Friday 22 February 2013

A Call for Abdication

The current reigning monarch has, for many years shown poor judgement at the very least both in her choices of cabinet/government and the honours list.

Scores of names from her time as Queen have since been named and shamed.

I hereby call for her immediate abdication on the grounds she is not mentally fit for duty as proven by her own actions.
I also call for the immediate abdication of the direct heir to the throne Charles due to his involvement whatever they claim to have been doing in such proximity to this vile wickedness, along with his wife and children.

if we Must have a royal, let the boy do it. I’m sure its 2nd nature for a toff to pronounce such a declaration as “Let the boy do it!”
who knows, maybe william wont have been diddled, maybe he will be repulsed by the very thought of it all, sickened at the mere mention of the possibility….. although lets not forget, dennis grain (ref: Greystone Heath) was a teacher at eton during william’ attendance there.
She has final say on every Minister that sits in Govt and has to agree and accept each change of Prime Minister. She Can choose to say...." No, fk orf, one doesn't want that nonce c*nt running one's Country!"
Below are just some of the many honours she has bestowed upon the guilty.

Former chief executive of the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAST) Hayden Newton is set to be one of two people to receive the Queen's Award for services to the ambulance service, which was introduced only eight months ago. 

British Trade Union members working in the health care and the ambulance service have reacted with shock to Newton's award as he "left the service with a poor record of reaching the government targets for response times and a worse one on industrial relations." 

Meanwhile, Investment banker Hector Sants, who was in charge of Britain’s banking watchdog at the time of the financial crash, is to be knighted for his "services to financial regulation." 

During the Diamond Jubilee show in June, the British Queen invited one of the world’s most oppressing rulers, the King of Bahrain, Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, who attended an exclusive British royal family banquet. 

Al Khalifa's regime is accused of killing and torturing civilians for nearly two years of pro-democracy demonstrations in the tiny Persian Gulf island nation. 

During the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Elizabeth II and the other Royals treated a former sex offender to an exclusive ride on the Royal Barge across the River Thames in London. The offender, Harbinder Singh Rana was found guilty of five counts of indecent assaults, 11 counts of assault causing actual bodily harm and one count of attempted assault in August 1986. 

The British Queen had also awarded the recently accused paedophile and former TV star Jimmy Savile, who was given the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1971 and was knighted by the Queen in 1990. 

Savile has been described as one of the most prolific sex offenders of recent history, allegedly victimizing over 300 young women, mostly teenage girls. Whether the British Queen knew at the time about his perverted activities or not, still remains a mystery. 


I would ask anyone that truly believes in this fight, to stand with me and be counted. lets show these german paedophiles that we will not tolerate their type of inappropriate behaviour in our society. 
Post the Call for Abdication to Facebook, Twitter and any blogs you belong to. Get the word out, let the truth be heard. 
Name and Shame the whole bloody lot!


  1. i think she knows, practically every person ever knighted by her is a proven pedophile, the list is so long. One or two may slip through the net but not 90 per cent. what are the odds? Charley spent so much of his time over many years with his good friend, the worst of them so far to date. His good mate Saville. or so vile, nearly everyone around thatcher as prime minister was and still are nonces. There is testimony by top barrister that ted heath even had the boys killed and thrown overboard on his yacht. Its like if you want to be part of their club you have to like sex with kids. These excuses for our leaders need to be made an example of. Its a total disgrace all of it and there is so much evidence even a total brain dead moran could put the pieces together

  2. and for all that, she should be held to account.

  3. Check out website for the challange document submitted by Mr John Anthony Hill in his court case for breach of the peace for sending in copies of his 7/7 Ripple Effect films. His NOT GUILTY verdict given at his jury trial states that Elizabeth 11 broke her oath to the British people to up hold Gods Law and therefore is not the rightful monarch. On the 2nd of June 1953 on her fake coronation, video at the above link. Please wake up as many people as possible and FREE the British people from this debt slavery money system run by her corrupt government :-)

  4. Well done Kaz! I've a feeling our paths have crossed before & I hope you get justice. Will be a visitor to your blog when I can. Much love J x Great to see you fighting back x

  5. Maybe if I say I'm just a mum and a nana you may understand where we have met before ;-) x

  6. I would like to discuss further where our paths may have crossed.
    please email me if you should so be inclined.

    Thank you for the kind words.

  7. Pics of Lizzy 11 always creeped me out as a child...she knew alright as she is part of it imo.


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