Monday 29 December 2014


Here we have the Countries and their involvement, cross-overs and connections.

Research Results. Politics

Since the brutal West Yorkshire Police attack on my boyfriend and I on Thursday 11th December 2014, I have decided the only way to keep ourselves safe is to publish the results of my research myself, in full.
I was due to release it via a third party, but since my blog gains little interest anyway, I may as well get a jump on it all and claim first rights, 
especially as I am actually receiving no direct recognition via the third party for the work I have put in, just "et al".

Over the next couple of weeks I will be gradually releasing all the results of my research.
Each post is already written and set on a Scheduled release.

Using WebBrain software, and the last 2 years research, I have mapped out the connections from schools and homes across the UK to P.I.E members and other network-based abusers in most Countries worldwide. These abusers range from your average "John Doe" in the street up to politicians, royalty, film and music celebrities, and most importantly, the money behind it all.
I have tried to stick to known networks, although they did, in themselves lead to other organisations or individuals of key note.

As I get further into my notes, each section will be updated with new images, but not set as a new post.

Here goes............

Let the downfall begin!

Every is either a child abuser or an enabler.

Friday 26 December 2014

Independent Sexual Violence Advisor

Ok, big Thank You to Micky Cardiff for this one, link to counselling available FREE through your local council!

Every County Council, if not local has the service available.

This is written on the Kirklees site (please note: only use the phone numbers provided if you live in Kirklees)
What is counselling? 
A service which enables survivors of sexual/domestic violence to work through their past and current experiences. Kirklees RASACC acknowledges that all survivors are different and will suffer different effects. Counselling allows people to explore and resolve the effects of the abuse so that survivors can live their lives feeling more in control of their thoughts, emotions and behaviour. 
Will it be confidential? 
Confidential information will only be disclosed if it is indicated that a child or young person may be experiencing abuse, or be at potential risk of abuse, of any kind, or where it is indicated that a client is at risk of potential self-harm, suicide and/or harm to others.Wherever possible this will be discussed with you before the disclosure. This action will only be taken after a counsellor has consulted with their line manager and/or clinical supervisor. 
Will I have to talk about everything that has happened to me? 
No. You will not be pressurised into talking about things you do not wish to talk about. You only need to tell us what is relevant and helpful to you. The counselling session is your time and we are here to help you find your own way of moving forward. 
How long will I have counselling for? 
Each session lasts between fifty minutes to one hour and is usually weekly at the same venue at the same time and day. Everyone will be offered up to 10 sessions which will be jointly reviewed with a counsellor. 
Will I always see the same counsellor? 
You will see a counsellor for your assessment, however this may not be the counsellor who you will be seeing for your counselling. Once counselling commences it will be the same counsellor throughout your agreed counselling contract.. KRASACC's counsellors are all qualified practitioners and all have extensive experience of working with issues of sexual violence and domestic abuse. They abide by the Code Of Ethics and Practice of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy. 
How do I make and appointment? 
You can phone the helpline on 01484 540730 or contact us via the website or by email to (see Contacts) 
How much will counselling cost me?Kirklees RASACC is a registered charity and we do not charge clients a fee for counselling.   
However, as a small charity, we are always grateful if people can make  monetary donations or a donation of tissues, tea or coffee or similar, but this is entirely voluntary.  
How do people that have been through counselling feel? 
Some quotes from KRASACC Service Users: 
"It helped me face my fears.""I found answers to my questions.""It has changed me completely. I finally believe what happened to me and I know I am not mad." 
"It has given me courage to carry on and lead the life that I should have had a long time ago." 
"I finally feel believed.""It was great not being judged and I felt my confidence come back."

Whilst it can take Kirklees a few days to pick up on missed messages, they do check each call to make sure it has been signed off and completed.

BBC Perv's Still Honoured?

