Monday 14 April 2014

Geoffrey Dickens And Satanic Abuse

Found this piece quite by accident.
It looks at the Geoffrey Dickens campaign against paedophilia and Satanic Abuse.
Whilst it is a very negative article, it does throw in some interesting news articles to track down

THE DICKENS/CHILD SEX WITCH-HUNT: HOW AND WHY IT HAPPENED. ------------------------------------------------ THE SCENE IN THE U.S.A: The idea that the falling number of Christians attending church meant a decline in humanitarian values caused the concept of the Moral Majority to arise in the U.S.A. Opportunist TV evangelists such as Swaggart and Bakker caught the mood of the White Americans and revivalism became big business during 1985/6. The result of this was a continuous process of outdoing between competing churches. One TV church would launch a campaign upon which to exert its will,usually backed by a sickening overdose of self-righteousness until another TV ministry discovered a campaign which caught the public's imagination more. Religious fervour became very fashionable. The correct formula for just such a campaign was discovered by a U.S. TV chat-show host named Geraldo Rivera. RITUAL SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN. It was DYNAMITE. Any scum who perpetrated such crimes could be dealt with with the maximum prejudice and the minimum guilt and the direct link with religion was tailor made for the TV ministries.
THE SET-UP: On the sidelines a key person in hyping this formula in conjunction with Rivera was Sandi Gallant of the Intelligence Division of the San Francisco Police Department. Gallant's interest was both professional and religious. Applying her police after-incident training to the imagined problem of Ritual Child Sexual Abuse (RCSA) she found a ready made professional audience willing to listen to her as spokesperson for the SFPD and she conducted numerous lectures at professional events with titles such as "Conference on Day Care Centers and Satanic Cult Sexual Exploitation of Children". In these lectures Gallant makes many ridiculous, contradictory and patently unproveable statements of opinion which as a trained professional in the SFPD she knew were inadmissible as evidence. It is from many of her statements that the legends about satanic child abuse have grown. I cite some examples. " the last few years indications of witchcraft and Satanism have begun to surface. Satanic symbols have recently appeared on billboards, on school walls, and on rock albums" ....rumours about animal mutilation and human sacrifice began circulating ... However during the next four years, investigators never were able to prove that any of the rumoured homicides had occurred. ....Today these stores are not only more widespread but also more bizarre. YOUNG CHILDREN throughout the country DESCRIBE either participating in or observing homicides of other young children or adults inconnection with ritualistic acitivity." Gallant's brand of self-righteous, inciting pap continues with this extract from another lecture she gave. ."...the practice of Satanism centers on defamation of Christianity. Satanism is the antithesis of Christianity."... "because Satanists believe that the power of spirits could become unruly they often call upon the Christain God to protect them from these spirits. This is why children victimised by cults MAY MENTION GOD WHEN DESCRIBING SATANIC WORSHIP. ...." At this point the 'facts' of the fundamentalists are embryonic but such pronouncements from a 'respected member of the SFPD' make headline news and in repetition and duplication the lies become allegations and the allegations become accepted facts. Typical of Gallant's self-contradiction, heresay and paranoia is the following anecdote "...Some experts say that once every seven years a human sacrifice can be practiced within the satanic cult. It is unclear whether or not the Feast of The Beast is real. However, according to one account from a source who was actually involed a young girl was raised in a satanic group and was married to her father when she was 13 .. she believed that during her 28th year she would be sacrificed to satan ...the girl left the group but she had been programmed to believe that even if she was no longer with the group then she would have to commit suicide during that year. The young woman was moved out of State, underwent extensive psychotherapy and did survive her 28th year . However last year she committed suicide. " The intent of Gallant was to incite professionals and Christian members of the public to become self-appointed 'investigators' into the occult by adapting and using expertise which she had learned at her job at the SFPD. Accordingly she compounded her obnoxious lectures with Activist Packs which comprised files of information about the occult so that the paranoid 'investigators' could more readily identify a ritual killing which the police with their professional talents might mistake for a regular homicide. INFORMATION FROM THESE ACTIVIST PACKS IS REPRODUCED AND DISTRIBUTED IN THE U.K. BY MARUEEN DAVIES OF REACHOUT a person instrumental in corelating fundamentalists, allegations and media opportunity. The Activist Packs are the worst kind of black magic and contain amongst other things: A DICTIONARY OF OCCULT SYMBOLS (which include sufficiently ambiguous and hastily drawn sumbols and assorted squiggly marks to enable any homicide incident to be immediately elevated to ritual killing status by a fervent and misguided 'investigator'). AN OCCULT-SATANISM ACTIVITY PROFILE comprising TWENTY pages of check-lists which are supposed to indicate the liklihood of ritualistic killings or abuse. When I tell you that the warped minds of the people who structured these profiles (using the help and advice of Sandi Gallant) includes as indicators of Occult/Satanic activity 'Gypsies'; 'Druids'; Punk Rock Music; Heavy Metal music; Unusual drawings or symbols on walls; the use of parchment; the ABSENCE of blood on the ground; Robes- especially black, white & scarlet; Jewellery OR THE ABSENCE OF JEWELLERY; Graph paper for fantasy games; Dice' Little metal or pweter figurines of a mythological natture; Tattoos of naked ladies with knives; Tattoos of swastikas; Poster of mythological beings; Nightmarish pictures and Posters of a sexual nature; POSTERS OF HEAVY METAL/PUNK ROCK STARS and Paraphernalia related to or associated with the Martial arts etc. etc. you will be able to see that this Activity Profile is simply a modern version of the Witch Pricker and just as one could always find a blemish on any naked body there is enough choice in the profile to incriminate every young person in the U.S.A. and Europe of Satanic involvement. Under a separate sheet marked PROCEDURES FOR INVESTIGATING A RITUALISTIC CRIME SCENE the paranoia gets worse. "If a fire ring is present dig down three feet and collect the earth. "... Do NOT enter perimeter unless advised to do so. DO NOT ENTER THE CIRCLE UNLESS ENTIRE PERIMETER & ANY VANTAGE POINTS OF OBSERVATION ARE SECURE. LOOK FOR SYMETRICALLY PLACED ROCKS, BONES, FEATHERS OR PENNIES."..."Check refrigerators for bottles prossibly small vials of what might apear to be blood. CHECK FREEZERS FOR BODY PARTS OF ANIMALS." ( Only vegetarians are going to get away with this one). This despicable sheet ends up by advising the 'investigator' to "If there are any stange items that appear which have not been listed on the search warrant make special notations and look particularly for student compositionbooks, essays, poetry and hand made drawings." Remind yourself that this is not a joke. At the bottom this obnoxious sheet is emblazined "COMPILED BY A.D.D. INC FROM INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. To enable the erstwhile 'investigator' to further locate examples of 'ritual killings and satanic abuse' the '12 year old's Private Investigator's kit' includes AN OCCULT DIARY which gives all the major and many minor occult festivals throughout the year; just so the 'investigator' can keep watch at the 'right' times. Topping out this barrel of dross comes a discourse in the SYMPTOMS OF RITUALISTIC AND SEXUAL ABUSE. This 3 page document actually reveals the week points in the Xtian fantasy but these zombies are so constipated with their own prejudices that they can't see they have pulled the rug from under themselves. Some selected quotes shown below reveal all. Disclosure is the euphamism for the interaction between psychotherapist and the suspected victim of abuse where suggestions are given to the child in play and otherwise when their response is calculated to reveal what really went on. The idea is that if you ask a child a straightforward question they will not answer honestly or be unable to answer honestly. The logic that they will then answer honestly upon indirect questioning defeats my reasoning. "Prior to actually Disclosing symptoms are rarely present or at the best subtly present, in a majority of children.... It appears to be much more difficult to identify children who have been ritualistically abused as opposed to those who have been sexually or physically abused. Children who have been identified as victims of ritualised abuse were usually being screened initially because 'traditional sexual or physical abuse was suspected. Ritualised abuse WAS NOT A CONSIDERATION . IT WAS ONLY AFTER THE DISCLOSURE PROCESS BEGAN THAT THE CHILDREN STARTED ACTING OUT AND TALKING ABOUT BIZARRE ACTIVITIES. .." In otherwords it was only after the children had been flagged by the psychotherapist and given hints about things connected with ritualistic child sex abuse that they began to fantisise about it. It is common knowledge amongst psychotherapists who deal with children that the greatest problem is that children are conditioned into wanting to PLEASE adults and say what is required of them, rather than relating their own experiences or opinions. This suspicion is borne out by the rest of this prenicious document which lists as 'SYMPTOMS SPECIFIC TO RITUAL OR SATANIC ABUSE: the following: "...Constant Discussion of Urine or Feces at the Dinner Table"..."Inability to toilet train a child...". "Bowel Movements outside the Toilet". "Asking if they (the child) will die"...."Numbers or letters written backwards" and "A fear of Ants or insects"..." All these 'abnormalities' are considered by any sane human being as par for the course with a 'naughty' child but the final item on the list is too subversive to produce anything but distain for the sickly sweet do-gooders of Christian Fundamentalism. "DURING DISCLOSURE: Victims may make references to television characters as real people (THIS IS BECAUSE PERPETRATORS TAKE ON NAMES LIKE "BARNEY FLINTSONE" SO CHILD'S DISCLOURSE WILL BE DISMISSED AS TELEVISION-INSPIRED FANTASIES". The evil of these people is now only becoming apparent. Self-fulfilling prophecy of this nature is downright vicious and a crime against humanity. Gallant's attempt to inflict upon the U.K. the same extremes of suppression foisted upon the U.S.A. SUCCEEDED. For in being able to produce a 'workmanlike' chunk of information IN WHICH SHE HAS FAITH AND wich SOUNDS authentic (if you don't know much about occultism) and being able to back this up by 'PROVEN VACTS