Sunday 27 December 2015

Floods in Britain

Slightly off topic, 

This morning, I woke up to a steady "Drip."
It got more insistent as I tried to ignore it and I became convinced it was in the room, but in the dark could not pinpoint it.

This morning when I finally dragged my sorry behind from my pit, I went to grab clothes discarded at the bottom of the bed to discover they were p*!$£d wet through. 
Automatically preparing to blame the dog or the boyfriend, I felt a drip on my head....
Rain falling from the light fitting in my ceiling and, looking up, the ceiling appeared somewhat bowed. The estate agent says Tuesday earliest. He better hope the ceiling doesn't collapse I guess.

Yet as Britain faces some of the worst flooding it has ever suffered, I can only say..... Nature takes care of it's own. Finds ways to wash away the scum, burn off the excess, trim the fat.
The more this Country encroaches into open land, the less Nature there is to hold back the onslaught of the seasons....
Let's face it, this Country has enough grime that needs swilling away.

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Peter Steen. Justice Fails

Having been on trial for 11 counts of violent crimes against children, not to even mention the cases which police decided were not "of merit" for court, Peter Steen was found Not Guilty on all counts.
Now look at the defence witness who purposely joined the support group on Facebook, thus putting himself open to direct interaction with prosecution witnesses - Contempt of Court.
Judge Parry, who, as a solicitor, represented most of the accused during the Waterhouse Inquiry - Insider info on events and prior knowledge of people. A Jury member would have to recuse themselves in similar circumstance.
Below is Daz Laverty's take on it
This man walked free from court on the judges orders today as the jury couldn’t reach a unanimous decision. Maybe they should  have read the publicly available Lost In Care Report. Everything below is taken from it. Justice? You having a laugh?
Peter Steen
The other main alleged physical abuser was Peter Steen, who has been named by 19 complainants.
Steen was about 36 years old when he joined the Community as a residential care worker at Bryn Alyn Hall.

Saturday 14 November 2015

Aston Hall Hospital, Derby.

Aston Hall Hospital, in Derby - owned by Nottingham City Council is another case about to come to the fore.

I would appeal to any survivors of Aston Hall to re-report abuses, and failings in previous investigations, to police and push now for answers.

The Nottingham CSA Action Group are working with survivors to support them as they come forward and prepare to make their statements to police.

A survivors support group can be found on Facebook

Calderdale Social Services

As a follow up to the protest rally we held in August, outside Northgate House in Halifax, a meeting has been arranged.
At 11am on Monday 16th November, I shall be attending with Russell Burton, a well known campaigner from Leeds, Stuart Smith and Jamiila Sims from social services, and Detective Chief Inspector Darren Minton from the police.
I will be raising the various concerns I have about past investigations and current staff issues, amongst other things.

If anyone wishes questions to be raised, please email me

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Request For Survivors, West Yorkshire

We need to get investigations moving in West Yorkshire.
We were treated as a trafficking "stagepost" by social services and other government authorities.
Survivors from all areas need to come forward and engage with the police and the Inquiry team, in an effort to stop the abuses carrying on with future generations.

193 Huddersfield Road, Halifax
Alloe Field View, Halifax
Beechcroft, Leeds
Brunswick Road, Bradford
Cousin Lane, Halifax
Dobroyd Castle, Todmorden
Eastmoor, Leeds
Fieldhead, Huddersfield
First Avenue, Bradford
Inglewood, Otley
Mixenden Old Hall, Halifax
Royds Edge, Huddersfield
Skircoat Lodge, Halifax
Thorpe Arch, Wetherby
Tong Park, Baildon
Westgarth, Elland
Whinmoor Children's Home. Leeds

to name but a few of the institutions needing further investigation.

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Breach Of Information

Ok, back at the start of the year, I had an email from somebody claiming to be an employee of Prospects for Young People (Steven Elliot - ex BA director) asking for any info I could give on Elliot.
They stated they wished to know as there was some "inappropriate expenditure" on his business credit card. 5* hotels in London and gay porn mostly.
I got them to give me the site names he had been looking at and ran a check on them.
Last month I received a phone call from Wrexham council, asking for any information I could give them on Prospects for Young People, Steven Elliot and his connections to BA.
Now for the bit you aint gonna like........
Wrexham council got my phone number from NSPCC. They were also given FULL details of all the abuse I suffered in care.
NSPCC are the ones handling the phone lines for the Independent Inquiry into CSA.
I had submitted the info regarding Prospects on a research/child protection basis, not as a survivor.
The abuse I suffered has no bearing on Elliots improper use of his business account.

