Friday 15 February 2013

Peter Righton nonce network

I have also started to track the movements of Peter Righton, along with those that came into contact with him and his P.I.E cronies.
On this map I have detailed who from that network was at each place, and the job position they held at the time, if known. The intention of this map is to highlight how influential the network was within local Authorities and the placing of vulnerable children into, for the most part, privately run Institutions.
Updated a few more places and names. Added a few interesting points to some entries.

View Righton network in a larger map


  1. Keep going!!! There is freedom and peace at the end of this process. The pain and the fear will not last.

  2. Just to clarify New Barns School Toddington was in Gloucestershire not Bedfordshire. It is still there - now run by a group PETT - therapy centre.You can find it online.

  3. would that be

  4. PETT is an Archive and Research Centre, not a school. It is based at premises previously occupied by New Barns School. There may be some connections among the Trustees and Directors.

  5. There is, indeed, a recognised (recently awarded 2011) archive centre that took over residual grounds c.late 1990's of former New Barns School after the school closed. A substantial remaining acreage including old house (former Toddington Manor property) and schoolroom gardens with greenhouses and play ground were/was necessarily demolished and given over to new expensive distinctive housing development. The present cramped archive centre specialises in the preservation of historic info/artifacts concerning therapeutic communities and much besides of national import related to therapeutic residential care.

  6. I believe John Cross who was a Head Master at New Barns School is also a director of the PETT Planned Environmental Therapy Trust that occupied the grounds of New Barns School today.


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