FROM A U.S.A INTELLIGENCE OFFICER' Davies was able to link together the Christian fundamentalist network in the U.K. and manipulate the media throughout the whole of 1988 and 1989. Whether or not you believe that this was a planned conspiracy or a subconscious one is irelevant to the material results which is that totally untrue accusations were used as a device by bigots to work against another religious belief and the allegations were supported by the media for their own purposes. Those actions breached the United Nations delcaration of Human Rights on numerous occasions. THIS IS HOW THE CALENDER OF PERSECUTION UNFOLDED. OCTOBER 30 1987: Dianne Core, founder of the Childwatch Group lambasts Halloween in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph. Although no outright accusations about child-abuse linked to witchcraft are made the embryonic allegations are fielded in epithets such as ' a leading campaigner against child abuse gave a grim warning that youngester taking aprt in trick or treat adventurs could find themselves victims of sex perverts.' JANUARY 3 1988: Sunday Sport reports "EVIL - Satanic Guides are sold to kids". A picture of Geoffrey Dickens accompanies the article which goes on to accuse the S.A. of selling devil worship kits to innocent youngsters. Dickens says 'we must crack down on the pedlars of evil'. "We are living in a mad society when perverted cults which worship the devil can freely publish guides on how to dabble in the occult. The Home Office must Act." JANUARY 1988: The Colchester Evening Gazette publishes picture of 'Satan's Cop' Sandi Gallant as she poses in bomber jacket against a wall of graffitti proclaiming "SATAN LIVES". " 666"" and a showing a crucifix with Black Sabbath written on it. "They call her Satan's Cop, ten years ago fellow officers laughed when she said the Devil was on the rampage. Now, thousands of demon related crimes later they listen when she says 1989 could be a particularly bad year for Satanic crime, not only in the U.S.A. but also in Britain" GALLANT AND HER EMISSARIES KNEW EXACTLY THE TYPE OF SCAREMONGERING WHICH WAS TO BE INFLICTED UPON THE U.K. BECAUSE THEY HAD ALREADY SUCCEEDED IN COMMANDING THE U.S.A. POPULATION WITH THE SAME HYSTERIA THE YEAR PREVIOUSLY. The article continues with Gallant alleging that a 15 year old shot his 10 year old brother on Candlemass last year. He said the devil made him do it". The rabid idea that the biggest lies and distortions incite the greatest bigots continues and is soon to become all too familiar. "Figures vary but the most conservative place the number of devil worshippers in America at more than FOUR MILLION. Last year TEN THOUSAND pre-teen American children were involved in crimes which included sacrificing animals and other demonic cult activities. There are more than 200 unsolved ritual murders in the U.S. for 1988. ...there could be as many as 500,000 ACTIVE SATANIST CULTS in Britain alone." Other similarly ridiculous quotes in the article come from Geoffry Dickens and Kevin Logan proving beyond doubt that both Dickens & Logan had cross-connections with the Stateside witchunt and knew of what had happened there. FEBRUARY 6 1988: The Weekly News reports on 14 year old Thomas Sullivan a U.S.A. schoolboy who after writing a paper on Hinduism began to read 'occult books'. "The lad was brought up amongst good, God-fearing folk in Jefferson but within weeks he had become obsessed by the forces of darkness". After getting a 'B' grad for his paper Sullivan stabbed his mother to death during an argument and then set fire to the house afterwards killing himself by slashing his wrists. This terrible tragedy, obviously caused by the pressures of school and adolescence is then whipped into the usual hysteria about SATANISM to support the fundamentalist's claims. FEBRUARY 1988: Chat magazine indulges in a bought of self-righteousness titled SATANS CHILDREN and includes an interview with Audrey Harper who is only shown in silhouette and is given the pseudonym of Anna Dixon. Audrey Harper is a Christian fundamentalist who travels the country lecturing to evangelical audiences about her supposed past links with witchcraft. She begins to make her obnoxious and disgusting allegations which she will later repeat and enlarge upon at length but at this point in the campaign she is more subtle and no direct claims of child-murder is included. The usual lies, distortions and mistruths are peddled. The article uses the Father and Four Daughters sex-abuse case tried during July 1987 as an example of what can happen and grossly distorts the evidence given during the trial. The report does not include other pertinent information which was disclosed during the trial such as (a) The father was Dominican (b) The 'Black Magic' was a form of ethnic voodoo and had nothing to do with devil-worship or Witchcraft/Paganism. (c) A detective on the case said in court that he thought the man used black magic as a sham to influence the girls. This perversion of the truth will be shown to hallmark ALL the distortions and lies perpetrated by the fundamentalists in this campaign MARCH 14 1988: Telegraph reports that Dianne Core & her Childwatch 'agents' are to travel to Tyneside to 'pursue leads in that area' "WE ARE NOW INVOLVED IN INVESTIGATING A MORE FAR-RANGING SITUATION INVOLVING BLACK MAGIC ALL OVER THE COUNTRY " Core says. MARCH 15: 1988: The Northern Echo prints two connected articles which throw a great deal of light upon what is to happen during the next 12 months. One piece is by Tony Metcalf and concerns the relenting and conversion of STEPHEN MORGAN a self-professed Chaos magician after being caught grave-robbing. Morgan had already freed himself from the fundamentalist movement in which his relatives were involved, before he turned to occultism but now, in line with a 2 year prison sentence he "recommitted his life to Jesus Christ; he was terribly upset and asked me for forgiveness said Pastor Darrill Dowden a Newton Aycliffe Pentacostalist who visited Morgan who was sentenced to two years.' Morgan, had been very 'pushy' in his occult contacts which had spanned a two year period he was certainly not 'lead'. He had even started up his own magical order ITOV to teach other occultists. In the article Morgan says "The subtler areas of the Black Arts are fascinating. People Don;t understand the powers of darkness and how it can drag you down." What a GOOD excuse the occoult is for one's lack of responsibility, eh? Alongside this article was one written by MARTIN SHIPTON . Shipton was the person who did a hatchet job on Margaret Bruce and had done some reporting about LEE & JANET JAMES when their occult supply business went bankrupt in 1986 owing over 100 clients money. Their predicament was also covered by John Merry. In this article Shipton again interviews Lee & Janet James who are now giving him detailed behind-the-scenes information on how black magicians and Satanists go about their work. In a statement oh so reminiscent of a fundamentalist compulsion Janet James says "People of all ages join covens for what they think is harmless fun - they soon learn different. Music and incense laced with drugs are used to numb their senses and before long they find they are dancing in the nude and become sucked in for slave-labour obeying the awful rituals of devil worshippers." The link between the Northern Echo and Sundsy Sun group of newspapers, and Dianne Core is forged more and more as the situation progresses as you will see . There is no doubt in my mind that Dianne Core's trip to Co Durham was in order to interview either or all of these people and cross-pollinate information from John Merry & Shipton to further pursue their paranoia about child-sex abuse and the occult. MARCH 15 1988: Bradford Telegraph & Argus reports that Core says that one recruited the innocent youngsters are drugged and force into sordid sex acts with Devil Worshippers. Core makes reference to 3 boys under 11 being "snatched from a coven after being subjected to the most bestial sexual acts" She continues the interview with "We are following up leads from our many informants." The article continued " Mrs Core said HER ORGANISATION WAS FULLY GEARED UP FOR A YEAR-LONG PURGE AGAINST DEVIL WORSHIPPERS who sought to sexually exploit children. Core reveals her intention to use the fundamentalist devices in the U.S.A. to 'purge' occultism and is well aware that the orchestrated onslaught of combined Xtian militia will take a year or so to impliment and take full effect. The claims and strategy she is using is a copybook pattern of those used in America by the fundamentalists there and replicate virtually step-by-step attitudes and strategy from the Occult Activity Fact Files of Sandi Gallant and her friends in the U.S.A.. MARCH 16 & 18 1988: Hull Daily Mail reports that local Vicar Rev Michael Vernon voices fears after Childwatch founder Dianne Core claimed that 8 year olds were being forced into satanic rituals, but Core never produces facts to prove her assertions. MARCH 24 1988: Dianne Core invites in an ex-FBI agent (Ted Gunderson? - see APRIL 9 1989 later) and a US child psychologist to 'deprogram' youngsters supposedly caught in 'black magic' ring. Obtains front page publicity from Hull Star. In the article reference is made to Kevin Logan's survey of 300 Blackburn children forging the link between Core and Logan. More about Logan's ridiculous survey later. MARCH 25 1988: Northern Echo (John Merry's Paper) carries letter from a ROB & ANITA PENNEL of Darlington which says that young people must be warned not to get involved with Satanism following the several anti-occult articles the Echo has printed. "I intend to write post haste to the Home Secretary to get the witchcraft laws repealed. Like The Homosexuality Act of 1968 it unleashed a whirlwind covered with a cloak of respectability. ...this Act needs to be changed as it is the very foundation of decaying standards in our youth. ..The police have been warned about youths increasingly involved with the occult and because they do not understand such things they thought it was a big joke. Let me warn people it is no joke, stay clear." The clearly fundamentalist right-wing approach is evident in the Pennell's letter. MARCH 1988: Beth Gurevitch a self-styled 'white witch' joins with Diane Core to compile a sensational black magic report to put before MPs says Hull Star. Details from this dossier are to be discussed during a commons debate called by Geoffrey Dickens MP. Article says" report gives background information on many 'very dreadful cases' and details of black magic rites, contact magazine shops regalia and paraphernalia. Much of this information has been supplied by white witch Beth Gurevitch'. IN fact Gurevitch is a Tarot Reader and 'psychic counsellor' and has no connection with mainstream occultism. The Blind leading the Blind. MARCH 13 1988: Sunday Sport includes an interview with Audrey Harper in full spate. Her repetitive obnoxious allegations about sexual abuse rape murder and drugs makes good reading for Sunday Sport people. Now Audrey is more brazen about her experiences, less coy. What has been happening behind the scenes? The connection between The Sunday Sport and Dickens on