The late John Peel is revered and celebrated by many lovers of rock and pop music as a legendary disc jockey. The BBC, for which he worked for many years, regards him a major figure in the history of broadcasting.
So in March 2012, the Corporation decided to rename a wing at Broadcasting House after Peel, who died in 2004. But while they were preparing to nail a blue plaque on the wall, an allegation was made that the DJ had had sex with an underage girl numerous times on BBC premises in 1969.
Amid a fusillade of similar allegations involving other former BBC DJs and employees, most notably Jimmy Savile, the Beeb hurriedly shoved the plaque into a drawer. It also said it would consider calling the Peel Wing something else, though in the event it did nothing.

In March 2012, the Corporation decided to rename a wing at Broadcasting House after Peel, who died in 2004. Then an allegation was made that the DJ had had sex with an underage girl on BBC premises in 1969
In March 2012, the Corporation decided to rename a wing at Broadcasting House after Peel, who died in 2004. Then an allegation was made that the DJ had had sex with an underage girl on BBC premises in 1969

Now, more than two years later, the Mail’s Sebastian Shakespeare Diary has revealed that the Corporation is dusting off its blue plaque in the belief that the furore has died down. This is a decision that speaks volumes about the BBC. It shows it has still not come to terms with the industrial-scale sexual abuse which it tolerated among its ‘stars’.

Saturday 13 December 2014

Harriet Harman, Groomed At School?

Ok, so I was collating info I had gathered on abusers and schools as you all know, but I started looking at who attended those schools too.

I started with the abusers based at Colet Prep school and it's attachment to St Paul's School, London. Then I discovered a St Paul's Girls School, in the same grounds, with the same faculty as the other two schools. Age range 10-19.

Several of those faculty were paedophiles including Alan Doggett, well known member of Paedophile Information Exchange.
Doggett is known to have worked there in the mid to late '70's, so anyone passing through any of the Schools operated by Worshipful Company of Mercers would have had contact, over their 9 years in the school, with at least one member of Paedophile Information Exchange.

During this time, on the student list of St Paul's Girls School, London was Harriet Harman, who later went on to campaign on behalf of two groups of paedophiles whilst working at NCCL.
At least one of these groups contained members that were her former school tutors!

Deniability out the window??

The Mercer's btw, is Not a Limited company and seemingly has only 3 employees. To CRB all the staff incoming to the 3 schools, and other properties they own/handle, even though they are listed as based within the Mercer's Guild Building and operating as "sheltered housing" ?

I'm sorry, since when were Independent fee-paying schools, classed as sheltered housing?

Thursday 27 November 2014

School For Deaf Investigated

Police are looking into claims sexual offences were carried out at the national school for deaf children.
Donaldson's School in Linlithgow has been given a week to come up with a plan to deal with serious concerns about the way the school is being run.
Police are also assessing allegations. It is understood they relate to claims of serious sexual offences and how some people at the school responded to them.
The school said it was unable to comment at this time.
A spokesperson said: "This is a sensitive matter and with internal investigations ongoing, we are unable to comment on the names, job titles or any other specifics of this case".
BBC Scotland understands some allegations are historical in nature.
Insufficient progress
Donaldson's is a grant-aided special school (GASS) supported by the Scottish government.
Local authorities from all over Scotland and the north of England refer pupils there and fund their placements.
The notice calling for an improvement plan within a week is the first of its kind to be issued for 15 years.
A report from Education Scotland last year criticised leadership at the school - and a follow up report said insufficient progress was being made putting things right.
The school has stressed its first priority is always the safety and wellbeing of pupils and a new principal was recently appointed.
Work is underway to come up with the improvement plan before the deadline.

