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Bryn Alyn Community. Some missing pieces Updated 16/11/13

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Below is the original

Kenneth White's and David Russell Evans.


  • 70's - Bryn Alyn Community established, with ken white sr as financial and david evans as secretarty
  • 70's - dr kedney and dr roberts are attached to the Community from their local practise in wrexham (just round corner from trevor street)
  • 80's - ken white and david evans accused of physical and indecent assault respectively. both take non-residential care positions to avoid investigation. - fact as stated by Waterhouse.
  • 80's - lynn williams accused of sexual impropriety with a resident of another children's home. 
  • 80's / 90's - stephen elliot and ken white jr make directors.
  • 90's - police investigation starts in june 91
  • 90's - medical records start to vanish for residents
  • 90-91 - lynn williams pressures 4 girls at to have abortions and fails with 5th girl, before mutually agreed resignation.
  • 91 - paul eccles replaced lynn williams as deputy of gatewen hall
  • 91 - ken white replaced paul eccles as deputy of gatewen hall - back to residential care!
  • 95 - John Allen signs over Co. and shares and BA to ken white sr for money, car, house and villa
  • 95 - kedney keeps the yatch
  • 95 - pentre saeson reverts to ken white sr in lieu of pension
  • 96 - pentre saeson became prospects for young people - mentally ill children 8-21 -under stephen elliot (after bersham hall) cant find bill of sale for pentre saeson.
  • 97 - Bryn Alyn Hall finally closed
  • 97 - ken white junior inherited the lot when ken white senior died.
  • 97 - prospects opened a home in chester run by ken white jr
  • 97 - oasis care ltd is set up by david evans and ken white - social work with residential. mentally disabled 8-21 yr old, and elderly.
  • 98 - ken white and david evans open a nursery on BA land
  • 2012 - nursery closes.

ken white lives, with his wife, in bryn alyn hall, which is registered as an Hotel under Alyn Lodge ltd - hotels and other accomodation.

there are a total of 9 companies registered at alyn lodge, ponte y capel lane, gresford, as well as several more offsite.

david evans is a registered director of 14 actively trading companies at thee moment, half of which are registered at the Hall

ken white jr is a director of 8 companies - 7 trading at the moment. all registered at the Hall
Bryn Alyn Hall 25th November 2012 ©Snifferdog Publishing

circumstance? or dodgy?

prospects school which is in pentre saeson offers mechanics on the curriculem - david evans owns legacy service station (rhos) ltd - maintenance and repair of motor vehicles.
they also offer horse riding - ken white has 10 - 15 horses on the 50 acres attached to bryn alyn.

dodgy as hell!

prospects house the children across wrexham in 10 houses, a total of 27 beds.
so thats 2-3 kids per house. that to me sounds like unvetted foster parents.

I have taken the measure of posting all this as the police still have not got the information from my hard drive which they seized several weeks ago. 

See North Wales Abuse Uncovered for the Waterhouse Inquiry

I went back to Bryn Alyn Hall on Saturday 20th April and saw a single storey building in the process of being renovated.
My recollection of this building is that it contained the woodwork room and another couple of classrooms.
As we walked around the outside of the building, I could see paperwork in the windows, both loose sheets and files/folders.
The building looked as though it had been out of use since Bryn Alyn shut in 1997.
As we walked further across the driveway and round towards what is signposted as "Alyn Lodge" I noticed a distinct lack of horse.
What had been 10-15 horses in November was down to a meager 2, despite the warm weather.
Further round towards the footpath down to Wilderness, I noticed a lot of fencing was being replaced and a huge bonfire had been built, burned and was again in construction, as wheelbarrows of rubble and paperwork from the building were being dragged across the drainage ditches.



  1. We are a firm of soliciotrs helping a number of victims of abuse. we would welcome contact from any people who may be able to provide witness evidence etc.
    HBJW Law LLP

    01633 262848

  2. Kaz, The picture is the old school, I had to clean it enough !!!!!! lindafarn i think it was !!

  3. yes, i know it is mate, ty :)

  4. Check Elliott

  5. Stephen Elliot Covered for john Allen

  6. I have evidence of far reaching implications for high profile figures.Evidence which people attempted to destroy in a arson attack at a Chester storage depot.

  7. the picture is lindisfane i was living there

    1. They control kids minds... To do thing's unthinkable... PROSPECTS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE children homes in the Wrexham area...

    2. I know some of the history of Prospects but any further info can only help prove what I believe, that the Co. is the next generation of Bryn Alyn.

  8. what people know about Dave Cooke and Adrian Jarvis.

  9. i was at Bryn Tirion in 82 until 84. i have not got over it, my life is fucked up as much as my head,, my first day started in Newcastle upon tyne, hours later i was at a hotel with my social worker and eating fish and chips mushy peas with john allen, i needed the toilet and asked to go, i had held it in from Newcastle, i couldnt eat because of it, i got to the toilet and just started to pee and Allen walked in, he stood over me pulled his out and just turned to me and pulled me round so i was faceing him, that is all i need to say you can fill the rest in... my head is fucked and that was just day one,, it happened to us at Bryn Tirion but at the times of holidays like summer xmass if you had no place to go,, well just say had no one, you had to hide when they made you go on raids to other homes in the van, yes to kidnap each other,,there was a list if you had the list you had to bungle people under blankets and put them in the van, all the power in the homes were cut off to make it like a game,,but we knew what was going on, they took us to his house put them and us together in his cellar, the one where he kept all the food stores,, turned the lights out left us there. we thought whats going on, then some hours passed we realized it was there way of keeping us away from the kids that they rely wanted.. now dont get me wrong playing pirates is no fun when you are a lost boy,, peter pan fuck no CAPTAIN J ALLEN was the master bates dirty cunt,, sorry for that but i am glad he got put away,, it is wrong that he got jail this late on,, why because jail is a fucking joke,,,, human rights like where is my life that smelly little cunt and his mates took,, my life was fucked before Bryn Tirion ,,, so why should he have a crack of it,,,,,


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