anything to do with occult and child-abuse has already been well-forged. Does this article denote a link between Dickens and Harper? We shall see. APRIL 7 1988: Beth Gurevitch is reported as performing 'exorcism ceremony' on 3 people in Hull. She says" Satanism is on the increase and people are being pulled into it.... The cult of Satanism time I would get one call a year for help, now it's one a week.. the threat of satanism is very real indeed...' In fact Gurevitch has only ever performed one ceremony of this type. THIS it and it failed miserably. Dr Keith Hearne, a psychotherapist, who works out of Hull University and who has written a number of books on his researches into lucid dreaming and occult phenomena knew the three people who were 'exorcised' and was aware of the situation behind the event which he considered to be both a shambles and unneccessary. Gurevitch's attempt to 'exorcise' these three people succeeded only in giving credence to the fundamentalists claims that Satanism was rife in the Humberside area and that involvement in the occult was dangerous. APRIL 15 1988: Hull Star reports SATANS PERVERTS MAY BE UNMASKED and reveals that the Childwatch Dossier will be presented before parliament earlier that day. APRIL 15: 1988: Dickens speaks in The Commons: "Will the Leader of the House set aside time for a debate on the workings of the Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 which repealed the Witchcraft act 1735. IT IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE IN THIS HOUSE THAT MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN CHARGED WITH AND CONVICTED OF OFFENCES AGAINST CHILDREN WERE INVOLVED IN WITCHCRAFT INITIATION CEREMONIES We need a chance to discuss the workings of Witchcraft AND HOW IT CAN BE CONTROLLED IN THIS COUNTRY." ........ The WITCHUNT has begun. The hysteria to be generated will be unheard of in modern times and will reveal the extent to which the 'burn the witch' syndrome is still with us. APRIL 16 1988: The Northern Echo (Merry's paper) reports that Dicken's Dossier which, it is is promised, will soon be sent to the Home Secretary now includes a letter from a Darlington couple by the name of Rob & Anita Pennell of Darlington who have asked for Dickens' advice. (SEE March 25). It now becomes clear of what kind of 'evidence' Dicken's Dossier consists. Gurevitch's end-of-the-pier antics and prejudices and ignorance coupled with information from biased and prejudiced fundamentalists. Later this year the Reverend Kevin Logan publishes his book "OCCULT & PAGANISM- a manifesto for Christian Action" which, in its foreward, states that much of the information contained in his book was given directly to Dickens to form part of the Dossier. The much acclaimed dossier is held as proof of the allegations by Dickens & Core and their ilk but WILL NEVER be presented to the Home Secretary because all it contains is rabid heresay and obvious religious prejudices by biased 'witnesses'. APRIL 19 1988: LBC Radio hold controversial phone-in on occult and paedophilary following Dickens outbursts in parliament. Self styled black witch Brian Leftwich 23, states that he knew of people who had carried out human sacrifices. Big spread across national newspapers day after. APRIL 20 1988: : Telegraph reports police swoop on London Broadcasting Corporation's HQ during the programme following Leftwich's claims and their investigation concludes that Leftwich had NO first hand knowledge of human sacrifices and his information was hearsay. APRIL 20: 1988 Despite the police denial of Leftwich's outburst the Hull Daily Mail runs front page headline "SATANIST BACKS CHILDWATCH CONCERN" "Self confessed black witch, Brian Leftwich denounced the worst forms of satanic rituals in a radio programme in London last night. He spoke out in support of the Childwatch campaign against the menace of drawing children into black magic rings." Leftwich is quoted as saying ' Humberside based anti-child abuse group Childwatch was right to warn children against being lured into evil rituals.' What kind of thing is this for a Black Witch to say, how would Leftwich know of Childwatch? Is Lethbridge another Harper; a Christian plant? APRIL 22 1988: Daily Mirror reports "CHILD ABUSE TESTS ARE AS BAD AS WITCHCRAFT' The Marietta Higgs-Cleveland Child Abuse Affair is said to have been due to ' A MODERN VERSION OF WITCHCRAFT INVOLVING THE INVENTION OF TELL TALE SIGNS". What the newspaper meant was not WITCHCRAFT but a WITCHUNT and even whilst the editor was pontificating about how this state of affairs was allowed to happen the hysteria fuelled by the fundamentalists was gaining momentum in other areas aided and abetted by the media itself. The 'Tel tale Signs' euphemism was never so true. APRIL 28 1988: Bradford Telegraph and Argus carries interview with Dickens who claimed that he would soon hand over a full dossier to the Home Office detailing cases. This dossier was NEVER received by the Home Office. Dickens continues to speak of Witchcraft and Satanism as being synonymous in the press even though he has elsewhere agreed to the distinction between Neo Pagans and Satanism when in the company of argumentative Neo Pagans. When short of argument it is easy to confuse the issue. APRIL 28 1988: Without warning I am besieged by reporters reporters about Dickens' latest statement in the House which specifically singled out The Sorcerer's Apprentice. The local paper carried banner headlines "LEEDS FIRM MENTIONED IN HOUSE OF COMMONS" and went on to report Dickens' statement verbatim "There was a shop in Leeds which was the Flashmail order centre of the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Nearby was another shop called Astonishing Books. Both shop was were under the Same Control. The Shops specialised in books on witchcraft Black Magic Satanic Rituals and other occult practices. False Altar Images such as a Phoenician Goddess statuettes and a Satan skull ring were among the objects on sale. The Growth of this business and other such shops reinforced his warning that Britain could SOON FOLLOW THE PATH OF THE U.S.A. Dickens claimed to have spoken to parents who said their children had been assaulted in situations associated with the occult. Dickens repeats his overall condemnation of Witchcraft " It was common knowledge that many people convicted of offences against children had been involved in witchcraft initiation ceremonies". WHOSE common knowledge is this? APRIL 28 1988: Radio Aire, local independent radio broadcast a verbatim recording of Dickens statement in the House of Commons and an interview with Dianne Core about Dickens' accusations concerning the S.A. "Shops like this should be stopped" Core says. APRIL 28 1988: Having never met or seen Dianne Core I decide to telephone her and put her right. I reach her on her car phone. I explain that she has it wrong and that she obviously doesn't understand occultism. She prattles on about the dangers of Ouija Boards. I begin to suspect she is a fundamentalist. I tell her quite clearly and categorically that all genuine witches would as much like to rid the country of these paedophiles as she would and I offer that if at any time she needs any help or advise or any explanation or background information on any technique or style of magick or group or anything at all then she should contact me so that I and my friends throughout the U.K. can help her all we can. She replies that THE COOK REPORT is now planning a programme on child-abuse and witchcraft for screening in the summer of 1989. This sounds like a threat. She takes down my telephone number but does not contact me again. In later circumstances she even refuses to answer my letters. APRIL 28 1988: I write to Dickens stating that the S.A. is a bona fide business and that we are not doing anything which is illegal. Furthermore we are open to any investigation he may care to instigate. I tell him about wholesomeness of genuine Paganism and warn him that he is starting a witch hunt. I challenge him to an on-air debate over local radio (arranged in advance) and ask him to come to my shop and point out those items he thinks unacceptable and I will explain away his fears. He does not reply. IN fact, although he does reply to some other pagans who write him letters, he refuses point blank to answer three of mine, including one from my solicitor, yet still continues to make accusations and defamatory remarks about the S.A. MAY 1988: The 21st Century Christian magazine carries an article on Childwatch. "The organisation's founder Dianne Core, A COMMITTED CHRISTIAN , claims she has uncovered a case where 3 young boys were submitted to a terrifying ordeal as part of a Black Magick ceremony." If we didn't already know it this is proof of Core's vested interest in slamming the occult over and above any possible risk that children may run in occult involvement. The campaign hinges on child-sex abuse but in reality it is a HOLY WAR. MAY 10 1988 : Spiritualists in Hull take out a solus display advertisement under Religious Notices in the Hull Daily Mail distancing themselves from any connection with Witchcraft & Satanism, presumably to avoid the intense prejudice which has been stirred up by M.G. Wood the editor. MAY 13 1988: Central Television's WEEKEND programme is broadcast including a debate on Witchcraft related child abuse. Present is David Austen; Geoffrey Dickens; Dot Griffiths and Beth Gurevitch. During the programme neither Gurevitch nor Dickens makes any mention of the fact that they are known to each other. Instead Gurevitch produces a doll of Dickens with pins in it. This considerably antagonises the audience and effectively undermines any genuine case the other occultists desire to put forward about the validity of Neo Paganism. Yet we already know that Gurevitch has been instrumental in fabricating evidence on various aspects of the occult in order for Dickens to compile his dossier. In fact an interview with Dickens in the April 24 Grimsby Evening Telegraph underlined that ' Mr Dickens who received much of his information on black witchcraft from North Humberside white witch Beth Gurevitch and said that disgusting ceremonies were being held in which children were being sexually abused by Satanists'. Just WHAT skullduggery is going on here? MAY 16 1988: My MP agrees to talk with Dickens and tries several times to see him but Dickens is always 'unobtainable'. MAY 20 1988: Editorial in Hull Daily Mail concerns the local and national uproar about witches and child molestation allegations ( which the editor accepts as proven) and then Wood goes on to again commend Brian Leftwich for revealing the facts about Human Sacrifice on LBC radio. Is this man living in a world of his own? Does he not know that Lethbridge's evidence was a lie? JUNE 16 1988: Leeds Weekly newspaper runs special 'Advertising Feature' which is a pull out 4 page leaflet paid for by the City Church Leeds exampling how great it is to be Xtian and giving contact addresses for people who are troubled. Amongst the shining examples is Dr Kingsley Reid a Leeds JP who recommends the Bible as a sure cure to all his patients. Who isn't ready to get on the bandwagon? Yet M.G. Wood the editor of the Hull Daily Mail subsequently