Thursday 28 February 2013

Lord Mayor gets slap on wrist for "sexy" child comments

'A Lord Mayor who allegedly told a schoolgirl she was 'sexy'  has escaped with a mere slap on the wrist.
Alan Armitage, Lord Mayor at Oxford City Council, was said to have made the inappropriate comment to the young girl during an official engagement last year.
The girl, who was a member of an under-13s sports team, met Mr Armitage at an awards evening where he told her: 'It's sexy when you bend over like that'.'

Wednesday 27 February 2013

"New" documents identifying P.I.E members

Found this today. The 11 pages in the pdf are typed, and appear to be genuine.
Several names already in circulation are cited, along with their outcomes re: the law. This leads me to believe the other names on the list could well be provable with some digging, which i'll crack on with tomorrow.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Cotsbrook Hall, The TRUTH

Within the Waterhouse report can be found the following extract:

Expansion of the Bryn Alyn Community
4.23 The first two additional properties acquired by the Bryn Alyn Community were outside Clwyd. Marton's Camp, near Bunbury in Cheshire, was bought in or about 1976 and retained for about two years only as a residential school, providing also `outward bound' facilities, for up to 40 children between 11 and 16 years. At about the same time Cotsbrook Hall, Higford, (near Shifnal) in Shropshire was purchased with the intention that it should be a similar school to Bryn Alyn Hall, catering for 20 (later 40) children, again in the age range 11 to 16 years. In or about 1976 also premises in Poyser Street, Wrexham, were purchased to provide some classroom or play facilities and a gymnasium; but the use of the premises was changed quite soon to a film and theatre studio.

This was Waterhouse's findings and should be regarded as part of, as it obviously was, Bryn Alyn Community.

Operation Pallial. reformed impressions.

Despite my previous positive comments in regard to Operation Pallial, I have to say todays visit from them left me somewhat dismayed at the whole approach of the investigation.
The two officers that visited my home had no idea about the structure or running of Bryn Alyn Community. Absolutely no idea that Bryn Alyn Community owned properties outside North Wales, including Cotsbrook Hall.
They admitted none of their immediate team had even read the Waterhouse Report. When pushed as to why, one said.... Have you seen the size of it?

The remit of Operation Pallial is to take statements. They have no pre-conceived information regarding any prior investigation or Inquiry.

WTF is the point of that??

Macur review Cotsbrook Hall status

I contacted the Macur team today to raise the issue of Cotsbrook Hall directly.
I informed them of the difficulties ex-residents were facing when trying to make a complaint against staff embers from Cotsbrook Hall to Operation Pallial.
As it stands at the moment, Cotsbrook Hall is not classified under Operation Pallial because it is in Telford. This is despite the fact it was one of many homes owned and run by Bryn Alyn Community.
I advised Justice Macur that a lot of victims were discouraged or prevented from coming forward because of the strict geographical and investigatory boundaries.

They thanked me for the feedback and agreed it would be discussed as a matter of urgency.

Monday 25 February 2013

Cotsbrook Hall

This home, owned by and operated under the flag of Bryn Alyn Community, is considered to not be part of Operation Pallial, because it's in Telford.
All children abused in care, under the Bryn Allyn Community, at Cotsbrook Hall have had to pluck up the courage to pick up the phone and ring Operation Pallial to make their complaint, to be told.....sorry mate, not our job, you want Operation Yewtree - Jimmy Savile and others. That was Telford, we're North Wales only.
I have had several emails asking.... where do I go from here

Sunday 24 February 2013

Child snuff films made in UK

In 1990 the Home Office were made aware of the the multi-million pound trade in child snuff videos. Video's were being made in the UK  using children stolen from children's homes. 

These vile video's were being distributed through  the paedophile networks. Notably a prominent  distribution centre was in Bangor North Wales. 

What action did the police take?  Decades later we need  full disclosure from  MI5 the police and parliament about  what they knew.

