Thursday 16 July 2015

R.I.P Haydn "Superman" Burton

 Haydn ‘Superman’ Burton is currently in Winchester Prison for daring to protest outside his MP’s (Steve Brine) constituency office in Winchester. Police have accused him of breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order by protesting.

It is with heavy heart I bring you the sad news that Haydn, child abuse and Father's Rights campaigner, was found hanged in his cell at HMP Winchester  yesterday morning.
He was declared clinically dead although remains on life support whilst his family come to terms with events.
He had been determined to continue the fight upon his release from prison.
I'm sorry to say, Haydn's life support was switched off approx an hour ago.
Thoughts are with his family and loved ones.


  1. steve brine mp & Simon Hayes Crime Commissioner (hampshire police have blood on their hands. they wanted haydn off of the streets , why ? was he getting to close to exposing the facts that steve brine turns a blind eye to children being stolen & abused by the government & local authority, ? why has the police been involved in covering up government paedophile rings for over 30 years ? if you think that haydn burton was a thorn in your shoes just wait untill you feel the whole thorny rose bush in your shoes. for every 1 haydn burton you try to silence another 1000 will rise up. you have opened up a can of worms & we will rip the whole lid off of the tin & empty it over the streets of the UK . who are the police really protecting & serving ? you mr brine are NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE & THE HAMPSHIRE POLICE ARE NOTHING BUT BULLY BOYS ACTING AS HENCHMEN for suited MP gangsters who think they are above the law. the word CORRUPTION COMES TO MIND.

  2. I did not know this gentle man or of his protest and have learned of his premature death only indirectly via the Gareeva/Dearman case but it touched me greatly. It amply demonstrates the dangers that lurk in plain sight and the need for people like Hadyn and his personal campaign. The sickening nature of current public policy, enacted by both Conservative and Labour administrations over at least the last twenty years, always for 'the very best of reasons', has chipped away at the ability to peacefully protest and has given the police increasing powers, that they often abuse. It has resulted in the draconian treatment meted out this man effectively just to shut him up, and his unnecessary demise. It is a procedure we have seen increasingly applied elsewhere, most recently in the case of Ben Fellows. If his MP, Steve Brine, failed to respond as is claimed, I hope Mr Burton's death and the policies that got him there, will sit on his conscience for a very long time. Britain is only a step away from an uncaring, autocratic state (some might argue it is already there!) in which no child or adult will be safe from the over-arching power of the state and its militarised forces and people had better wake up to the fact, before it is too late to do anything about it.


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