Sunday 27 September 2015

IICSA Meets Nottingham Support Group

A report ran on itv that the "Goddard Inquiry" was to meet with a support group for survivors....

Now, I do know this view will be unpopular with some.....but......

Erm.... why does it take a group to get their attention? 
According to the email I received, all individuals have the right to present evidence to the inquiry. 
Next steps
If you would like to attend a private session or give a written statement, you will first need to
complete the short set of questions below:
● The name and address of the institution(s) where you suffered child sexual abuse
● Your age at the time the abuse began and ended
● The year the abuse began and ended
● Did anyone in authority know about the abuse that you suffered? If yes, was there anything
they could have done about it? If no, were any signs ignored by a person in authority?
● If you would like to share your experience, would you prefer to attend a private session or
complete a written statement?
If you choose to attend a private session, we will then be able to make contact you with and
arrange a suitable time for you to attend a private session. Please note that you may have to wait
until the your local Inquiry office is opened before you share your experience with us.

The people represented by the group, each have evidence in abundance to give the inquiry.
A support group, representing all of the survivors in the area will end up running out of time on any meeting and never getting everyone's point across to the panel. In my own, personal opinion, each individual survivor needs to be contacting the inquiry and putting their own case forward.
Yes, by all means, Unite for the protests and rallies, to raise awareness and support, but why let somebody go before the panel and do a half-assed job of putting your life forward?
Only You can convey the true effect it had upon your life. The true scale of the damage.
How can you expect one man to explain dozens of lives, impacts, consequential knock-on effects, in one - or even five sessions? And who are we to put so much evil knowledge in one innocent mind?

Sunday 13 September 2015

West Yorkshire Paedo Ring

So far, we have managed to determine a small paedophile ring, operating out of West Yorkshire between 1974 and 1998 was responsible for trafficking children to areas across the UK.
The map above shows the reach of the network.

Saturday 15 August 2015

Halifax Protest

Despite the rain, Friday 14th August saw a fantastic response to the protest outside Northgate House.
Larry Budd from Radio Leeds did a fantastic job with the interview I gave him in the run-up to the event.
Sally Simpson (itv) and John Cundy (BBC) braved the weather with us, as did a photographer from the Examiner in Huddersfield.

Sally Simpson ©Giblin

John Cundy ©Giblin

Around 50 protesters arrived from Nottingham, Redcar, Stockton-on-Tees, Manchester, and across Yorkshire to support the call for fresh investigations into the crimes committed by Malcolm Phillips and Rod Ryall.


Abuse in Dobroyd Castle, Todmorden 1973-1975 - Terence O'Hagan.
O'Hagan was found dead part way through his trial for crimes committed against boys in the borstal situated in the middle of the remote pennines. 

Abuse of children in care by Director of Social Services - 1974 - 1988 - Rod Ryall.
Ryall was convicted in 1988. Further trials have since failed, lastly in 2010 when a Judge instructed the Jury to find him Not Guilty on grounds of a prejudiced trial. 
 Rod Ryall

Establishment of a local paedophile ring. - 1974-2000 Rod Ryall, Malcolm Phillips, Andrew Shalders, Terence O'Hagan. 

Malcolm Phillips

Connections to abuse and abusers in Birmingham, Lancashire, London, Newcastle, North Wales, Nottingham, Scarborough, Paedophile Information Exchange, Rev Bennett and Jimmy Savile. Ryall worked closely with Peter Righton in Birmingham. All three, Phillips, Ryall and Shalders are believed to have sat Righton's residential childcare accreditation course.
Ryall was appointed Ass Director of Calderdale in '74 and Director in '85, despite having been questioned by the police and formally disciplined by Calderdale Council, for “inappropriate behaviour toward two young boys” in 1982.
He appointed Phillips as “Principal” of Skircoat Lodge Assessment Centre when it opened in 1976. 