The "all boys" club

Geoffrey Dickens MP speaking in the House of Commons
From Hansard
date (around 1990? will check)
'Jobs For The Boys' Could Be Failing Families
"I am gravely concerned about jobs for the boys in social services. People throughout the country have fallen down on the job, but have been moved to other authorities, sometimes with grave results. It has happened at every level and goes right to the top. If a director shows lack of management skills and is criticised by his board he is unlikely to secure a directorship of an identical company, yet in social services potential problems are laundered between local authorities.
I can give many examples, such as the former assistant director of the London borough of Brent, who is now the director of the London borough of Southwark. He was criticised in the Jasmine Beckford tragedy, and now a child has died in Southwark. I cannot go further because a court case is pending and it is sub judice, but I report that as a fact.
This week, Manchester city council appointed the former director of Cleveland social services, who was criticised by the Cleveland inquiry, and deep concern has been expressed in Manchester. I want to lay down that marker because it is causing people concern and the position must be watched."

Friday 22 February 2013

Paedo Politicians. who, what and where

Started this map in February 2013, to look at the placement of paedophile politicians.
At that point there were 112 names on the list. Wonder how many more since?

The guys over at UK paedos exposed have been hard at work.
They have gathered a list of all 112 Political Party members and local elected Officials that have been convicted.
They have full background on each of the convictions, so I thought I'd build them a map.
Coz I'm nice like that....

Must remember to tell my shrink about this map thing I seem to have developed.... lol

A Call for Abdication

The current reigning monarch has, for many years shown poor judgement at the very least both in her choices of cabinet/government and the honours list.

Scores of names from her time as Queen have since been named and shamed.

I hereby call for her immediate abdication on the grounds she is not mentally fit for duty as proven by her own actions.
I also call for the immediate abdication of the direct heir to the throne Charles due to his involvement whatever they claim to have been doing in such proximity to this vile wickedness, along with his wife and children.

if we Must have a royal, let the boy do it. I’m sure its 2nd nature for a toff to pronounce such a declaration as “Let the boy do it!”
who knows, maybe william wont have been diddled, maybe he will be repulsed by the very thought of it all, sickened at the mere mention of the possibility….. although lets not forget, dennis grain (ref: Greystone Heath) was a teacher at eton during william’ attendance there.
She has final say on every Minister that sits in Govt and has to agree and accept each change of Prime Minister. She Can choose to say...." No, fk orf, one doesn't want that nonce c*nt running one's Country!"
Below are just some of the many honours she has bestowed upon the guilty.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

One crucial piece of evidence overlooked

One crucial piece of evidence was overlooked, obscured, hidden if you so please as to follow theorists, nay, realists down certain pathways as you seek the truth.
During my time at Gatewen Hall - 1990-1991, I conceived and gave birth to, a healthy baby boy whom I named David.
My son was the result of rape by a member of  "care staff". I left Bryn Alyn Community approx 13months after joining them, with a newborn baby boy in my arms. This was approximately 1 month before all the Inquiries and Investigations into the ongoings of John Ernest Allen started rolling in.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Private Run Homes pt3

In 2012 a report was written, looking at the most dangerous areas of the Country for a child to be placed into care.

‘The casual nature of the exploitation is quite chilling. The stories that children and young people tell us are truly horrific.’ Labour MP Ann Coffey, head of a parliamentary inquiry into children who go missing from care, said: ‘A staggering 46 per cent of children living in children’s homes are placed in homes miles from their hometowns, often in private children’s homes in rundown areas, and sometimes in the same streets as ex-prisoners and paedophiles.
‘Failure to take action will lead  to more horrific Rochdale cases.’

Monday 18 February 2013

Private Run Homes

I have since discovered this group of homes shared Directors with Clifford House Limited in Coventry.
Clifford House in turn shared Directors with Tri-X Childcare Limited, a company which advises over 200 safeguarding teams in the UK on policy and procedure.
These teams include Local Authorities, Police, MoD, Churches.

One Director of Tri-X Childcare Limited had to resign in December 2014 as his trial for abuses against children in Wisteria Lodge was due to commence.

