Monday 26 May 2014

DJ's Who Thought Themselves Untouchable

There was a famous broadcaster who once boasted about having a sexual encounter with an under age girl.

At the time, in the mid-Sixties, he was working for a popular radio station in Dallas, Texas. 

He later recounted how teenagers used to queue to offer themselves to the DJs. One of his “regulars” was a 13-year-old, although he tried to justify his behaviour by insisting that she looked older.

Eventually the presenter married a 15-year-old Texan girl before the US authorities took a dim view of his predatory antics and he fled home to the UK to make his name on BBC radio.

Sunday 25 May 2014

Paedophilic Apathy In Calderdale and Beyond

Over the last eighteen months, I have laid out how Malcolm Osric Phillips and Peter Righton and his Residential Child Care course mapped out the world of Residential Child Care, how Paedophile Information Exchange has been at the heart of Local and National Government and how the cover-up is still being perpetrated today despite the so-called "witch-hunts" across the UK.

I have laid out my efforts with West Yorkshire Police, in particular Halifax. The lengths I have had to go to in order to be allowed to make my statement and my heartache over the last few months after realising my original statement had never been Full. Let's face it, how could one possibly hope to charter 3 years of any lifetime in just 5 hours, let alone one filled with abuse.

Then there was the decision, by Halifax, to not pursue any of the claims laid by myself over the course of 5 hours.
Malcolm Phillips was to evade trafficking charges, Kenneth Prentice was to escape Rape charges and Calderdale were not to be held accountable for "Failure to Care".

This week I received a letter from my CICA solicitor informing me that Halifax Police had not received any report from me about abuse during my time in Care.

DfE Report, Childen In Care Research.

In March this year the Department for Education, in conjunction with Department for Health produced a series of Research reports.
This paper is one of a series of 15 which aims to: 

  •  promote the importance of robust quantitative evidence, in combination with other methods, to increase understanding of ‘what works’ in education and children’s services; 
  •  identify evidence gaps and promote discussion of them with the research community, practitioners and other stakeholders; 
  •  initiate collaboration with the research community, practitioners and other stakeholders to research these issues; and, 
  •  support work that helps understand and tackle the barriers to evidence based practice, including how to make evidence accessible to practitioners. 

The principles behind the department’s research strategy are inspired by Ben Goldacre’s vision in the Department for Education Analytical Review. In future, the development and use of evidence should be increasingly driven and owned by the research community, sector bodies and practitioners. 
The published suite of priority and question papers between them cover the department’s key areas of work and provides a coherent strategic context for the research community, sector bodies and practitioners as well as the department, to plan and prioritise research. The department will continue to commission research, informed by the published priority questions.

Friday 23 May 2014

Operation Screen Disclosure

Operation Screen Disclosure files. 
Refusal; FOI request.

Chris Brabs, director of Calderdale social services, said 250 of the 1,500 people who stayed at Skircoat Lodge, in Halifax, over the last 20 years had been questioned.

Now, please bear in mind.... that's 250 / 1,500 children - well what about the other 1,250 of us? Did we not matter once they had their wage packet?

Operation Screen ran from October 1997 to January 2002.
Well why did the Police tell me the CPS had sealed the files in 2001??

Who the Police officer was in charge and how many officers were on the operation
Chief Superintendent Musgrove led the enquiry until his retirement in September 1998 when
Detective Chief Superintendent Mclean took over. There were 10 Police officers in total
involved in the operation.

10 Officers? Wow..... so many.

Where this information is now kept, and in what form -physical or electronic
All physical papers have now been destroyed in line with Management of Police Information
(MOPI) Guidance 2010.

So they KNEW this was coming.


Tuesday 20 May 2014

Cardiff Teacher Sentenced, Azov Films

Gareth Williams' fate was sealed when he made the fatal decision to buy child pornography from a company based in Canada.
Two months before his arrest in January this year, Toronto Police revealed that since October 2010 they had been leading an international investigation known as Operation Spade that covered more than 50 countries.
The inquiry focused on a firm based in the city called Azov Films  which began distributing DVDs and streaming videos of naked children it marketed as "naturist" in 2005.
In May 2011 the home and office of Brian Way, the firm's owner, were raided, and he was arrested.
Police allege he instructed people around the world to create the videos of children ranging from five to 12 years of age.
They included naked boys from Germany, Romania and Ukraine. 

The Truth About Sex Crimes

Thanks Gojam

Monday 19 May 2014


I found a series of articles in the Halifax Courier that outlined the convictions of Malcolm Phillips and Andrew Shalders for crimes against children in their care at Skircoat Lodge.
Makes for an interesting read, methinks...

21st September 
A FORMER principal of a Calderdale children s home went on trial yesterday charged with 29 sex offences against young girls.Malcolm Osric Phillips (68), denied 24 offences of indecent assault, two offences of indecency with a child, two offences of rape and one of buggery.Bradford Crown Court heard that the offences, which involve 10 different complainants, are alleged to have taken place between 1978 and 1986 at Skircoat Lodge, Skircoat Green, Halifax.Mr Neil Davey QC, prosecuting, said: Our case is that Phillips had an improper sexual interest in young girls and he took advantage of his position as a trusted principal.Mr Davey said a review by Calderdale Council Social Services department was held in October 1997 but while it was under way, grave concerns were expressed about a member of staff at Skircoat Lodge.This led to a subsequent police investigation known as Operation Screen and Phillips s arrest. The girls he allegedly abused were aged between 12 and 18.*Detective Inspector John Barr of Calderdale Police was giving evidence today.

*No they were not. From my recollections, the girls he targeted were all prepubescent. 

Friday 16 May 2014

Residential Childcare Course, Peter Righton.

Here are the results of the people I can piece together who attended Peter Righton's course on Residential Child Care

Each one on the list is a known and convicted child abuser.
Each is known to have attended a course on Residential Childcare at some point throughout their career, or have had direct, extensive contact with Peter Righton.

Add to this the disturbing image that begins to emerge when you look at P.I.E

Mind mapping curtesy of