Friday 3 October 2014

One Survivors Message

So here I am 45 years on from the year I was abandoned to the home from hell known as Bryn Alyn Hall. I was just 12 and wrongly placed 'in care' by the County Borough of Birkenhead Childrens Committee under Section 1 of the 1948 Childrens Act, on the basis of; (1) 'has been and remains abanondoned by his parents' and (2) 'is neccssary in the interests of the welfare of the child'.
On Monday 12 May 1969 I arrived at Bryn Alyn Hall. It was on that day the 'real me' died; effectively assassinated by the process of abandonment.

The following 4 years destroyed all that I was, and all that I could have become and I emerged as an angry and confused victim of child abuse and brutal institutionalisation. I had been systamatically depersonalised and traumatised by a private system of 'childcare' that had been set up as a 'business created for profit' which was managed by a predatory paedohphile and financed by the authorities.
For me it was like being in a car crash that lasted 4 years and it left me broken on the inside. No one could see the damage; I was mentally ill and primarily suffering from Psychosexual Trauma Disorder and PTSD.
More than one adult is responsible for what happened to me and on Monday 6th October 2014 one of them will be held to account in a Crown Court. I will have to recall and relive multiple details that are painful and sometimes over bearing to consider, however, I am not alone in this fight for justice. I am one of many.
Together we have a voice that is now being heard and together we are seeking justice for each other and for those who are dead, or unable to join us.
'We' may have had our differences in the past but I believe that each and everyone one of us is a valuable human being who deserves justice and peace of mind.
This is just the begining - stay strong.


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