Friday 15 March 2013

Bryntirion Hall

Bryntirion Hall
This house in Mold Road, Caergwrle, was purchased by Allen in 1972 in trust for the Community and was intended to provide hostel accommodation for 15 working boys between 16 and 18 years.

Four complainants raised allegations of sexual abuse by Anthony Taylor whilst they were with the Community and Waterhouse received evidence from three of them. All four complainants were there at the same time and the longest resident of the four was with the Community for five years from about January 1971. The evidence that we received established that Taylor's sexual assaults were not confined to those with which he was charged but occurred also in dormitories at Bryntirion Hall (where he was on the staff) and extended to oral sex with one of the complainants. In his written evidence to the Tribunal Anthony Taylor denied the offences but Waterhouse had no reason to doubt the truth of the complaints.

John Allen was accused of physical and sexual abuse by several residents.

Peter Steen was also accused of several incidents of physical abuse against residents.

Jeffreys moved to Bryntirion Hall in 1978, where there were about 20 boys aged 14 and upwards and he was one of two Team Leaders under Russell Evans. Finally, he was Officer-in-Charge of Pentre Saeson for about 18 months, until Kenneth Taylor succeeded him. His wife ceased to be a matron on leaving Cotsbrook Hall and she then became one of the directors of the Community, working in its office.

Seven former residents alleged that Jeffreys had been physically violent to them and Waterhouse received evidence from two of them. The witness who gave oral evidence went to Bryntirion Hall in May 1980 and was there for about two years. He alleged that he was given a hiding by Jeffreys during an annual holiday at John Allen's villa near Bordeaux.
Jeffreys gave too bland an account of his relations with residents during his employment by the Community and of the relations between boys and their peers to be a wholly credible witness. His evidence about this in respect of Bryntirion Hall is particularly difficult to accept having regard to the fact that the more troublesome boys were usually housed there.

There were no complaints by residents of Bryntirion Hall against identified members of the staff after 1984 (it operated as a children's home until 1986 or 1987).

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