Monday 24 November 2014

Azov Films, UK Conviction

PAEDOPHILE has been jailed for buying child porn images – from perverts in Canada.
Robert Harper, 60, was sentenced at Bristol Crown Court to 19 months, after admitting five counts of making indecent images of children and four counts of voyeurism – including videos of men filmed in changing rooms without their knowledge.
He will be on the Sex Offenders’ Register for ten years and must abide by a ten-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO), which will start on his release from prison.
Harper was charged as part of Operation Spade, an international investigation into people buying child abuse material from Canadian company Azov Films.
Information was submitted by Toronto police via Interpol to the UK. The National Crime Agency passed on details to domestic police forces at the end of last year.
Harper was arrested in March and his home in Batheaston was searched. Officers seized equipment including a PC, laptop computer, tablet, mobile phone and USB sticks.
The equipment was analysed by officers with the High-Tech Crime Unit, who found almost 2,500 indecent images of children, as well as an indecent videos.
A small number of the images were found to be in category five, which is the most extreme level.
DC Stuart Brooks, of Avon and Somerset police, said: “Robert Harper was arrested at his home in March and interviewed. He initially said he didn’t realise the images were indecent.
“As well as the indecent images and video, we also found videos of men being filmed in changing rooms without their knowledge.
“We were able to identify four men in the videos and they confirmed they did not give their consent to being filmed. All the victims were given access to expert help and guidance if they needed it.
“Our message is that anyone who purchases indecent materials of children plays an active role in fueling this horrific industry and must face the consequences.
“While Harper may not have known the identities of the children he had indecent images of, the inescapable truth is that they’re real children being sexually exploited and abused.
“I welcome the sentence given by the court and hope this reminds people who want to make, purchase or sell indecent images of children that they aren’t anonymous and they will be caught.” 
Read more: 

Friday 3 October 2014

One Survivors Message

So here I am 45 years on from the year I was abandoned to the home from hell known as Bryn Alyn Hall. I was just 12 and wrongly placed 'in care' by the County Borough of Birkenhead Childrens Committee under Section 1 of the 1948 Childrens Act, on the basis of; (1) 'has been and remains abanondoned by his parents' and (2) 'is neccssary in the interests of the welfare of the child'.
On Monday 12 May 1969 I arrived at Bryn Alyn Hall. It was on that day the 'real me' died; effectively assassinated by the process of abandonment.

The following 4 years destroyed all that I was, and all that I could have become and I emerged as an angry and confused victim of child abuse and brutal institutionalisation. I had been systamatically depersonalised and traumatised by a private system of 'childcare' that had been set up as a 'business created for profit' which was managed by a predatory paedohphile and financed by the authorities.
For me it was like being in a car crash that lasted 4 years and it left me broken on the inside. No one could see the damage; I was mentally ill and primarily suffering from Psychosexual Trauma Disorder and PTSD.
More than one adult is responsible for what happened to me and on Monday 6th October 2014 one of them will be held to account in a Crown Court. I will have to recall and relive multiple details that are painful and sometimes over bearing to consider, however, I am not alone in this fight for justice. I am one of many.
Together we have a voice that is now being heard and together we are seeking justice for each other and for those who are dead, or unable to join us.
'We' may have had our differences in the past but I believe that each and everyone one of us is a valuable human being who deserves justice and peace of mind.
This is just the begining - stay strong.


Wednesday 1 October 2014

Azov Films Suspect, Dead

Coming just weeks after Dr Myles Bradbury pleaded guilty to crimes against children in his care.

A paedophile deputy headmaster who secretly filmed his pupils was left free to continue his abuse for more than two years after police failed to act on information that he could be a danger to children.
Martin Goldberg, who had worked at the £10,000-a-year private school for more than 20 years, was named to British authorities as a suspect in July 2012.
He was among 2,345 individuals suspected of having accessed child pornography whose names were handed to the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) following a major inquiry in Canada.
But the CEOP failed to act on the information from Toronto Police’s Operation Spade – and it was only in November last year that Essex Police were told that Goldberg had been buying videos of naked boys from a vendor based in Canada.
Even then, Essex Police did nothing about the 46-year-old until three weeks ago – almost a year after being informed.
Nor did officers warn Thorpe Hall School in Southend, where Goldberg, an IT expert, regularly took children away on school trips.
The blunders were compounded when officers failed in a bid to get a search warrant from a magistrate.
So they simply visited the paedophile’s home, just over a mile from the school, and politely asked if they could examine his computer. He refused and the officers left without arresting him.

