Monday 14 April 2014

Geoffrey Dickens And Satanic Abuse

Found this piece quite by accident.
It looks at the Geoffrey Dickens campaign against paedophilia and Satanic Abuse.
Whilst it is a very negative article, it does throw in some interesting news articles to track down

THE DICKENS/CHILD SEX WITCH-HUNT: HOW AND WHY IT HAPPENED. ------------------------------------------------ THE SCENE IN THE U.S.A: The idea that the falling number of Christians attending church meant a decline in humanitarian values caused the concept of the Moral Majority to arise in the U.S.A. Opportunist TV evangelists such as Swaggart and Bakker caught the mood of the White Americans and revivalism became big business during 1985/6. The result of this was a continuous process of outdoing between competing churches. One TV church would launch a campaign upon which to exert its will,usually backed by a sickening overdose of self-righteousness until another TV ministry discovered a campaign which caught the public's imagination more. Religious fervour became very fashionable. The correct formula for just such a campaign was discovered by a U.S. TV chat-show host named Geraldo Rivera. RITUAL SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN. It was DYNAMITE. Any scum who perpetrated such crimes could be dealt with with the maximum prejudice and the minimum guilt and the direct link with religion was tailor made for the TV ministries.

Thursday 3 April 2014

Skircoat part 8

Bit of a rewrite on the end of Skircoat part 7, along with the next chapter.

To Macc and Back

My recovery took around 3 weeks. Mr P visited my bedside every day.
"Why?" he asked one day.
I looked at him blankly.
"Why you 'ave to cause me so much trouble girl?
"Coz you're a dirty nonce nigger!" I snarled back at him, bracing for the impact that usually accompanied such comments.
Instead he just folded his hands into his lap and smiled. "We have an offer of a place in another facility for you. You would still be registered as living here, but you would spend 5 days there. You have to have an interview first of course, make sure you're suitable. But I sure a girl so determined to leave here is resourceful enough to gain entry anywhere."
"What's the catch?"
"No catch," he replied, "Your Mum has even expressed a wish for you to spend some time back at home, so we were considering allowing you to attend the school in Macclesfield and then return home each weekend. If that goes smoothly, we could look at signing you out of care and back home."
He stood, smoothing his jacket and looked at me, "When will you learn girl?" He shook his head as he leaned towards me. His hand gripped my throat tightly, my already damaged lungs struggling to gasp air as his hand slowly crushed my windpipe. "There ain't no escaping me til I say you can go!" he screamed.
As footsteps came quickly along the hallway, he released his grip on my throat. The bedroom door flung open and Joyce gave Mr P a withering look as she began fussing over my blankets and pillow.
"I told you she was resting."
"And I told you the little bitch would be fine. Now get her back on her feet woman and out of my Home."

As the door closed on Joyce's argument with Phillips, I felt relieved. They were letting me out of there. Didn't matter what kind of school, it was out of hell. All I had to do was survive long enough to get accepted. As sleep crept up on me again, I wondered what kind of place it really was....

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Wisteria Lodge, Coventry, Police Investigation

Police have arrested two men in an investigation into allegations of abuse at a Coventry children’s home.
An inquiry was launched after former residents of Wisteria Lodge, in Earlsdon, made accusations against the two former staff members.
It is understood the arrests relate to a period in the late 1980s.
The pair have already been interviewed and released on bail until May.
Police are keen to speak to anyone else who attended the children’s home, in Earlsdon Avenue South, during the same period.

Coventry City Council-owned Wisteria Lodge was demolished about four years ago.
The land where it once stood, which is close to the junction with Kenilworth Road, remains empty today.
The home was built in 1970 and catered for children in care until it was shut following a review of services for youngsters in care in 2009. When it was closed, it provided eight beds for children over 12 who had been placed into care.
It originally housed a much larger number of youngsters.
A spokesman for the council said: “We are aware of the allegations and are co-operating fully with the police but as a criminal investigation is underway we cannot comment further.”
If you were a resident at Wisteria Lodge in the late eighties, or have any information that may help police with their inquiries, call detectives on 101.
Alternatively if you want to give evidence anonymously call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.