Tuesday 31 March 2015

David Challinor Trial Halted

The trial of a social worker, charged with sexually assaulting a teenage boy at a children's home back in the late 1980s has been dramatically halted by the judge.
Judge David Hale discharged the jury from returning a verdict in the case of David Challinor this evening and said that the state of the identification evidence meant it was not safe for the trial to proceed.
He agreed to a defence submission that there was no case to answer.
It was the second piece of drama in the case today - because earlier the judge had to discharge a member of the jury because of what she had put on Facebook.
The judge said that it had been discovered that the woman, when first summonsed to jury service, had said so on her Facebook page - but had said that if she was involved in the trial of a sex offender then she would convict him.
It was agreed that the trial should continue with 11 jury members - but this afternoon it came to a complete halt.
The judge, sitting at Mold Crown Court, adjourned the case until the morning for the prosecution to decide whether it wished to appeal against his decision to the court of appeal.
He said that it was a discrete narrow point which had no bearing on any other case.
But he said that in his statement of complaint to the police, the complainant said that the care worker responsible for abusing him was nick-named Tiny, also known as Haystacks, after the wrestler Giant Haystacks.
In his evidence, the complainant said that he got that wrong in his police statement, and said that Tiny and Haystacks were two different members of staff.
However, later, when cross examined, he said that Haystacks was also known as Tiny.
Judge Hale said that seriously troubled him.
It was a very serious allegation and there was no other identification evidence.
The complainant was giving his evidence from behind a screen and if he saw the defendant he might say "that's not him."
He did not know the name of the man who abused him, and there was a real risk of a wrongful conviction.
The judge said that he was not sufficiently sure that the reference that it was the member of staff who allowed them to clay pigeon shoot who was responsible, took it any further.
The complainant had said that the member of staff also watched him in the shower but it was the defence case that he did not do shower duty.
Judge Hale said that other issues being put forward by the defence such as getting the defendant's age wrong, the delay in reporting the matter and other issues were clearly matters for the jury.
But the identification evidence meant that a jury could not be sure that the person he was talking about was the defendant and there was a risk of the wrong person being convicted.
"I am going to discharge you from giving a verdict in this case.
"As far as you are concerned, that is the end of the proceedings," he said.
Challinor was told to return in the morning to hear whether the proceedings were over or whether the prosecution wished to appeal.
David Challinor, 54, denied a charge of indecently assaulting the boy aged 15 - now a man in his 40s -  at the Bryn Alyn Home near Wrexham where he was a staff member.
Challinor, of Pinfold Lane, North Hall, arrested as part of Operation Pallial -  launched to investigate allegations of historic sexual abuse in children's homes -  told police in his interview that he would never do such a thing.
Arrested in October 2013, Challinor told police "I have not done anything".
He agreed that he was known as "Tiny" because of his large build, but denied that he was ever called "Haystacks".
Challinor said that he had not been aware of children being abused at the home at the time, and only found out about it later.
But he had not been involved and would never do such a thing, he said.
He said that he was shocked by the allegations. He had been employed as a social worker for 30 years and as far as he was concerned had a good relationship with young people in his care.

Thursday 12 March 2015

Paddy French Withdraws From Macur Review

REBECCA TELEVISION has withdrawn from the Macur Review of the 1996-1999 North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal.
In a letter to Home Secretary Theresa May, Editor Paddy French expressed concern at the delay in publishing a report.
It’s more than two years since the Review was set up.
French said: “the passage of time has seriously eroded my confidence in the process.”
Prime Minister David Cameron announced the review in November 2012.
THERESA MAY WHEN THE Home Secretary made a statement in the Commons in November 2012 about the North Wales child abuse scandal, she was asked by Labour MP Paul Flynn to examine claims made by Rebecca Television. She told him the inquiry "will, indeed, be looking at that historical evidence. That is part of the job they will be doing." Photo: PA
WHEN THE Home Secretary made a statement in the Commons in November 2012 about the North Wales child abuse scandal, she was asked by Labour MP Paul Flynn to examine claims made by Rebecca Television. She told him the police “will, indeed, be looking at that historical evidence. That is part of the job they will be doing.”
Photo: PA
It followed the BBC Newsnight report which identified Lord McAlpine as a paedophile involved in the North Wales child abuse scandal.
When the allegation was later shown to have been a mistake, the government decided to carry on with the Review.
In November 2012 Justice Secretary Chris Grayling appointed Lady Justice Macur to lead it. 
Today, 26 months later, her report is unfinished and is unlikely to be complete before the election …

Monday 9 March 2015

Problem at IWF?

Philip Tromovitch, a professor at Doshisha University in Japan, a known paedophile is involved with a company called Surfcontrol (japan) limited.

Shelagh Margaret Rogan is secretary of that company (or has been) along with various companies under Tri-X Consultancy / Tri-X education.
Childcare Today
Currently, over 200 Safeguarding Teams around the Country are advised on Policy by Tri-X Consultancy Limited, a subsidury company of Cambian Group Ltd, managed by the US Private Equity firm GI Partners Limited.In December 2014, a Director of Tri-X resigned from the Board.Two weeks later, Philip Andrew Barrnett stood on trial with three other defendants charged with crimes against 8 victims whilst he was employed at Wisteria Lodge.
Under Advanced Childcare Limited, they operate over 155 children's homes and special schools across the UK, providing just 474 placements for children, having purchased;
  • Clifford House in 2011, 13 Homes;
  • They also run SACCS – Sexual Abuse Child Consultancy Service. Their aim is to “assist a child through therapy.”;
  • Cambian Education, aimed at children and young people with a number of problems including Aspergers Syndrome and Autism;
  • Cambian Childcare, yet more homes;
  • Cambian Foster Care is a fostering agency based in Midlands, North West, South West and Yorkshire providing a service for young people;
An Ofsted review of the child care industry in 2013, commissioned by Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, reported that one in three homes run by Advanced Childcare "failed to be classified as 'good' or 'outstanding' by the education watchdog." http://brynalynvictims.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/a-comprehensive-study-into-spread-of.html 

In 2013, Tromovitch was a key speaker at a 2013 conference held at Cambridge University for and about paedos.
Also in attendance was Graham Powell, one of the country’s most distinguished psychologists, a past president of the British Psychological Society and a current provider of psychology support services to the Serious Organised Crime Agency, the National Crime Squad, the Metropolitan Police, Kent Police, Essex Police and the Internet Watch Foundation.

Powell co-authored one chapter in Dr Ken Plummers book, Perspectives on Paedophilia, published via Pavilion Books Group under Batsford Publishing

Friday 6 March 2015

Telford Videos

A playlist is in process of being collated of all Telford videos at the moment.
As more go up, I'll add them.

Huge thanks to Manerg from UK C forum and all that contributed to both the weekend and the video footage.

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Strider at BCG / UKC Conference

Strider (UK Column) aka Welshwitch (David Ickes forum) on stage at the spring conference.

Telford BCG / UKC Spring Conference

This last weekend I was invite to address the British Constitutional Group / UK Column Spring conference and present some of my own experiences along with some of my research.
Huge thanks to Richard Lucas for filming and uploading. 

Saturday, after a major panic attack 3 hours before I was due on stage, I marched into the Hall and presented them with 

Unfortunately, the battery died half way through my presentation, so the rest will be available on the dvd when finished.

On the Sunday, there was a second piece by myself, followed by LindyLoo, another UK C member and former Social Worker from the Wirral.