refuses an advertisement for a pagan meeting which was intended for publication under religious notices because 'paganism is not a religion'. JULY 1 1988: My MP eventually collars Dickens. He writes: 'frankly he seems to not know a great deal about your business but he is convinced that what he calls a list of sales items HAS BEEN COMPLAINED ABOUT BY VARIOUS PEOPLE. ' How are we to value the statements of a man who is prepared to defame a 15 year old bona fide business under cover of parliamentary privilege simply on the opinions of a third party without checking whether the inforamtion was factual or pertinent? AUGUST 3 1988: Dickens thirst for publicity for his campaign knows no bounds. He claims, following the disappearance of 15 year old Lee Boxell that runaway children are being murdered at satanic rituals. Police searching for Lee Boxell become angry and say " He's spouting nonsense. Lee's parents are worried to death and if they read Mr Dicken's nonsense it will not help them. All is fair in Holy Wars. AUGUST 17 1988: The Sport has two page article 'SAVE MY BABY FROM SATAN' and includes what are to become familiar quotes from Dianne Core and Geoffrey Dickens, and Kevin Logan who reveals his own U.S.A. fundamentalist connections by saying "In the U.S.A. police forces hold teach-ins on the occult and they are very open on these matters" He was referring, of course, to Sandi Gallant's campaign and the resultant Activity Profile/Data fact-file. In the same article Dickens announces that his 'dossier' naming 'perverted members of a sinister Satan Cult' HAS GONE MISSING ON ITS WAY TO THE HOUSE OF COMMONS. "The sensational Document was passed to CHILDWATCH supremo Dianne Core by a terrified defector from the mysterious O.T.O. whose depraved rituals end in unbridled black magic orgies of sex and violence". Core sent the dossier to Dickens but ' the package whose full contents could have blown British society apart' - never arrived. Not only are we supposed to believe that such valuable information was sent through the post without registering or recording the package but that Dicken's Dossier became iretrievably lost in the post. We are expected to believe that no-one thought of making a copy of any part of such valuable information before it was sent as a safeguard against loss and that the people who originally donated the information had also not kept copies and are, furthermore, completely unable to re-construct the data. How CONVENIENT for Core & Dickens. Now the existence of the dossier cannot be DISPROVED and like Harper's rantings they are free to refer to it as FACT. Throughout the whole child-abuse/witchcraft bogey the fundamentalists make more use of mystery than the occult does. AUGUST 24 1988: Hull Daily Mail reports that Dickens' claims his life is being threatened by vengeful satanists but that he pledges to carry on the fight against black magic rituals and is building up yet another file to present to the Home Secretary. "Evidence is growing of witchcraft & crimes against children" Dickens says but has in 13 months NEVER presented any evidence. SEPTEMBER 15 1988: Hull Star carries front page article about three Satanic obscene telephone calls to Dianne Core under the banner heading "SATANISTS IN HATE CAMPAIGN". I wonder how 3 telephone calls can be construed as a hate campaign but on the wave of public indignation and emotion her campaign has so far generated she reveals more of her motives. "..I am determined to smash the groups who have been involved. ...CHILDREN ARE BORN IN GODS NAME AND IN GODS NAME THEY MUST BE PROTECTED. Including Jews? Moslems? Buddhists? Hindus? SEPTEMBER 18 1988: Daily Telegraph reports that members of the Beacon Christian Fellowship in Elgin have been banned from preaching in the street by the local council because they were relating terrible stories about how an 8 year old girl had been raped and abused for devil worship to passing children and adults. The 'FACTS' are now common currency. Without ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE THE FUNDAMENTALISTS HAVE BEEN ABLE TO HIJACK MEDIA ATTENTION AND THE PUBLIC CONSCIOUSNESS AND MANIPULATE BOTH TO THE DETRIMENT OF THE OCCULT. SEPTEMBER 19 1988: Dickens featured in Daily Telegraph article; 'BABIES AND YOUNG CHILDREN ARE BEING SACRIFICED TO THE DEVIL IN WITCHCRAFT RITUALS ALL OVER BRITAIN. with witchcraft sacrifice nothing is ever found....I AM BUILDING UP A DOSSIER WHICH WILL PROVIDE CONCRETE PROOF on the evils of Satanism. Then you can rest assured I will go to the police' Dickens is fiddling the same old tune, yet again. The proof of my allegations is that there is no proof, he says but suffer me another 20 column inches and I will promise to provide some before too long. I reiterate. NO DOSSIER WAS EVER PRESENTED FOR OFFICIAL OR PUBLIC GAZE. How long do we have to wait before a promise becomes discredited? SEPTEMBER 19 1988: Radio 4's TODAY programme carries interview with Reverend Kevin Logan who made the now usual fundamentalist statements about child sacrifice. When cornered by the interviewer Logan said that there had been ritual murders on Pendle Hill. Knowing this statement to be false I write to The Chief Constable of Lancaster and ask him to investigate. He responds "The REverend Logan has been seen by two officers and has explained that the one particular case of satanistic murder, in which he described the locality as 'here' did in fact occur in the Midlands in 1986." The case was against one Paul Bostock of Leicester who was 21 and the link with the occult was UNPROVEN. ANOTHER VIRTUAL LIE by a fundamentalist in a position of responsibility whose testimony is likely to be accepted at face value by the naeve. Kevin Logan is no stranger to exaggeration and contortion. He made headlines during 1986 by publishing the results of a questionnaire he conducted with 300 schoolchildren. The outcome was that 87% of these children PROFESSED TO HAVE BEEN INVOLVED WITH THE OCCOULT. Nobody cared to enquire further. Had they done so they would have seen that the questionnaire qualified as being 'occult' fantasy games and horror movies. What teenager DOESN'T play fantasy games and watch horror movies? And so these people manipulate the population with their absurdities. SEPTEMBER 21 1988: SHE magazine publishes most deplorable article by Bill Williamson , (the then new assistant editor). The four Page article is the most horrendous and absurd pack of lies and distortion about Witchcraft. This article is the one that most occultists remember for its audacious uncorroborated allegations and it includes characters which are all too familiar including: Geoffrey Dickens; John Merry; Dianne Core; Audrey Harper; Kevin Logan; Doreen Irvine. In a reference to her Stateside contacts Core is quoted as saying "FLUSHED OUT OF AMERICA a great many paedophiles have now joined covens in my area". How does she know this? Where is her proof? Again she reveals that she is conversant with the witchunt in the U.S.A. The SHE article ends with a reader offer of a SHE campaign pack against Witchcraft. This is unbelievable even by fundamentalist standards. WHY DOESN'T SOMEBODY ASK FOR SOME HARD FACTS. SEPTEMBER 21 Radio Leeds hope to set up a phone-in interview with Dickens and me over the SHE article. I heartily agree and cannot wait until I can get to grips with Dickens. At the studio later that morning I am told that Dickens does not wish to speak with me and instead Bob Williamson (who wrote the article) will be on the line. I tear into Williamson and totally and utterly undermine his arguments showing the article to be 100% hearsay. He blabbers and excuses but is left with egg on face. "Why didn't you ratify the fundamentalist allegations by talking to Witches? I ask. "Why didn't you come and talk to me"? "Why should I come and talk to YOU? Williamson retorts. "Because I helped with the background information and contacts which enabled she to write a genuine article on Neo Paganism less than a year detailed was your research if you didn't even check your OWN files..the answer is that you DIDN'T DO ANY REAL RESEARCH you just accepted their lies at face value? I countered. Hundreds of pagans write to SHE complaining and from the response it soon becomes obvious that SHE have miscalculated. Point of interest: When I write to the editor of SHE magazine some months later with the Home Office statement that Dickens has failed to produced the much acclaimed dossier and that the Home Office do not have any evidence to support his allegations the editor of SHE replies that she's SORRY and that Bill Williamson is no longer part of the She editorial team. "It seems to me that the best thing to do would be to make redress when we next tackle the subject..." Everyone is always 'sorry' when they are eventually made to listen to the Truth but by then it is too late and the fundamentalist campaign have been given boosts and support which cannot be reclaimed/denuded. OCTOBER 1988 : Rydale (North Yorkshire) Christian organiser and nine other Christians who run a local Christian Coffee Shop meeting house write to local schools and call for a ban on celebration of Halloween in the classroom. THIS REQUEST IS HEEDED. The Xtians are winning hands down. OCTOBER 8 1988: James Whale TV Show goes out with a phone-in at which Dicken's is present. He puts foot in mouth over S.A. and I, sat at home at am put on phone and question Dickens. In the filmed interview (recorded previously at the S.A. ) I STATE CLEARLY THAT WE DO NOT AND HAVE NOT EVER SOLD TO PEOPLE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS OF AGE and that people who term themselves occultists are not involved in sexual molestation of children. (Dickens already KNOWS that we have this voluntary age restriction as both my solicitor and I have already written and told him of it) I challenge Dickens to present his FACTS. He bumbles. I accuse him of not having any facts to present. Dickens loses his temper "Your kind are a Menace.". "You are an absolute Menace". Dickens refers to the Nottinghamshire sex-offence trial which he says is his specimen trial. "You want proof, you wait until the Nottinghamshire trial, then you'll get your proof." In the finality 8 of the 11 people arraigned were found guilty of child-molestation but the occult connection was not proven. The policeman who brought the case to court, Sergeant Beeton, said afterwards "ALTHOUGH CONNECTION WITH THE OCCULT WAS A FEATURE OF THE CASE THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THE ALLEGATION OCTOBER 17 1988: The Independent runs article supporting Maureen Davies' REACHOUT accusations about the occult. Including interview with the Mother who claims her son became possessed through occult involvement. Also contains supportive 'expert' advice from Dr Stuart Checkley (psychiatrist) and Dr Russell Blacker (psychiatrist) - both believed fundamentalist. Also included is information from Dickens and one Ian Thain (another self-confessed conversion from Witchcraft - "I saw demons" ) and Roger Forster leader of HEARTBEAT who claimed to have seen FIFTEEN HUNDRED cases "There are rites which include sexually abusing little children". The conclusion of the article is: Halloween is not just harmless fun