Friday 26 December 2014

Independent Sexual Violence Advisor

Ok, big Thank You to Micky Cardiff for this one, link to counselling available FREE through your local council!

Every County Council, if not local has the service available.

This is written on the Kirklees site (please note: only use the phone numbers provided if you live in Kirklees)
What is counselling? 
A service which enables survivors of sexual/domestic violence to work through their past and current experiences. Kirklees RASACC acknowledges that all survivors are different and will suffer different effects. Counselling allows people to explore and resolve the effects of the abuse so that survivors can live their lives feeling more in control of their thoughts, emotions and behaviour. 
Will it be confidential? 
Confidential information will only be disclosed if it is indicated that a child or young person may be experiencing abuse, or be at potential risk of abuse, of any kind, or where it is indicated that a client is at risk of potential self-harm, suicide and/or harm to others.Wherever possible this will be discussed with you before the disclosure. This action will only be taken after a counsellor has consulted with their line manager and/or clinical supervisor. 
Will I have to talk about everything that has happened to me? 
No. You will not be pressurised into talking about things you do not wish to talk about. You only need to tell us what is relevant and helpful to you. The counselling session is your time and we are here to help you find your own way of moving forward. 
How long will I have counselling for? 
Each session lasts between fifty minutes to one hour and is usually weekly at the same venue at the same time and day. Everyone will be offered up to 10 sessions which will be jointly reviewed with a counsellor. 
Will I always see the same counsellor? 
You will see a counsellor for your assessment, however this may not be the counsellor who you will be seeing for your counselling. Once counselling commences it will be the same counsellor throughout your agreed counselling contract.. KRASACC's counsellors are all qualified practitioners and all have extensive experience of working with issues of sexual violence and domestic abuse. They abide by the Code Of Ethics and Practice of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy. 
How do I make and appointment? 
You can phone the helpline on 01484 540730 or contact us via the website or by email to (see Contacts) 
How much will counselling cost me?Kirklees RASACC is a registered charity and we do not charge clients a fee for counselling.   
However, as a small charity, we are always grateful if people can make  monetary donations or a donation of tissues, tea or coffee or similar, but this is entirely voluntary.  
How do people that have been through counselling feel? 
Some quotes from KRASACC Service Users: 
"It helped me face my fears.""I found answers to my questions.""It has changed me completely. I finally believe what happened to me and I know I am not mad." 
"It has given me courage to carry on and lead the life that I should have had a long time ago." 
"I finally feel believed.""It was great not being judged and I felt my confidence come back."

Whilst it can take Kirklees a few days to pick up on missed messages, they do check each call to make sure it has been signed off and completed.

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