Sunday 14 June 2015

Attacked - Updated

On Wednesday of this week, I was bitten on the leg by a Corgi - type dog.

Have you all finished sniggering about the irony now? Yes, child abuse campaigner bitten by the same breed of dog preferred by a family of child abusers.

Just to update people, the police have now taken my statement and finally - 5 days after the incident, taken pictures of my injuries.

This story was kindly featured on UK Column and is to be published in Monday's Examiner.

I was out walking my lurcher, Spencer when he was attacked by a Corgi - on a lead, with it's owner.
I had to separate the dogs and, whilst I was checking my dog for injuries, it snuck behind and bit into my leg.
The owner of the dog - knowing his dog had bitten me - just walked off.

This picture was taken the day after.

The bruising has spread a Lot and the puncture marks are now infected.
The GP put me on medication to solve the infection and the Police have been contacted.

UPDATE: CPS have decided to Not prosecute this case as he claims it was my Whippet cross Collie that bit me, not his Shiba Itu (mini Akita).
Police (without looking at my own dog's jaw line, have said they cannot prove which dog bit me.

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