for children; black magic games can turn into terror and child abuse. OCTOBER 19 1988: THE SPORT trashpaper prints defamatory article about S.A. with headline. "BAN THIS EVIL DEATH BOOK STORMS MP". Article misrepresents chapter on re-incarnation in Liber Null as persuading children to commit suicide. MP quoted in article is Dickens WHO NOW KNOWS FULL WELL THAT WE DO NOT SELL TO CHILDREN BUT HE STILL SUPPORTS THE DEFAMATORY PREMISE OF THE ARTICLE. My solicitor writes a letter pointing this out and threatening that if he continues to perpetrate this lie we will sue. OCTOBER 28 1988: Expecting an arranged visit from BBC NEWS film crew at 1.30. At 1.20 car draws up and camera crew gets out. They photograph outside of shop and then come in and ask if they can take a few shots. Thinking these people are BBC crew with prior agreement I let them in. Just then BBC crew turns up and I find out I have been allowing ITN to film my business without knowing where or how the clip was to be used. Such subterfuge will soon become common currency with the media in their anti-occult campaigns. OCTOBER 30 1988: ITN film of S.A. was used in Sunday 2.00 am news as a backdrop to the most incredibly hysterical comments and allegations by fundamentalists including interviews with Dianne Core and the Cheshire Mother whose son tried to stab her. Her son was diagnosed by a fundamentalist psychiatrist as possessed by the devil. The true story is that the Social Services did not think there was any need for a psychiatric report and the mother admitted that she INSISTED upon one. When the psychiatric report came through its conclusions did not support her views and so she termed the report worthless. Later , after contacting Maureen Davis' REACHOUT Trust she was directed to a fundamentalist psychiatrist who believes that possession by the devil is a certainty in some psychiatric cases. Only then did the mother become satisfied. She had found THE EXCUSE which she needed to explain her son's behaviour to onlookers; an excuse which absolved her from any blame. The article also includes contributions from Kevin Logan and Maureen Davies. The whole premise of the piece was that it was easy for children to obtain occult items and books. Nobody seems to care that my shop which was used as an example in this piece HAS NEVER KNOWINGLY SOLD OCCULT ITEMS TO UNDER 18s DURING 15 YEARS IN BUSINESS AND THIS FACT CAN BE PROVED. OCTOBER 31 1988: After telephoning I.B.A. and being met with middle-management procrastination I telephone ITN direct and complain. They waffle and say that they can't find the item in their computer but will take my number and get back to me. They don't so later in the day I telephone my solicitor to ask him to send an official letter to ITN. demanding a copy of the tape and their comments. First he telephones them. They agree to let him have a copy if he applies by letter. He does so. OCTOBER 31 1988: Daily Express carries account of warnings by Dianne Core against children becoming involved in the Occult. "Halloween is a major date within the occult calendar.... and there is every danger of them being abused by paedophiles". Dickens is quoted in the same article" Most Halloween parties are just fun and games but have been used to entice youngsters in to the occult. Satanism is a dangerous menace which is quickly spreading" Also in the same article were quotes by Rev Kevin Logan. Again the three campaigners are all connected Core - Dickens, Logan. Passing information and journalists between them the fundamentalists have everything their own way. NOT ONE journalist considers asking a Witch for the opposite view. Those who perhaps intend to do so are simply introduced to people like Audrey Harper who because she claims she WAS a witch (a ludicrous claim, she has been questioned during numerous tv programmes and displays a total ignorance about genuine occultism ) fits the bill and the conspiracy of lies continues. OCTOBER 31 1988: Today programme broadcasts an interview with me about Halloween plus opposing views from anti-halloween Christians. Another interview with me is broadcast by Radio Leeds and is very lighthearted and entertaining. BBC World Service broadcast with Leonara James is a bit reserved but she does well at representing genuine witchcraft with a rabid Fundamentalist at her heels. NOVEMBER 1 1988: BBC Six O Clock News screens interview with me at S.A. recorded earlier. Typically my offering is countermanded by the usual fundamentalist accusations and fantasies. The Christian lobby gained at least 75% more airtime than the occult lobby to put their case across but at least I get to say that there are less people who sexual abuse children involved in occultism than there are in any other field of human endeavour. NOVEMBER 4 1988: Guardian reports in article on Dukakis and the controversy over repetitive and well-organised incursions by religious based anti-abortionist groups at political rallies in the States and includes an interview with a Raymond Chen a student at Berkley university and a member of the radical CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST which lead the fight against the film Last Temptation of Christ in the U.S.A.. ( TODAY newspaper had already reported that Christian Fanatics had injured 10 people by torching a multi-screen cinema in Paris which was showing the Last Temptation of Christ. ) Doug Bradley 28, who works on a Middle East research project says that as a Christian he deliberately chose Berkeley because of its radical politics and the chance to spread Gods word through the CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST. The Campus Crusade for Christ is represented in this country by a Mrs Mop of a lady called Doreen Irvine who is an Audrey Harper alledge-alike and who was involved in the SHE magazine article. She also attends lectures and evangelical meetings throughout the U.K. repeatingher obnoxious stories of how she was a WITCH QUEEN and found salvation through Jehovah. NOVEMBER 15 1988: November 15 edition of The American fundamentalist newspaper The New Federalist headed CHILDWATCH GROUP WARNS OF SATANIST THREAT. The article is comprised of information gained during an interview with Dianne Core. Amongst the usual Christian Propaganda from Childwatch the New Federalist also defames the Pagan Anti-defamation League and mentions me "One individual highlighted ... is Chris Bray of Leeds, Runs the Sorcerer's Apprentice shop, the self-professed "largest Witchcraft shop in the Northern Hemisphere' with 40,000 customers from 66 countries...." The New Federalist also goes on to say that "Bray participated in a conference on the Devil held in Turin Italy on Oct 17-21." I have never been to Turin in my life, let alone headed a convention on the Devil, but what do facts matter when these lies are published in the U.S.A. where they have no defamation laws. NOVEMBER 22 1988: Hull Daily Mail prints small 1" x single column piece which concerns Alvin Wilkinson of Hull who has been remanded accused of indecently assaulting an 8 year old boy. Wilkinson is an evangelist who ran "Helpful Christians" group which was instrumental in gaining and supporting publicity against the occult in liason with the Hull Daily Mail. The HDM ran two very large quarter page spreads when Wilkinson's accusations of children at risk through Ouija Boards and Halloween were made during October. M.G.Wood, the editor who was prepared to print Lethbridge's lies; Gurevitch's claims and Core's allegations in headline type can only find a 1" space to record the remand of another Christian on child-molestation charges. Why spoil a good bought of hysteria with facts? In point of fact during the 12 month campaign against occultism the anti-occultists have not been able to produce even ONE prosecution of a sexual offender who definitely was an occultist but I have cuttings revealing that during the same period over two dozen people who definitely were Vicars were successfully prosecuted for child sex offences. DECEMBER 1 1988: 9.30am Border Television screens The Time and The Place hosted by Michael Scott, on paedophilary and the occult. The bandwagon of fundamentalists are there again : Merry; Maureen Davis; Logan; Audrey Harper ect;. 95% of the audience are anti-occult and the programme was totally hysterical. Only two occultists present; Brandolani and Ralph Bogart. Merry accuses Bogart of paedophilary. Bogart is pilloried. Very stupid person this. Brandolani makes mess up of her contribution and is walked all over. Very dangerous situation this. The fury of the fundamentalists loses all reason and their vicious hate nearly turns into physical assault on Bogart. If some self-possessed fundamentalist had began to chant 'burn the witch' we could have easily had a murder on screen. DECEMBER 2 1988: Daily Mirror carries picture of Bogart and banner headlines; DR SATAN exposed as sex attacker. "It was only weeks ago that the Mirror warned of the growing menace of satanism in Britain." the newspaper proudly declares. DECEMBER 4 1988: Sunday Sun's front page headline declares OUR MAN EXPOSES CHILD MOLESTER ON LIVE TV SHOW. Text continues that John Merry who works for Sunday Sun had interview with Bogart prior to Border TV Time & Place Show. Exposes Bogart after promising discretion following interview. In same issue the Peter Munro column actually has the headline "ITS TIME FOR A WITCH HUNT". Amongst further hysterical statements comes " there is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that horrible things involving children are going on behind the closed doors of these foul cult gatherings. "WE HAVE GOT TO BELIEVE IT, THESE DISGUSTING AND HARMFUL RITUALS are frighteningly widespread. They have got to be stopped." MUNRO'S COLUMN MENTIONS THAT THE COOK REPORT INVESTIGATIVE PROGRAM HAS A BROADCAST CONCERNING CHILD ABUSE AND THE OCCULT PLANNED FOR APRIL 1989. DECEMBER 6 1988: THE POST newspaper carries front page headline POLICE QUIZ TV WITCH. This story taken from Time and Place programme where Christian Fundamentalist Audrey Harper claimed she was at one time a witch and witnessed a child having its throat cut. DECEMBER 6 1988: I write to Brian Hayes Chief Inspector Surrey Constabulary who are investigating Harper's claims. I mention that these claims have been investigated before and ask whether they will caution Harper about wasting police time or incitement to breach of the peace? I concurrently write to the Home Office and lodge a complaint about Harper's sensational and inciting allegations and tell them that I have written to Brian Hayes. Hayes replies that she Harper's allegations are being looked into but that when the results are forthcoming he will not inform me in any case. So Harper continues to make absolutely horrid accusations and the public question themselves whether they could be true or not. If they are lies, they conclude, the police would have stopped her. But her allegations ARE LIES and the police do not intend to stop her. DECEMBER 7 1988: I write letter to Dianne Core asking her if she will answer some pertinent questions. That is she has nothing to hide then she will do so. Ask about her Church connections and the interview she gave to The New Federalist when she