Abuse in Skircoat Lodge Assessment Centre, Halifax 1976 - 1996 - Malcolm Phillips, Andrew Shalders, Linda Brunning, Pam Gibbons.
In 1985, Shalders was suspended after a Skircoat Lodge boy and four other former residents said he had sexually assaulted them. The case was dropped because of insufficient evidence and Shalders was reinstated.
Although Shalders was noted as having moved into Adult services in 1988, documents still show him as Education officer within Skircoat Lodge in 1990.
In 1994, an NSPCC report criticised Skircoat. It said “bathroom doors were missing locks, staff walked into children’s rooms unannounced, meals were eaten in silence and children and staff seemed dominated by Phillips”.
In 1995, a former resident accused Phillips of rape and the complaint was ignored. In 1996, as a result of the '94 inspection by NSPCC, Phillips was suspended and Skircoat Lodge was closed.
An investigation was launched a year later. 

Trafficking of children to other areas 1976-1996 - Malcolm Phillips.
It is believed 10 (ten) girls were sent to Bryn Alyn Community alone over the 18 years Phillips was in charge of placements. All were between ages 12-15, blonde haired, blue eyed. 

Harbouring a Wanted paedophile in a Children's Home - 1988 - Malcolm Phillips.
Rod Ryall was found hiding in Phillips' private flat at Skircoat Lodge when he was arrested in 1988. He was reportedly living there for two weeks prior to arrest. 

Abuse in Farfield, 192* Huddersfield Road, Halifax 1992 – Kenneth Prentice.
The postal address of this property was actually 193* Huddersfield Road, on the other side of the road and some distance away from it's supposed place.
Why it was listed in Council files as 192 is unknown. Malcolm Phillips' nephew, Kenneth Prentice was never prosecuted for the assaults he committed whilst working at the home. 

Staff from former abuse homes still working with children in Residential Care.
There have been reports of female staff members from Skircoat Lodge still working within residential childcare, under new, married names. 

Safeguarding policies provided by a Company established by a child abuser.
A Company Director from Shropshire is currently on trial for crimes against children under his care in 1980's, whilst he was working as residential staff.
The Company he helped establish, Signis Limited, is responsible for Safeguarding policy provision to over 200 boards in the UK including Social Services, Police, MoD, Roman Catholic Church, Schools. 

Child psychologist, Dr Patsy Chapman told Not to disclose mental health problems in any child in the care of Calderdale.
Despite the fact that records reflect no mental health issues, children in care were routinely sectioned or sent to child mental facilities in other boroughs. Dr Chapman is now dead, but the children she failed still suffer. Many still do not get the Mental Health support they need. 

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Rantzen strikes again!

First she brought us childline.
As we all know, it was reported as the key for many paedophiles to pick up the kids who were running away from being abused in the system.
So now we have SILVERLINE a free phone in system set up by Ester Rantzen. 
What better way to find out from the elderly do you own properties ask of their health who the next of kin is and yes, gate keeping for the millions of pounds in the elderlies homes then along comes the social workers put the elderly in a home and take their property to pay the councils and the private care homes and gone is the inheritance for the family."

Monday 10 August 2015

Subliminal Normalisation.

Ok, bit of a controversial viewpoint, but.....

In the current "child abuser around every corner" climate, we are seriously in danger of over-shadowing our children's very childhood with fear and suspicion.

Even a seemingly innocuous advert on TV can be construed in so many seedy ways, each totally out of context to the advertisers intent.

For example, I saw on tv this evening, an advert for Johnson's baby bath - or rather, I heard half the ad.
I should have been gobsmacked to hear a "silky, sultry voice" declaring that it was "bathtime is more than cleansing and moisturising [...} your touch stimulate's her senses..."
But I was not.

Every way we turn they are hammering down the door to let the paedo's in.

Every single day, normalisation of paedophilia is drip-fed into each and every mind within the Earth's population.

When will people wake up and tell the "powers that should never have been" that we will no longer accept them either "screwing us over" nor fking our kids!!!!!
Their disgusting, corrupt, unnatural acts are not welcome within civilised society, 60 years ago or now!