Within hours, however, he tried to destroy the evidence by reportedly setting fire to his computer and other devices and paperwork – and then hanged himself in the garage of his £360,000 four-bedroom home.
Detectives were still able to recover 75 images taken on a camera that was hidden in a bag in the school’s male changing rooms.

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Saturday 27 September 2014

Civil Paedo Service?

Ok, I have this theory about the paedo's in power.
Over the past few months, I've discussed it with various friends and contacts and they all agree, it could hold a certain amount of water.....
The paedo activities within the UK have gone, for the most part, undetected for decades. That would probably involve a lot of file interception, fast talking and deals under the table.
The term civil service can refer to either a branch of governmental service in which individuals are employed (hired) on the basis of professional merit as proven by competitive examinations; or the body of employees in any government agency apart from the military, which is a separate extension of any national government.civil servant or public servant is a person in the public sector employed for a government department or agency. The extent of civil servants of a state as part of the "civil service" varies from country to country. In the United Kingdom, for instance, only Crown (national government) employees are referred to as civil servants whereas county or city employees are not.[....]
An international civil servant or international staff member is a civilian employee that is employed by an intergovernmental organization.[1] These international civil servants do not resort under any national legislation (from which they have immunity of jurisdiction) but are governed by an internal staff regulations. All disputes related to international civil service are brought before special tribunals created by these international organizations such as, for instance, the Administrative Tribunal of the ILO.Specific referral can be made to the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) of the United Nations, an independent expert body established by the United Nations General Assembly. Its mandate is to regulate and coordinate the conditions of service of staff in the United Nations common system, while promoting and maintaining high standards in the international civil service. [....]The civil service in the United Kingdom only includes Crown (i.e. central government) employees, not parliamentary employees or local government employees.Source
So Civil Servants are Central Government employees that have worked their way up through a departmental sector and have reached the pinnacle of their career. They have become adept at oiling the cogs and the quirky "pause and squeeze" as they shake the hand they just greased is more than likely reciprocated in true "Old boys network" style.
They have learned to keep their mouth shut if they don't like what they see (and if they do!) and they keep the Country going, behind the scenes.

Those Employed by ParliamentThe first category of public body is comprised of Parliament itself, and the bodies which report direct to Parliament, including the National Audit Office, the Parliamentary Ombudsman and the Electoral Commission. Constitutionally, employees of these bodies are not servants of the Crown and they are therefore not civil servants.
 Civil Servants 
The second category of public body is comprised mainly of those who work for Government departments which report to Ministers (who are of course always Parliamentarians).

If you are a new recruit, arriving on your first day, you will first meet support staff (or ‘administrative staff’) in reception areas, delivering papers, and so on. They also carry out routine casework and provide direct support for senior staff. They are very important, not only because nothing would function without them, but also because they see more clearly than anyone else what is going on. If you want to know whether a unit is well run, and provides a good service to its customers, you will generally get a better informed, and more honest, answer from support staff.Next up the chain are middle management (or ‘executive grades’). They help formulate and amend policy; deal with more difficult casework and help Ministers respond to letters from the public. A small number of them are in the ‘fast stream’ – serving a three to five year apprenticeship before being promoted to (what used to be called) Grade 7 and then into the Senior Civil Service. [...]
 What do these senior people do? They help Ministers and other officials deliver Ministers’ objectives, both by giving advice to Ministers and by implementing Ministers’ decisions. They need to be able to work closely and effectively with Ministers, with other Whitehall civil servants, with the wider civil service, with the private and voluntary sectors and with pressure groups. They operate more like a club than a hierarchical organisation – and that is simultaneously their great strength and their great weakness – a subject to which I return later.
The key grade is Grade 7. Grade 7s are expected to know all there is to know about their policy area, and to know all the key players, pressure groups and so on. In a well run department, you will find that senior officials listen very carefully to their Grade 7s, and tend to operate in a way which supports their Grade 7s, rather than vice versa. [...]
 There are around 3700 people in the Senior Civil Service (SCS), including many outside Whitehall, many specialists and many who first worked in other sectors. Indeed, the long term aim is to have around one-third of the SCS recruited from outside the civil service. SCS jobs vary hugely, but usually include one or more of the following:
  • agreeing strategic aims with Ministers, and communicating those aims to Grade 7s and others;
  • agreeing and providing the financial and human resources needed to achieve those aims;
  • deploying their greater knowledge and experience in support of Grade 7s;
  • trouble-shooting;
  • undertaking complex casework and project management, and
  • acting as a personal adviser to Ministers, of whom more below
The breadth of responsibilities increases with increasing grade, but it is seldom necessary for there to be a Grade 5 and a Grade 3 and a Grade 2 between the key Grade 7 and the Permanent Secretary/Head of Department. Most departments structure themselves so as to cut out one of these tiers (but not always the same one) in each management hierarchy.It is worth noting that the more senior officials are not necessarily more powerful. They have to rely on others both for information and for delivery, and they are often heavily constrained by (small p) political factors, including the independence of each Secretary of State, and hence the independence of each departmental senior management team. Other constraints on senior officials include the need to avoid annoying Ministers, and the club-like nature of senior officialdom. [...]

