Bryn Alyn Community alone over the 18 years Phillips was in charge of placements. All were between ages 12-15, blonde haired, blue eyed. 

Harbouring a Wanted paedophile in a Children's Home - 1988 - Malcolm Phillips.
Rod Ryall was found hiding in Phillips' private flat at Skircoat Lodge when he was arrested in 1988. He was reportedly living there for two weeks prior to arrest. 

Abuse in Farfield, 192* Huddersfield Road, Halifax 1992 – Kenneth Prentice.
The postal address of this property was actually 193* Huddersfield Road, on the other side of the road and some distance away from it's supposed place.
Why it was listed in Council files as 192 is unknown. Malcolm Phillips' nephew, Kenneth Prentice was never prosecuted for the assaults he committed whilst working at the home. 

Staff from former abuse homes still working with children in Residential Care.
There have been reports of female staff members from Skircoat Lodge still working within residential childcare, under new, married names. 

Safeguarding policies provided by a Company established by a child abuser.
A Company Director from Shropshire is currently on trial for crimes against children under his care in 1980's, whilst he was working as residential staff.
The Company he helped establish, Signis Limited, is responsible for Safeguarding policy provision to over 200 boards in the UK including Social Services, Police, MoD, Roman Catholic Church, Schools. 

Child psychologist, Dr Patsy Chapman told Not to disclose mental health problems in any child in the care of Calderdale.
Despite the fact that records reflect no mental health issues, children in care were routinely sectioned or sent to child mental facilities in other boroughs. Dr Chapman is now dead, but the children she failed still suffer. Many still do not get the Mental Health support they need. 

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Rantzen strikes again!

First she brought us childline.
As we all know, it was reported as the key for many paedophiles to pick up the kids who were running away from being abused in the system.
So now we have SILVERLINE a free phone in system set up by Ester Rantzen. 
What better way to find out from the elderly do you own properties ask of their health who the next of kin is and yes, gate keeping for the millions of pounds in the elderlies homes then along comes the social workers put the elderly in a home and take their property to pay the councils and the private care homes and gone is the inheritance for the family."

Monday 10 August 2015

Subliminal Normalisation.

Ok, bit of a controversial viewpoint, but.....

In the current "child abuser around every corner" climate, we are seriously in danger of over-shadowing our children's very childhood with fear and suspicion.

Even a seemingly innocuous advert on TV can be construed in so many seedy ways, each totally out of context to the advertisers intent.

For example, I saw on tv this evening, an advert for Johnson's baby bath - or rather, I heard half the ad.
I should have been gobsmacked to hear a "silky, sultry voice" declaring that it was "bathtime is more than cleansing and moisturising [...} your touch stimulate's her senses..."
But I was not.

Every way we turn they are hammering down the door to let the paedo's in.

Every single day, normalisation of paedophilia is drip-fed into each and every mind within the Earth's population.

When will people wake up and tell the "powers that should never have been" that we will no longer accept them either "screwing us over" nor fking our kids!!!!!
Their disgusting, corrupt, unnatural acts are not welcome within civilised society, 60 years ago or now!