Thursday 14 February 2013

Reply to Macur Review

Subject: Summary of evidence
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 10:16:16 +0000

Were the terms of reference for the Waterhouse Inquiry sufficiently wide to address all matters of legitimate public interest and/or disquiet concerning allegations of continuing abuse of children in care and the nature of child care procedures and practice in North Wales?

No. Cotsbrook was, for the most part and, still is, disregarded as part of the Bryn Alyn Community. Just because it is/was in Telford didn't mean it was separate from the abusive "carers" in charge.
Whilst it was acknowledged in the Waterhouse report that control had passed from Bryn Alyn Community to Prospects for young People and, that the man in charge of the home remained in place, no investigation was apparent as to why the children's home formerly known as Pentre Saeson Hall changed Company ownership overnight, nor where the funding had been sourced.
Neither was it explained why Bryn Alyn Community and Prospects for young People were Both registered as running and maintaining a Children's Home within the same property, at the same time and, continued to do so for approximately one year.
A pre-school nursery was allowed to operate for at least 13 years, within the old prefabricated buildings that had acted as School rooms for the Community. This was operated under the Company flag of Alyn Holdings and registered at Bryn Alyn Hall, along with a further eleven Companies in total. Some of which operate within the property sectors and some under Residential Care of Vulnerable Children.
All of these Companies are funded and influenced by Kenneth John White (referred to as White junior within the Waterhouse report).
Bryn Alyn Hall itself is currently listed as an Hotel, although it took 15 minutes at the property to discover it was actually the permanent residential address for Kenneth John White and his family. It took a further 5 minutes to discover the property had reverted to his father Kenneth Henry White upon John Allen's resignation in 1996, in lieu of Allen's personal debts to the Company.

K White junior then inherited the Hall, all external buildings and outhouses, along with 50 acres of land and private woods, upon K White seniors death in 1997.

Was any undue restriction placed upon the terms of reference to prevent a full inquiry or examination of the evidence in order to protect any individual or organisation?
If not, did the Tribunal appear to restrict the terms of reference to avoid investigation or examination of relevant evidence?

Was any pressure brought to bear upon those participating in the Inquiry whether as members of the Tribunal, its staff, legal teams, witnesses or contributors to deflect, deter or conceal evidence of relevance to the Waterhouse Inquiry?

Yes. It has already been documented from various sources that orders were given to destroy damning photographs. Also, all documents relating to the residents of Bryn Alyn Community (thought to number in excess of 500 vulnerable children) burnt in an unexplicable fire at a Pickford's Furniture Shipping and Storage warehouse in Chester. This left it almost impossible to trace all the potential victims resulting in potential allegations being overlooked and the perpetrators walking away unscathed.
It was noted within the Waterhouse report that a potential 500 children had passed through the Community, yet only 350 abuse allegations were made.
I had/have evidence to contribute against two members of staff within Bryn Alyn, along with up to three Directors of the related Ltd Companies.
The abuse-relevant portions of this evidence has now been lodged with both Operation Pallial and Operation Yewtree.

My case falls under both Operations as my move to Wales was sanctioned by yet another section of the Peter Righton paedophile network from within Calderdale Social Services, by Malcolm Osric Phillips. A man whom I believe had regular contact with Peter Righton in Birmingham, along with Rod Ryall and Andrew Shalders, prior to them all being dispatched to West Yorkshire.
It has also been widely documented that a high proportion of attendees to his Childcare Course in Birmingham and, in other areas, went on to become prolific paedophiles. Several of these are known to have been within the Bryn Alyn regime for a number of years.
Certain regular VIP visitors, known to have unhealthy interests in young boys, were never even mentioned within the report, despite there being video footage widely available of them at such events as the annual Sports Days which were arranged for within the homes for the younger children.

Were witnesses prevented or discouraged otherwise from giving relevant oral evidence or making statements? If so, by whom and/or in what circumstances?
Were all relevant witnesses invited to furnish statements and/or be heard by the Inquiry? If not, why not?

Social Services departments up and down the country prevented victims coming forward by not revealling their "clients" who had been placed at Bryn Alyn Community.
I, personally, was never approached by the Inquiry team, despite having left Gatewen Hall with a newborn baby in my arms, 13months after joining the Community.
Social Services had contact with both myself and my family until 1997.
As for Why Not? This is the key question I want some form of explaination to, although I am keenly aware that since the death of Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC, it is an answer I can never receive in full.

Were witnesses given adequate support (e.g. legal advice, advocacy or counselling) to facilitate giving evidence to the Inquiry?

Wouldn't know. I was never given the option.
I have had to spend the last 21 years fighting to get my support network in place, not only for the abuse I suffered in "Care" but also for the mental ailments I had prior to entering the Childcare System. I feel fortunate to have been able to get this support system in place, less than 2 months, before the fresh round of Inquiries and Investigations began in 2012.

Were the arrangements made for the Inquiry, including but not limited to, notice of the Inquiry and its proceedings, witness interviewing, location of Tribunal headquarters, configuration of hearing chamber, oral evidence taking, conducive to encourage the participation of relevant witnesses?

No. I was living in West Yorkshire and never saw an appeal for victims to come forward. No Social Worker approached me, despite being in close contact with them for several years in relation to my son.
I discovered the Inquiry had happened in 2001, when advised by a Crown Court judge that I could not rely on the sympathies of the Courts in the future, as the events of Bryn Alyn Community had "now been dealt with and laid to rest by the powers that be.".
At no point was the subject raised with me that an Inquiry was in progress about a Children's Home Community at which I had fallen pregnant and thus given birth.

The following link is to a Google map I began compiling, using a list of Convicted abusers from within Children's Homes only, within the last 30 years. So far I have got through half the names only, and each blue marker on the map only represents one single instance of abuse, per offender, per area. I have not marked multiple offences/victims in each area by an offender.
I am in the process of compiling maps showing the movements of the Peter Righton paedophile ring along with his P.I.E friends and the pattern of abuse is immediatley recognisable although, admittedly on a smaller scale at the start, that is becoming evident in the overall map.
Due to the vast number of markers on the map, you will have to zoom in a bit to see the groupings that form the pattern.


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