They advise the Ministers who then write the basics of a policy. This then gets passed back to the Civil Servant who fills in all the details whilst the Minister advises the Government on said policy (that's still being drafted). 

So essentially, the Civil Servants advise the Ministers, who advise the MP, who then advise the PM..... Please feel free to correct me if you feel my surmettre to be incorrect.
That makes, does it not, the "fat controller" the one that has occupied the same office for the past 20-30 years?

So why is nobody looking at these people?

Saturday 6 September 2014

Child Abuse Investigations In UK

In the light of the announcement of the new Head of the National Inquiry into how authorities handled the reporting of Child Abuse, I bring you the list of current ongoing investigations around the UK and ask, why does Thereasa May think the Lord Mayor of London appropriate to deal with this?
Fiona Woolf has knowledge of the Energy sector. She would have served better on the Fracking Inquiry rather than a delicate subject she knows nothing about.

An indepth look into CSA that will "possibly take up to two years."
Operation Pallial said maybe five years for an investigation into just North Wales.

How many more months before the Inquiry has working Terms of Reference in place?

Child abuse inquiries and investigations

Independent inquiry
The Government announced on 7 July 2014 an independent inquiry to investigate the way public bodies handled child sex abuse claims. Former judge, Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, who led the Cleveland child abuse inquiry in the late 1980s, was originally chosen to head the inquiry, but she stepped down following concerns about her family links. The new chairman has not yet been named. The inquiry is not expected to report before the 2015 general election.
Home Office review
NSPCC chief executive Peter Wanless is to lead a review into Home Office handling of historical child sex abuse allegations and the way police and prosecutors dealt with any information given to them. This follows a call from Labour MP Simon Danczukto explain why written allegations about powerful paedophiles - presented in the 1980s to Leon Brittan when he was home secretary - have since disappeared. A Home Office review last year of allegations concerning child abuse from 1979-99 resulted in four files, not previously disclosed, being passed to police. But the review found no evidence of specific allegations of abuse by prominent public figures.
Cyril Smith/Rochdale
Two investigations - by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and Rochdale Council. On 7 July 2014, GMP said it was considering widening its inquiry into claims of a cover-up involving paedophile abuse at Knowl View School, Rochdale, in the 1980s and 1990s. It said Rochdale Council had agreed to suspend its own inquiry while it considered how to proceed.
Savile NHS inquiry
It found Jimmy Savile sexually assaulted victims aged five to 75 between 1962 and 2009 in 28 hospitals, including Broadmoor and Leeds General Infirmary. Reports at several other hospitals, including Stoke Mandeville, have been delayed.
Dept for Education
Headed by human rights lawyer Lucy Scott-Moncrieff to look at allegations Savile abused children inschools and children's homes, from the 1960s to 1980s. Aims to report summer 2014.
Savile BBC inquiry
Dame Janet Smith is investigating whether culture and practice at the BBC enabled Savile to carry out abuse of children unchecked - due to report summer 2014.
Operation Yewtree
Police investigation into Savile and others. An investigation by the Metropolitan Police and NSPCC reported in January 2013 on allegations against Savile. Cases which emerged as a result of investigations into Savile, but were unconnected to him, included Max Clifford and Rolf Harris. Investigations into other suspects are continuing.
Operation Fairbank/
Operation Fairbank was a "scoping exercise" by the Met Police to establish whether there was sufficient evidence for a formal inquiry. Operation Fernbridge was subsequently launched in Feb 2013 to investigate allegations about a paedophile network linked to Parliament and Number 10 centred on Elm Guest House in south-west London.Operation Cayacos is investigating allegations of a paedophile ring linked to convicted paedophile Peter Righton.
