Monday 20 May 2013

Another Brave Victim Speaks Out - Halifax

A brave, but anonymous victim left a comment on a post relating to Malcolm Osric Phillips and I felt their story needed sharing with the world.
This is the man that they are letting walk free, despite there having been mention of Indecent Exposure this year, when I was speaking with the CPS about him last week.

It was November 1983 when I was taken to Skircoat Lodge. 
My grandfather had died in the May and I went "out of control". I always played my grandparents and Dad up but if I had known what the future would hold for me I never would have be un ruly at home. 
Linda Brunning, Evil as they come. I lost count of the amount of times she would sit on the back of my kneck until the blood vessels in my face burst then I would be watched by her or Phillips while I had a bath. Humiliating doesn't cut it!! But what Phillips would go onto do to me was the most sickening and depraved act of violence. I was taken into care because I had been abused and was to give evidence at crown court against my abuser. 
My bad behaviour became unbearable for my family so Skircoat Lodge seemed to best option, in their eyes and my then social worker, Jackie Hanson. Phillips took away my dignity, self-respect and marked the beginning of the end for me emotionally and psychologically. 
Of course I ran away from Skircoat, I too was in the 6 bed dorm. Out the window and along skircoat into Halifax. Straight into the police station to report the rape. But I was called a liar, taken back to skircoat where phillips and the night officer were waiting. Need I say what my punishment was..NO!! That bastard ruined my life. 

I have never to this day been able to hold a steady relationship, abusive ones, yes, happy and stable, NO!!! 

In 1997 the police contacted me completely out of the blue about my time at Skircoat Lodge, It hit me like a bolt of lightening. I reluctantly agreed to talk to them. I had buried the memories of that god forsaken place firmly in the back of my mind. In the end I finally blurted out the words that Phillips had raped me. He was charged but then a few months down the line Maggie Fox, the police woman who visited me said there were discrepencies in my statement. 
WTF???? I know what happened to me, what phillips, brunning, wright, Shalders and all those other animals did to me. Sexually (Phillips) and physically but even in 1997 because I could not remember exact details I was accused of lying about phillips. 
The case against him raping me was dropped and again, I was accused of lying by the police. Yet all my explanations of his scent, his control, his habitual bullying was believed. 
My agreeing to talk to the police tore my relationship with my family apart. My own brother even gave evidence for the defense counsil of Phillips. un f*****g believable. 
My life is destroyed because of Skircoat Lodge and Calderdale social services and Phillips gets away with Raping and abusing me for over 18 months. Brunning will get her commupance one day and the only consolation for me is that Shalders is rotting in Hell, where he belongs and if he isn't already then I have the satisfaction of knowing that one day, sooner rather than later, Phillips, Brunning and Pam Wright, (Now Helliwell) will be heading for the same fate.

*Editor: Jackie Hanson is  name I remember from Social Services. She usually dealt with the youngest children who were in Skircoat Lodge, or faced with going into Residential Care. All the kids I can remember having her, were all under 8 yr old.  Although there may have been some older ones.


  1. I to am a victim of abuse by Andrew shalders pure animal
    can't pursue as my abuse was years ago and council denying liability something needs to be done I too had visit of police 1998 but didn't speak to them as I was on the run I also knew Phillips Pam Wright and fat brunning I've opened a page on my f2f profile for victims who resided in skircoat lodge 1978 to 1981

    1. Whilst I applaud anyone fighting against them, cutting off survivors after 1981 is extremely short sighted as it remained open until around 1998, if not 2000.


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