claimed 4,000 children are sacrificed each year in the U.K. . She does not reply. DECEMBER 7 1988: The Post morning newspaper has printed a follow up to Audrey Harper expose headed SLAVE OF THE DEVIL and concerns one 13 year old boy supposedly victimised by satanists. Core and Dickens again make the same disgusting allegations. Photographs accompanying article include picture of one journalist Simon Schofield who holds aloft a Lamp of Thoth; Techniques of High Magic book, A ceramic Skull and a wax doll. This journalist posed as customer to shop December 6. Spent #59.50. Manager sussed him but Schofield said they were for a friend in Harrogate. When asked by the manager he confirmed that she was already an established customer. Article contains one paragraph on S.A. The evil paraphernalia of Witchcraft is openly on sale at a shop were devil worship is a roaring trade." Dickens is also interviewed for this article. He says " Paedophiles are infiltrating the Craft, as it is known, ... MANY PEOPLE MIGHT THINK THESE COVENS ARE MADE UP OF SLIGHTLY DOTTY PANTOMIME CHARACTERS WITH POINTED HATS AND BROOMSTICKS BUT THEY ARE DEADLY SERIOUS, VERY SINISTER AND A DANGER TO CHILDREN. " So much for those who trusted that Dickens would discriminate between devil worship and Witchcraft. BUT WE DO NOT SELL ITEMS TO PEOPLE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 AND THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT ANY OF THE FUNDAMENTALIST'S ACCUSATIONS. Is anybody listening out there? DECEMBER 6 1988: The Post again prints details of Audrey Harper's allegations. Knowing that she has already made similar accusations throughout this year we find her response revealing when she was asked why she confessed on the Time & Place show; "I just found myself telling the presenter...I'm glad that I did this problem has got to come out". It's a scam, man. DECEMBER 8 1988: Before it goes bankrupt the Post continues its campaign with an article BAN THESE EVIL GAMES including quotes from Maureen Davies and Kevin Logan. Logan compares fantasy games, ouija boards & tarot cards with drugs and again lambasts Dungeons & Dragons. Maureen Davies claims that children were able to buy magazines offering a contact service for covens in a large newsagents' chain. She has not checked her facts, the magazine referred to did not accept advertisements from people under the age of 18. DECEMBER 15 1988: Having had no reply to my earlier letter to Dianne Core (DEC 7:) I now write to David Hall Chief Constable of Humberside Constabulary and ask him to enquire into Dianne Core's claims (in the New Federalist article) that 4,000 child sacrifices occur each year in the U.K.. He writes back that " is inappropriate for me to comment on any issues raised by this report unless they affect my own Force area and are supported by evidence." I reply that if 4,000 children were sacrificed each year in the U.K. the law of averages states that some of these crimes would be committed in Humberside and therefore ARE his business but the Chief Constable does not write back. JANUARY 2 1989: Today newspaper reports MP BLASTS DIAL A DEMON which refers to a telephone game linked with the horro video 976 evil. Included in the article is an interview with Maureen Davies of the REACHOUT trust ' which rescues youngstert from bizarre and Satanic cults'. Davies says "We would like these film-makers to spend a few days with us, studying young people whose lives have been shattered by dabbling in the supernatural. We will now mount a major campaign to force closure of this horrifying line." The line was eventually axed by BT. FEBRUARY 26 1989: Sunday Telegraph reports DEVIL WORSHIP LINKED TO CHILD SEX ABUSE. IN an article by Elaine Fogg based upon an interview with JUDITH DAWSON, principal professional officer for child protection with Nottinghamshire Social Services,the journalist reveals that she (Judith Dawson) is planning a conference of child-care agencies to investigate the incidence of child sex-abuse cases linked with devil worship. It is revealed that Dawson was involved in the same child-abuse prosecution which Dickens and Core had both earlier referred to. But the Detective Sergeant in charge of the Case (Alan Beeton) said that although ritual abuse " was a feature of some of the allegations . BUT WE HAVE NOT FOUND ANY EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THAT IT TOOK PLACE'. Further Beeton commented ". the family did dress up. On at least one occasion family members dressed up in witches costumes for a Halloween party." So the great specimen trial which Dickens had hoped would bring positive evidence about the link with witchcraft and child abuse fizzled out into being the usual Christian anti-witchcraft paranoia. I immediately wrote a letter to both the Home Office AND Mr White the Director of Nottinghamshire social Services pointing out that such a conference as the one his social worker (Judith Dawson ) was proposing would amount to institutionalised religious prejudice and put at risk hundreds of young pagan families who although they were loving parents might be split up by the establishment if professional social workers adopted 'symptoms' of ritual sex abuse resulting from the twisted minds of fundamentalists. His reply ran "I am in receipt of your letter of March 10. The press report to which you refer was totally inaccurate. There are no plans to hold a conference of the type you describe", and indeed, none was ever held; in Nottingham at least. MARCH 7 1989: At last after many months of continuous letter writing I managed to obtain a definitive statement from the Home Office. Perhaps the Nottinghamshire development had precipitated some action. The H.O. had been particularly inactive to my 12 other letters. This statement is MOST welcome, it reads "Firstly, as you point out, according to press reports, Mr Geoffrey Dickens MP has sent the Home Secretary a dossier of child abuse cases allegedly connected with witchcraft. However, THIS HAS NOT BEEN RECEIVED AND THE HOME OFFICE HAS NO OTHER EVIDENCE THAT THERE IS A PROBLEM OF THE KIND MR DICKENS DESCRIBES. The Government is satisfied that the existing law on child abuse would be sufficient to deal with any offences against children which might be connected with witchcraft. " There we have it; Dickens Witchunt was a tissue of allegations without any factual evidence to support them. However, now that the lies and deceit have been injected into the consciousness of the public their untruths have become reality in their minds and the wave of persecution cannot be halted and the damage done may be irrecoverable. MARCH 16 1989: Dianne Core's new Agony Aunt column in the Hull Daily Star includes a letter from someone complaining that their 13 year old son is playing with a ouija board. Core says. ' remove the object immediately Ouija boards are dangerous and should not be used at all.. some children have had to have treatment for shock. Please get rid of this awful game NOW.'. WHICH CHILDREN? WHEN? MARCH 19 1989: John Merry writes a typically mostly fabricated anti-occult story in the Sunday Sun newspaper based on an interview with a couple of idiots who claim to run a group with the rather unimaginative name of the Order of the Black Dog. Their heinous crimes include biting heads of pigeons and lashing women with whips. In the text Merry is lauded by his editor as a 'campaigning journalist' who exposed Bogart and who has been invited to address a ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE conference with more than 150 prominent child pyschiatrists. The conference is looking at the problems created by occult activity. Also at the conference will be, surprise surprise, Dianne Core and Maureen Davis. Subsequently my investigations revealed that the conference WAS NOT ORGANISED BY THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE but in fact was organised by the REACHOUT organisation IN RENTED ROOMS AT THE RSM. When I contacted the RSM about this obvious misuse of the kudos and authority of the RSM the Club Manager refused point blank to reveal who had rented the room and hung up. Further questions levelled at the Head of Psychiatry at the RSM produced vehement and absolute response calculated to distance the RSM from any such conference WHICH THE RSM CONSIDERED UNNECCESSARY. MARCH 21 1989: Dianne Core, normally very reserved and low-key when making statements in the U.K. Again shows that she is willing to 'roust' in the U.S.A. (remember her '4,000 children sacrificed per year' interview with the New Federalist? ) and sends a blatantly self-promotional Western Union Mailgram to Michael Aquino at the Temple of Set. " I Dianne Core, founder of childwatch from Great Britain hereby, this Day March 21, 1989 IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD Challenge YOU Michael Aquino Head of the Temple of Set, one of the most insidiously vicious Satanic Institutions in the U.S.A. to debate me. ...I hold you personally responsible for the hideous abuse of our children's minds...."etc. Strange that Core thought it fitting to challenge Aquino to a debate on TV in the U.S.A. and that his non-compliance brought pointed fingers of guilt from the fundamentalists but Dickens, who is still in close contact with her over anti-occult strategy) refused ON TWO OCCASIONS to enter into debate with me in the U.K. and that was considered good policy. Of course her offer to 'debate' did co-coincide with an expenses paid visit to the U.S.A. to speak to the Christian based Martin Luther King Foundation committee on Human Rights about child-sex abuse. MARCH 23 1989: The Early Times (a 'quality' format non-sectarian newspaper aimed at schoolchildren ) carries a report on the evils of fantasy games. The REACHOUT trust blames Dungeons & Dragons for Michael Ryan's Hungerford massacre in 1987 because he played DD through the mail. MARCH 30 1989: Hull Star newspaper featurs Dianne Core's Agony Aunt column again. Her first letter is from a mother about a son who is 'addicted' to heavy metal music. "I went to my son's bedroom and ws horrified when I looked at the words on these records. The lyrics consist of death, rape, murder, ripping babies to bits and Satan Worship. I would like to ban my son from listening to this filth. How do I go about it? Dianne says "In America some children have been very badly affected by Heavy Metal. Kids have needed counselling. Others have become violent and suicidal." Again Core reveals her links with the U.S.A. fundamentalists and her support for barmy Xtian allegations for in her New Federalist interview she states. "The rock groups work subliminaly. Heavy rock groups are based on Satanic beliefs, if you play the records backwards there are Satanic messages." I write and ask WHICH pop groups; WHICH records and WHAT do the satanic messages say? But Dianne Core does not reply either in forward or reverse. MARCH 30 1989: Hull Daily Mail reports on Core's recent visit to the U.S.A. Core has returned from a 10 day fact-finding mission in America and described it as "heart-rending". "If we don't address ourselves to the problem soon it will get as bad as it is over there". " I HAVE LEARNED WE MUST COMMUNICATE MORE IN THIS COUNTRY BETWEEN PROFESSIONAL