Pallial inquiry
Investigating allegations of historical abuse between 1953-95 at children's homes in North Wales. Also Mrs Justice Macur appointed by PM to review the 2000 Waterhouse inquiry into North Wales abuse dating back to the 1970s.
Historical Institutional Abuse
(Northern Ireland)
Set up to establish if there were systemic failingsby institutions or the state in their duties towards children in their care between 1922-95.
Operation Garford, Suffolk
Investigating historical abuse allegations centred on Kesgrave Hall School from the 1970s to the 1990s. Results of the original investigation, carried out in 1992, are being reviewed. Suffolk police are carrying out two further, unconnected investigations into allegations of abuse at two other schools.
Jersey care inquiry
Investigating historical abuse claims in Jersey's care system from 1960 to present day, begins 22 

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Charges Against Napier

Got to love the CPS comments at the end. How could any info now put out possibly taint prosecution? We all Know he's guilty.

Charles Napier to face 21 charges of child sexual abuse

Baljit Ubhey, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London, said:
"We have carefully considered the evidence gathered by the Metropolitan Police Service in relation to allegations concerning Charles Napier, a teacher at the time of the alleged offending between 1968 and 1973.
“Having completed our review, we have concluded there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest for Mr Napier to be charged with 21 offences of indecent assault. These date from 1968 to 1973, and relate to 21 male complainants aged between eight and 13 at the time of the alleged offending and who were pupils at the school where he taught."
The charges are:
1.       One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 11 - 13 between 1968 and 1970
2.       One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 11 between 1969 and 1970
3.       One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 11 – 12 between 1969 and 1970
4.       One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 11 – 13 between 1969 and 1972
5.       One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 11 – 12 between 1969 and 1970
6.       One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 9 – 11 between 1970 to 1972
7.       One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 8 or 9 in 1970
8.       One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 9 – 11 between 1969 and 1972
9.       One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 9 or 10 between 1969 and 1970
10.   One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 10 to 13 between 1969 and 1972
11.   One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 13 in 1970
12.   One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 9 – 12 between 1969 and 1972
13.   One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 8 in 1971
14.   One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 11 – 13 between 1969 and 1972
15.   One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 8 or 9 – 12 between 1969 and 1972
16.   One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 8 – 9 between 1969 and 1970
17.   One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 11 – 13 between 1969 and 1971
18.   One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 10 – 13 between 1969 and 1972
19.   One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 12 in 1971
20.   One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 8 – 12 between 1969 and 1973
21.   One charge of indecent assault on a boy aged 8 between 1969 and 1970
Ms Ubhey said:
"The decision to prosecute has been taken in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors and Crown Prosecution Service legal guidance on rape and child sexual abuse. We have determined that there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction and that a prosecution is in the public interest.
"Mr Napier will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on 2 September 2014. 
"May I remind all concerned that Mr Napier has a right to a fair trial. It is extremely important that there should be no reporting, commentary or sharing of information online which could in any way prejudice these proceedings.”