Saturday 25 July 2015

14th August 2015, Halifax

12 noon, I will be joined outside Northgate House in Halifax by some of the finest people in the land.
Those who want to get Justice for the crimes inflicted upon children by abusive "carers" and Social Services, and expose the truth that Nothing has changed, if anything the problem is growing.

With the ever enthusiastic Mickey Summers due to attend, the day should be eventful to say the least!

More info

Sunday 19 July 2015

Thursday 16 July 2015

R.I.P Haydn "Superman" Burton

 Haydn ‘Superman’ Burton is currently in Winchester Prison for daring to protest outside his MP’s (Steve Brine) constituency office in Winchester. Police have accused him of breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order by protesting.

It is with heavy heart I bring you the sad news that Haydn, child abuse and Father's Rights campaigner, was found hanged in his cell at HMP Winchester  yesterday morning.
He was declared clinically dead although remains on life support whilst his family come to terms with events.
He had been determined to continue the fight upon his release from prison.
I'm sorry to say, Haydn's life support was switched off approx an hour ago.
Thoughts are with his family and loved ones.

Friday 10 July 2015

People's Internet Radio, 7pm

Tonight, I will be joining Andy Young on his network debut session on PiR.

His series The Enemy Within is a series of shows exposing the depth and breadth of crimes being committed by those in positions of power !!!!

Tonight will be Child Abuse 101 with myself and then an illegal house seizure in Sunnybrow, County Durham with Truth Machine.

The show will be live 7pm til 9pm with a podcast to follow.

Thursday 9 July 2015

G4S - Now In Child Care.

A decision by councillors to refuse plans for a residential house to be changed into a children’s home has been overturned.

G4S Children’s Services had applied for a change of use for 34 Hatton Avenue in Wellingborough from a dwelling house to a children’s home.
But the application was refused unanimously by Wellingborough Council’s planning committee last October.
An appeal was lodged by G4S against the result, which has since been allowed and planning permission has now been granted.
The report by Thomas Shields, an inspector for The Planning Inspectorate, said: “I have had regard to the strength of local opposition to the proposal, including a petition, and a letter from the local MP, but consider this does not justify the dismissal of the appeal given that I have identified it would not result in any demonstrable harm.
“None of the other matters raised, either individually or collectively, are of such significance that they would outweigh my conclusions on the main issues.”
The property is a three-storey detached house on a corner plot at the junction of Hatton Avenue with Hatton Park Road.
The change of use application is for a children’s home for up to five children aged between 10 and 17-years-old with 24-hour care provision by staff.
Children living at the house could require care for various reasons, including ill health of parents, problems with families, in the care of the local authority or subject to a court or interim care order, or foster placement breakdown.
Mr Shields said he felt that ‘the proposed development would provide an appropriate community service in the form of a care home for children who are in need of such care.’
But following the appeal decision, Cllr Peter Morrall, chairman of the planning committee, said: “We’re obviously very disappointed with the decision.
“The planning inspector hasn’t taken into account local people’s opinions.
“We will continue to consider every planning application on its own merit and make the decisions that we believe are right for our borough.”
Concerns had been raised by residents in the area ahead of the original decision to refuse it, with more than 100 letters of objection and an 800-name petition calling for the plans to be refused.
Residents’ fears included adversely changing the neighbourhood, increased noise, anti-social behaviour, increased crime and vandalism, increased traffic and the proposal would ‘dilute unique residential character.’

Saturday 4 July 2015

London CSA Rally 27th June

Fantastic day was had by all curtesy of Chris Wittwer and hosted by the lovely Chris Tuck

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Operation Pallial, 5 Convictions

A former Metropolitan police officer has been found guilty of historic sex offences in North Wales.
At the end of a two month trial at Mold Crown Court, a jury considering the cases of seven defendants charged with sex abuse in the Wrexham area in the 1970s and 80s have returned with a further verdict.
Former police officer Julian Huxley, 70, who at the time worked as a civil servant at Wrexham Barracks, has been convicted of two charges of indecent assault on the main complainant, by a 10 to two majority.
The case against him has been adjourned for sentence.
Jury members have now been sent home for an eighth time and will return tomorrow (July 1) in respect of the final defendant Keith Stokes, 62, a former haulier and abattoir manager, from Quarry Hill in Farndon, Chester.
Stokes has already been found not guilty of one charge of indecency with a child.
He faces three charges of indecent assault, one charge of buggery and one charge of attempted buggery.
Yesterday (June 29) the jury found defendant Neil Phoenix, 63, of Windsor Road, New Broughton, Wrexham , guilty of the one charge he faced, indecent assault on a boy at the home of Gary Cooke, who was alleged to have been at the centre of a paedophile ring in the 1980s.
The men were arrested as part of Operation Pallial , a National Crime Agency investigation into allegations of historic sexual abuse.

