Monday 29 December 2014

Research Results. Politics

Since the brutal West Yorkshire Police attack on my boyfriend and I on Thursday 11th December 2014, I have decided the only way to keep ourselves safe is to publish the results of my research myself, in full.
I was due to release it via a third party, but since my blog gains little interest anyway, I may as well get a jump on it all and claim first rights, 
especially as I am actually receiving no direct recognition via the third party for the work I have put in, just "et al".

Over the next couple of weeks I will be gradually releasing all the results of my research.
Each post is already written and set on a Scheduled release.

Using WebBrain software, and the last 2 years research, I have mapped out the connections from schools and homes across the UK to P.I.E members and other network-based abusers in most Countries worldwide. These abusers range from your average "John Doe" in the street up to politicians, royalty, film and music celebrities, and most importantly, the money behind it all.
I have tried to stick to known networks, although they did, in themselves lead to other organisations or individuals of key note.

As I get further into my notes, each section will be updated with new images, but not set as a new post.

Here goes............

Let the downfall begin!

Every is either a child abuser or an enabler.

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