AND VOLUNTARY SERVICES" This is a clue to the second stage of the fundamentalist strategy. Co-operation between 'voluntary' (i.e. Christian fundamentalist busy bodies) organisations and professionals (child day care; psychiatrists; counsellors, police etc) is the clearly scheduled next stage of the fundamentalist campaign. Maureen Davis' REACHOUT trust revealed this strategy in her partly illiterate monograph SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE which is sent out with other Reachout literature and which intends to muster the fundamentalist agitators. In this document Davies gave four ascending courses of action which her ilk planned to take as long ago as 1987. "(1) Expost it through public media and professional agencies. (2) Organise a national contact point (3) Conferences with all agencies to expose and give case studies must be held. (4) Encourage the police and social workers to be alert to the problem. As you can see stages 1,2 and 3 had already been successfully inaugaurated during the year. The article on Core's tour to East Coast USA cities continued: 'She was invited by the Luther King Human Rights Commission and they have a asked her to return and lecture on the West Coast later this year. "People over there are despeate to find ways of dealing with abuse; many wanted to set up Childwatches in their own communities. The article continues that Mrs Core is going to Munich in April to discuss the possibility of opening a Childwatch centre there. APRIL 1 1989: Bella Magazine produces a by now familiar article on Satanistic linked sex-abuse with the usual queue of characters. Logan; Harper; Davies; Dickens; Core; et al. We discover that Dickens is yet again 'preparing a report to present to the Home Secretary' and the article continues revealing that the journalist Laurie Mansbridge has suckered in to all the usual tales; " This week the Royal Society of Medicine have organised a special conference on Child Abuse and The Occult." Have they really? "There are 40,000 to 100,000 Satanists active in Britain" Again the allegations, totally unsupported by any facts whatsoever, are paraded and the public again confuse Witchcraft/Paganism with Satanism and Devil Worship. APRIL 8 1989: Yet another woman, now safe in the hands of Jesus, claims to have suffered abominations when she was a witch. The Cambridge Town Crier, like most of the press in this country it would seem, is willing to publish any sensational allegation without recourse to fact or substantiation. The allegations have a resounding ring of deja-vu. "Deborah is not willing to divulge her age or her identity"..(well now I can see why she might not want to make such astounding criminal allegations and reveal her name in case the police turn up and ask for proof but what is to stop her saying how old she is?) ...." Deborah says she can recognise people involved with the occult by a 'dark shadow' over their face".(Mr Gorbechev watch out).. Deborah was whipped by her father for refusing to eat human flesh exhumed from a local graveyard she continues"..."Babies born into the coven are not registered and can be used for sacrifice". " Deborah says reading horoscopes, playing Dungeons & Dragons and participating in spiritual healing are inroads into black magic." It becomes obvious that these people either have Sandi Gallant's Black Magick Activity Profile fact file or it is a bad case of 'monkey see - monkey do' resulting from the continuous barrage of sensational publicity which the masses are currently lapping up. APRIL 9 1989: The Sunday Sport carries 'exclusive' "I SKINNED MY BABY FOR SATAN" headline over an unconnected picture of two new-born and crinkly Siamese twins with the caption 'pickled...sacrifices' Yet ANOTHER , born again supposed ex-witch parades her obnoxious tales. This one , Jackquie Balodis isn't even British, but her claims are substantiated by Ted Gunderson , former Los Angeles bureau head of the FBI "I've talked to hundreds of people across the U.S.A. with similar stories and I just had to believe it".( WHY? Does the FBI always act on heresay or are it's agents trained to move on facts? Could this be the same 'FBI AGENT' whom Dianne Core hosted in March 1988?) Needless to say Jacquie Balodis now runs a Christian group called Overcomers Anonymous which helps people who are 'wrapped up in cults' and, the article carefully adds, her 24 year old daughter is safe because Jacquie had no compulsion whatsoever to skin her. APRIL 13 1989: The epidemic of those willing to now claim, after being saved by Jesus, that they were witches and can tell the most horrible stories, is gaining momentum. Milton Keynes Citizen reports that Betty Weltz (a member of the local Pentecostal Covenant Fellowship lead by Andy Forbes) says "The power source witches have, whether white or black, is directly from Satans Kingdom". Yes folks God will love you all the more if you lie without reserve in his name and for his Kingdom for all things are permissible when fighting Satan. APRIL 14 1989: Daily Mail again hype the Satanic connection with information from their man in New York concerning the Mexican Drug ring which allegedly involved human sacrifice. Nothing whatsoever to do with Satanism of course but what does that matter. In the 1920s the Chicago villains used to give their enemies concrete boots, now Drug barons chop 'em up in little pieces and burn them. Only the hysterical wave of anti-witchcraft mania can link the two and the convenience of Sandi-Gallants mega-reason fact-file for ascribing a ritual killing lets hard-pressed cops off the hook and gets the public involved and concerned. APRIL 18 1989: We learn that Trust House Forte, the owners of the largest chain of hotels and exhibition halls in the U.K. have made a corporate decision to ban further psychic fayres or occult exhibitions on their properties following the anti-occult propaganda and fundamentalist protests at fayres throughout the country. Is it a co-incidence that David Austen (TOS agent in the U.K.) works as a Chef for Trust House Forte? APRIL 23: BBC RADIO broadcast their SUNDAY programme which includes a piece about witchcraft related child-abuse based mostly on an interview with Maureen Davies of the REACHOUT trust. The usual lies are paraded and there is no counter-argument or attempt to question the allegations. I write and complain to the producer. Eventually I receive a reply which gives as an excuse the fact that BBC 4 could find no-one to represent Paganism. Considering that Maureen Davies has boasted that her fact-file contains details of all the occult groups and satanic organisations in the country this is something of a weak excuse. APRIL 25 1989: The fundamentalists are winning the propaganda war hands down. Any newspaper will print tripe which previous to the Witchunt would have been ignored. The Edinburgh Evening News prints an article "DABBLING IN EVIL" Charles R. Strohmer , the president of the Paisley branch of the evangelical THERE IS HOPE movement claims he used to be a professional astrologer in the U.S.A. and he was brought to Astrology through the advice of Ouija Boards yawn, yawn, yawn. APRIL 27 1989: Hull Star reports that CHILDWATCH IS TO GO INTERNATIONAL and remarks that 'Several German Churches have agreed to finance the operation' and that Dianne Core will return to SAN FRANSISCO (Sandi-Gallant's stomping ground) to sit on a panel made up mainly of medical experts to discuss the question of child-abuse in that city. Core says " I manage to cope somehow. I don't know how I do - by the grace of God I think". MAY 2: 1989: A customer (Mr X) calls into our retail shop at approximately 10.30 but is seen to be acting suspiciously. The Manager questions him and he admits to being a Journalist who works for a Keighley newspaper but says that he is collecting some items for a friend. He mentions Dave Austen's name. As none of the items are controversial the manager completes the sale and Mr X leaves. MAY 3: 1989 S.A. Opens early as usual but during preparatory work in the shop the manager notices three men are sat on a park bench on the opposite side of the road to our shop and one of them is Mr X. We observe that one of the men has a video camera partially concealed under a blue blousson jacket. I called the police. Police Sergeant 89 arrived at 8.50.a.m. After talking to the three men the policeman was tricked into introducing Mr X to me whereupon Mr X tried to obtain an interview there and then. When this failed the 3 men agreed to go and on that basis the policeman also left. As soon as the sergeant had disappeared the film-crew set up the camera on a tripod on the pavement opposite my shop and appeared to be filming through the upstairs windows using a powerful telephoto lens. Within the space of 15 minutes three further cars had arrived with two other camera crews and Roger Cook and several other people. Camera Crews were set up in front, at the side and at the rear of the building and were successively pointed up through the first-floor windows and into the ground-floor shop area. A large crowd began to form. I telephoned the police again. This time the sergeant and another police constable arrived within a few minutes and as soon as they had been admitted through the front door of the shop Roger Cook and one of the film crew positioned themselves immediately outside the front door blocking the entrance so that customers could not gain entry and taking shots of items in the windows and through the windows. The continued and flagrant persistence of the Central TV people was so beligerant that it was obvious that I would be unable to conduct business at all that day. To do otherwise would be to put at risk of harassment members of staff and clients. I had no alternative but to close the business and the police escorted us out of the rear of the premises. The three film crews had already stationed themselves there and to protect my staff we had to exit the building wearing masks and under police protection. Roger Cook made some garbled and offensive allegations but these were not answered. Then the cars containing myself and my staff sped away. MAY 3 1989: Daily Star carries front page headlines "GO TO HELL" accompanied by a picture of Michael Aquino arriving in the U.K. from America. The Star complains that the 'fiend' has been brought to the U.K. by Roger Cook , all expenses paid, to appear in his Cook Report on Witchcraft & Child Abuse and that he is 'under investigation for allegedly having sex with a two year old girl'. Also within the article is a picture of Dianne Core who says "It is horrendous that Roger Cook brought him into this country when we are fighting to keep him out" The piece continues, Mrs Core is also angry because she helped Cook research his programme which aims to expose the link between Satanism and the sexual abuse of children." MAY 4 1989: Fred Harrison does hatchet job in Daily Mirror on Michael Aquino (TOS praemonstrator) with allegations of Aquino being investigated for child abuse. The piece is built around; Guess Who? Rev Kev Logan, that's who. Incensed Aquino writes a public letter to the Daily Mirror explaining that the allegatons of child abuse were from the camp chaplain at the US army base at