Sunday 14 June 2015

Attacked - Updated

On Wednesday of this week, I was bitten on the leg by a Corgi - type dog.

Have you all finished sniggering about the irony now? Yes, child abuse campaigner bitten by the same breed of dog preferred by a family of child abusers.

Just to update people, the police have now taken my statement and finally - 5 days after the incident, taken pictures of my injuries.

This story was kindly featured on UK Column and is to be published in Monday's Examiner.

I was out walking my lurcher, Spencer when he was attacked by a Corgi - on a lead, with it's owner.
I had to separate the dogs and, whilst I was checking my dog for injuries, it snuck behind and bit into my leg.
The owner of the dog - knowing his dog had bitten me - just walked off.

This picture was taken the day after.

The bruising has spread a Lot and the puncture marks are now infected.
The GP put me on medication to solve the infection and the Police have been contacted.

UPDATE: CPS have decided to Not prosecute this case as he claims it was my Whippet cross Collie that bit me, not his Shiba Itu (mini Akita).
Police (without looking at my own dog's jaw line, have said they cannot prove which dog bit me.

Melanie Shaw

Finally there has been contact with Melanie Shaw

Also Wendy Hirst was able to visit her yesterday at the prison.

Monday 1 June 2015

NCCL Staff During P.I.E Affiliation



Harriet Harman
Paedophile Information Exchange allegations and response
On 24 February 2014, Harman denied allegations that she had supported Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) when the advocacy group was affiliated with the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), while she was the pressure group's Legal Officer from 1978 to 1982. The Conservative-leaning Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph claimed that Jack Dromey MP (her partner) and former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt were apologists for the sexual abuse of children while they were working for NCCL
Both newspapers demanded that Ed Miliband the Labour leader address the issue as a matter of urgency, Miliband backed Harman and stated that she had "huge decency and integrity". Harman stated that while she did support the equalisation of the age of consent for gay men she had never campaigned for the age of consent to go below the age of 16. Shami Chakrabarti, the director of Liberty (previously the NCCL), issued an apology about the links between the NCCL and the PIE. In December 2013, she said: "It is a source of continuing disgust and horror that even the NCCL had to expel paedophiles from its ranks in 1983 after infiltration at some point in the 70s."[65][66]
On 25 February 2014, Harman addressed the central questions British newspapers alleged she had avoided by saying she expressed "regret" for the involvement of the NCCL with the paedophilia campaign run by PIE; however, a number of papers continue to press Harman on her and others involvement due to the fact Harman had denied any connection only a few hours earlier.
On 28 February 2014 the British Prime Minister David Cameron urged Harman to apologise saying "while Miss Hewitt has offered a frank admission that she "got it wrong" over the links with PIE and apologised Miss Harman has repeatedly refused to make a similar apology instead insisting that she "has nothing to apologise for."
NCCL legal officer 1978-82. Labour MP since 1982. Deputy Labour leader

Lord Adrian Fulford

Anna Coote
NCCL executive member. Now head of social policy at the New Economics Foundation
Ben Whitaker
NCCL executive member. Had been a Labour MP and awarded the CBE in 2000

 Bernard Dix
NCCL executive member. Became a senior figure in the National Union of Public Employees (NUPE)
Geoffrey Robertson
NCCL executive member 1974. Human rights lawyer, acted for Julian Assange

Henry Hodge
NCCL chairman 1974-76. Became a Labour councillor and High Court judge
Howard Levenson
NCCL legal officer 1974-77. He became a senior appeals judge and a university law lecturer

Ivan Geffen
NCCL executive member. Left-wing lawyer. Stood as a Labour candidate MP, but lost election
Jack Dromey
NCCL executive member 1970-79. Labour MP and shadow police minister.
Jeremy McBride
NCCL executive member. Now a lawyer practising at the European Court Of Human Rights

 Jo Richardson
NCCL executive member. Became Labour MP for Barking and joined ruling NEC

Larry Grant
NCCL chairman 1980.  Later worked as an adjudicator for immigration appeal cases.