Private-run Children's Homes....

Homes alone: Firms sending kids hundreds of miles from their friends and families to cheaper children's homes.

The companies are breaking guidelines by placing kids in homes in the North West, Kent and parts of the West Midlands, where costs are lower.

Private firms are moving ­vulnerable children to care homes hundreds of miles from their ­families to boost profits.
The companies are breaking guidelines by placing kids in homes in the North West, Kent and parts of the West Midlands, where costs are lower.
Young girls sent miles from home are particularly vulnerable to sexual grooming. In the past five years, there have been more than 600 cases of children in care homes being sold for sex.

Saturday 16 February 2013

Waterhouse Report, in full

Waterhouse report, Lost in care.

Hesley Group Ltd and Terry Hoskin

Further digging into Peter Righton unearthed another worrying nugget of info.....

In 1982 Terry Hoskin started working at and, was appointed Head of Hesley Hall. An approved school in Tickhill near Doncaster.
Within 3 years of joining the company, he was promoted to the Head of all 6 privately run, secure schools within the area.

The sheer Scale of Child Sexual Abuse in Britain

Reading through some old articles whilst tracking Dennis Grains movements - a crony of Peter Righton - I came cross an article by Nick Davies The sheer scale of child sexual abuse in britain

Published in 1998, it certainly hits home..... and shockingly, although I'm sad to say, not suprisingly..... 15 years on, nothing has changed.

Friday 15 February 2013

Video archives

Wales this Week Documentary pt 1

Peter Righton nonce network

I have also started to track the movements of Peter Righton, along with those that came into contact with him and his P.I.E cronies.
On this map I have detailed who from that network was at each place, and the job position they held at the time, if known. The intention of this map is to highlight how influential the network was within local Authorities and the placing of vulnerable children into, for the most part, privately run Institutions.
Updated a few more places and names. Added a few interesting points to some entries.

View Righton network in a larger map

Thursday 14 February 2013

Reply to Macur Review

Subject: Summary of evidence
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 10:16:16 +0000

Were the terms of reference for the Waterhouse Inquiry sufficiently wide to address all matters of legitimate public interest and/or disquiet concerning allegations of continuing abuse of children in care and the nature of child care procedures and practice in North Wales?

No. Cotsbrook was, for the most part and, still is, disregarded as part of the Bryn Alyn Community. Just because it is/was in Telford didn't mean it was separate from the abusive "carers" in charge.
Whilst it was acknowledged in the Waterhouse report that control had passed from Bryn Alyn Community to Prospects for young People and, that the man in charge of the home remained in place, no investigation was apparent as to why the children's home formerly known as Pentre Saeson Hall changed Company ownership overnight, nor where the funding had been sourced.
Neither was it explained why Bryn Alyn Community and Prospects for young People were Both registered as running and maintaining a Children's Home within the same property, at the same time and, continued to do so for approximately one year.
A pre-school nursery was allowed to operate for at least 13 years, within the old prefabricated buildings that had acted as School rooms for the Community. This was operated under the Company flag of Alyn Holdings and registered at Bryn Alyn Hall, along with a further eleven Companies in total. Some of which operate within the property sectors and some under Residential Care of Vulnerable Children.
All of these Companies are funded and influenced by Kenneth John White (referred to as White junior within the Waterhouse report).
Bryn Alyn Hall itself is currently listed as an Hotel, although it took 15 minutes at the property to discover it was actually the permanent residential address for Kenneth John White and his family. It took a further 5 minutes to discover the property had reverted to his father Kenneth Henry White upon John Allen's resignation in 1996, in lieu of Allen's personal debts to the Company.

K White junior then inherited the Hall, all external buildings and outhouses, along with 50 acres of land and private woods, upon K White seniors death in 1997.

Monday 11 February 2013


Did my video interview on Friday 8th Feb.
51/2 hours left me completely drained.
random bouts of tears all weekend.
hope the pain lessens soon.