which Aquino is stationed. The allegedly abused child was in fact the daughter of the camp chaplain and the 'identity parade' was a set up when Aquino was tricked into walking into a room with some subjectively involved 'witnesses' and the 2 year old child was prompted to point at Aquino. Aquino immediately called in the San Fransisco Police department and had the child medically examined and proved to be a virgin. The SFPD dropped charges and Aquino is currently court-martialing the chaplain. MAY 3 1989: Jimmy Rocket a client of the S.A. from the U.S.A. with connections in a U.N. Mission receives a reply from The Home Office to further underline the completely bogus nature of the Dickens Witchunt. The Home Office letter reads " THE HOME OFFICE HAS NO EVIDENCE OF ANY LINK BETWEEN CHILD ABUSE AND WITCHCRAFT ...There are no plans to return to medieaval laws against sorcery." HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO ANNOUNCE THE TRUTH IN THIS COUNTRY? MAY 5 1989 : The Daily Mirror reports that Kevin Logan had exorcised a group of young children (some even below school age) behind closed doors in his Blackburn church in front of cameras for The Cook Report. Logan said "Some of these youngsters have been victims of child abuse and Satanism is at the root." My opinion is that such behaviour is itself an abuse of children and shows the extent to which the media and these fundamentalists are prepared to go in order to court publicity and fame. MAY 7 1989: The Sunday Mirror carries interview with Dr Lynne Drummond (psychiatrist) about Michael Aquinos arrival from the U.S.A.. "This man will definitely petrify any one who is in fear of being possessed." Drummond says that many of her patients had their condition sparked by the horror films the Omen and The Exorcist. "Sometimes it is possession by the Devil". Is it not time that the BMA ruled against such ridiculous outbursts from their professionals we ask? If a short man with a funny haircut can be considered to personify evil even before he opens his mouth what hope is there for people who really do need psychiatric help? MAY 9 1989: I write to Dianne Core and ask her to confirm whether or not Christian Fundamentalist literature was being distributed with Childwatch literature. She responds with a handwritten note ' I am in receipt of your letter and a reply will be forthcoming from our solicitors, God Bless,'. I haven't heard from her since. MAY 14 1989: "WE HUNT DOWN THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLES" . News of the World runs story on Austen and several other members of the Temple of Set. Allegations and downright fantasy are mixed in a cocktail which implicates three of the TOS members in child-abuse. Three lose their jobs and one is sent a bomb through the post which is disconnected but has a note attached "the next time you won't hear the bang". MAY 17 1989: "PLIGHT OF THE DEVIL CHILDREN" Western Daily Press print another load of codswallop from Audrey Harper under 'innocent young victims of sex abuse in Britain's New Wave Satanism.' In this article we learn that Harper was a former Barnado's Girl. Also interviewed in the article are Guess Who? Maureen Davies; Dianne Core. The article is illustrated with a photograph of a standing robed figure reading from a book and holding a sword at the shoulder of a hooded kneeling figure. The very same photograph which was used by John Merry in his article for Bella Magazine about Lee & Janet James. Within the spate of publicity supporting these horrendous allegations it should be noted that NOT ONE of these newspapers has bothered to ask for PROOF. The reason why is obvious; why spoil a good story with facts. MAY 18 1989 The Home Office acknowledges receipt of their copy of THE OCCULT CENSUS RESULTS ' which has been read with interest' and filed for future reference. MAY 18 1898: The Daily Mirror disregards Aquino's letter and publishes a follow on article linking Satanism with child abuse and featuring another twisted story of heresay about a young boy whilst again repeating the libelous allegations of child abuse made against Aquino by fundamentalists. The article written by FRED HARRISON Includes the by now well known claims and quotes from Core but she goes on to complain that she has been gagged by Humberside Social Services who have applied for court orders to stop anyone from pressing the boy about occult connections. The Social Services obviously realise that whatever the boy has suffered in the way of sexual abuse any further use of his case by the fundamentalists might become abuse to him personally. Included in this awful write-up is some really flimsy piece of fabrication concerning how an amusement arcade in a decrepit Humberside Coastal resort is used as a meeting place. A photograph of the amusement arcade is shown. MAY 21 1989: The Hack Fred Harrison again continues to hype his support for witchcraft related child-abuse allegations in the Sunday Mirror with another conglomeration of heresay including interviews with Maureen Davies Reverend Robert Law "There is no doubt that satanic worship takes place all over Britain today...I have spoken to doctors, police officers and social workers who have investigated this evil practice aand the evidence is CLEARLY there." Then Harrison goes on to reveal that 'Samantha' the alleged 13 year old victim of satanic child abuse was raped to produce foetuses which were aborted and she was subsequently made to eat the foetuses. This only came to light after her mother discovered her burying one of them and called in the police. The gullibility of these people is amazing. I mean, what was the girl going to say; it's my first but please don't send my boyfriend to prison' or 'this bastard has ruined my life I want him nailed to the floor' ? This kind of 'foetuses for sacrifice' allegation is now epidemic because such allegations cannot be disproven, whereas allegations of murder of a person with a registered birth can be validated.. The Crown prosecution service dropped charges of rape in this case and the prosecution never got to court. There is ALWAYS a fuller and more obvious explanation to all of these horror stories but ignorance allows the hysteria to magnify. Another of Harrisons examples is the story of how a couples baby was allegedly chosen ,for no logical reason, to be used in a satanic sacrifice. The police were sent a letter telling them this and so they visit the family who are frightened out of their wits. Shortly afterwards a John Burgen pentecostal minister turns up; he had 'heard about the sacrifice threat independently" and stayed the night to save the baby for Jesus. HOW did he hear about the planned sacrifice independently? MAY 21 1989: The Sunday Sport trashpaper has double page spread of interview with David Austen and background details about the Cook Report. We learn that Cook " exposes an entire family who practise witchcraft coupled with sordid sex acts." This is a reference to the Nottinghamshire case and reveals that Cook was prepared to use discredited evidence in his report. We learn that the Cook Report has been temporarily shelved but that the cook Reports horrific Satan special will STILL be shown but at a later time and that Cook is 'furious' over it being banned. MAY 22 1989: Telegraph reports in TWO SENTENCES that a 56 year old Halesowen Magistrate was remanded charged (along with another man) with procuring males under age 21 to commit acts of gross indecency. Consider what space would have been used if an occultist had been arraigned? BUT AN OCCULTIST HAS NOT, NOT IN OVER 12 MONTHS WHICH IS WY THE LIES CONTINUE. MAY 24 1989: Daily Star reports "KIDS SAW BABY BEING SACRIFICED TO SATAN' and reveals that Nottinghamshire SOCIAL WORKERS say that the corrupted kids were forced into cannibalism and subjected to terrifying rituals by the sect. The sickening catalogue of child abuse has been compiled by two investigators who claim they and their families have been threatened. 'DETECTIVES IN NOTTINGHAMSHIRE HAVE INVESTIGATED THESE CLAIMST TWICE BUT SAY THAT THEY CAN'T BACK THEM UP' One of the social workers is JUDITH DAWSON (remember that name see earlier). She and her colleague CHRISTINE JOHNSTONE the Social Worker's Team Leader say the youngsters, witnessed. a 'goat-man' sacrificing a baby born after a cesarian. A boy being crucified on a cross with pins through his hands and feet.A man strangling a sheep with his bare hands and passing its blood around in a bizarre communion and the discarding of dead babies bodies in polythene bags. The children some under eight,gave this evidence by DRAWING PCITURES of ghouls and witches and a man carrying a goat horns into a darkened room to select the night's victim. In the 15th Century they used to burn witches after tricking their pre-teen offspring into incriminating them. Things don't change much do they. MAY 26 1989: The Hornsea Gazette investigating the allegations concerning the amusement arcade featured in The Daily Mirror's report carries an article which includes a denial by the police that any such connection existed. They say "ANY ALLEGATIONS OF BLACK MAGIC IN THE HUMBERSIDE POLICE AREA HAVE BEEN THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED. IF THERE IS ANY BLACK MAGICK WE DON'T KNOW ABOUT IT". This rather pulls the rug from under Core's 13 month campaign but nobody else takes up the statement. The article also mentions that The Cook Report stormtroopered their way into the amusement arcade shortly before the Daily Mail report was printed, much to the astonishment of the innocent owner and that the owner has threatened legal action if Cook includes details of his business. MAY 31 1989: Daily telegraph reports "CHILD SEX OFFENDER SACKED AS BMA'S ADVISER ON ABUSE" in a two column piece which reveals that John Hopkins the assistant secretary to the BMA committee dealing with child care and child abuse had been jailed for child sex offences during NOVEMBER of 1988. AMAZING Hopkins had been prosecuted and sentenced during a period of intense media activity about spurious allegations of occult-related child abuse whilst a real case like this was swept under the carpet. No wonder the RSM didn't want to talk about such controversial issues after the REACHOUT conference. JUNE 23 1989: Daily Star reports SATAN SQUAD full page article about a Los Angeles Detective sergeant Randy Emon who is intent on replicating the attention Sandi Gallant has achieved with the press. Now, the Child-sex abuse bogey has played itself out somewhat and the new buzz-word is OCCULT CRIME. Emon, revealing his fundamentalist background says "Satan is not the type to come quietly" and "I have friends praying for me all the time". Later Emon says of a patch of bad luck whiche he attributed to some kind of satanic curse. "I only got over it by praying". THE EPHASIS HAS CHANGED; The fundamentalits have pretty well exhausted the media interest in witchcraft and child-abuse the next step is OCCULT CRIME. It will be interesting to see if the fundamentalist propgaganda machinery is as effective in this area in the U.K. as it is in the U.S.A. and whether the media will recognise their devices the second time around.


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