Marie Staunton
Spoke out defending the affiliation
 ‘Unless something is unlawful, people should not be prosecuted for the opinions they hold. The NCCL is campaigning to lower the age of consent to 14. An affiliate group like the Paedophile Information Exchange would agree with our policy. That does not mean it’s a mutual thing and we have to agree with theirs.’
Like so many others in this saga, Ms Staunton — now a CBE — has gone on to have an elevated public career, enjoying spells as the British director of Amnesty International and deputy director of Unicef in the UK, and head of the international charity Plan International. She is now chair of the overseas  environmental charity Raleigh International.

Nettie Pollard
Invited p.i.e to join NCCL in 1975

Patricia Hewett
NCCL general secretary 1974-83. Former Labour MP and Minister for Women
Paul Boateng
NCCL executive member. Former MP, Treasury minister and High Commissioner in South Africa. Now a Labour peer

 Peter Thornton
NCCL chairman 1981-1983. Senior circuit judge and Chief Coroner for England and Wales

 Rev. Malcolm Johnson

Sue Slipman
NCCL executive member. Led single parent pressure group and is now NHS quango boss

 Tess Gill
NCCL vice-chair 1976. Became legal officer of the GMB union. Now a barrister

 Thomas O'Carroll
So Tom O’Carroll was invited to address an NCCL conference, and sat on an NCCL gay rights sub-committee alongside Nettie Pollard. When O’Carroll was finally arrested in 1981 — and later convicted — for conspiring to corrupt public morals, the NCCL expressed its outrage at the ‘deplorable nature of the conspiracy charge used by the prosecution’, to quote the words of Patricia Hewitt at the time.

 Tony Smythe
NCCL general secretary. He later ran the mental health charity MIND

 William Birtles
NCCL chairman. High Court judge, the husband of Patricia Hewitt

Friday 22 May 2015

Sex Crime Stats 2010/11

Crime statistics on sex offences
  • 17,727 sexual crimes against children under 16 were recorded in England and Wales in 2010/11.
  • 32% of all sexual crimes (54,982 sexual crimes in total) recorded in England and Wales in 2010/11 were sexual crimes against children under 16.
  • In 2010/11 the police in England and Wales recorded: 
  • 5,115 offences of rape of a female child under 16
  • 918 offences of rape of a male child under 16
  • 4,301 offences of sexual assault on a female child under 13
  • 1,125 offences of sexual assault on a male child under 13
  • 5,806 offences of sexual activity involving a child under 16
  • 152 offences of abuse of children through prostitution and pornography
  • 310 offences of sexual grooming.
  • In 2010/11 the police in England and Wales also recorded 146 offences of abuse of a position of trust involving a child under 18.
  • More than one third (38%) of all rapes recorded by the police in England and Wales in 2010/11 were committed against children under 16 years of age.
From: Chaplin, Rupert, Faltley, John and Smith, Kevin (eds.) (2011) Table 2.04.  In: Crime in England and Wales 2010/11: findings from the British Crime Survey and police recorded crime (PDF). London: National Statistics. p.43.

  • Police recorded over 23,000 sex offences against children aged under 18 years in England and Wales between April 2010 and March 2011.
From: Information obtained by NSPCC from all 43 police forces in England and Wales under the Freedom of Information Act. See: NSPCC (2012) Figures obtained by the NSPCC reveal sixty child sex offences a day. NSPCC press release 4 April 2012. London: NSPCC.
Around 21% of girls and 11% of boys experience some form of child sexual abuse. 23% of women and 3% of men experience sexual assault as an adult. 5% of women and 0.4% of men experience rape. (Cross Government Action Plan on Sexual Violence and Abuse Sexual-violence-action-plan)

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Save The Children and P.I.E

Page 5 of P.I.E newsletter September 1975, Save the Children placed an ad within the publication.