Saturday 9 March 2013

Righton, Rabet and New Barns School

Eileen Fairweather, an award-winning journalist whose investigations over 20 years have helped expose several paedophile rings, has told the story of the background to the inquiry that Tom Watson MP implied was shut down to protect a No10 aide in the Thatcher administration.
Eileen reports that she was resarching a paedophile ring in the early 1990s when she met some of the police and social workers involved in the inquiry. She was researching a ring that had infiltrated all 12 of the children’s homes run by Islington Council, and realised that there was a connection. The inquiry did involve names from the so-called establishment of the day, but what it also uncovered was the shocking attitude of some on the liberal left and their involvement.

At the centre of the inquiry referred to by Tom Watson was Peter Righton, then a child care expert and children’s home consultant. Righton was also a founding member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which wanted the age of consent lowered to four. Righton published essays justifying paedophilia, which he called no more mysterious than “a penchant for redheads”.

PIE did not present themselves as child abusers but “child lovers”, keen to “liberate” children from sexual “repression”. Their literature hijacked the language of liberation to persuade gay men and women, feminists and radicals that they had common interests in challenging “the patriarchy”. It wasn’t until Customs officers intercepted child pornography posted to Righton from Holland, in 1992, that police raided his home and found hundreds of letters between Righton and other paedophiles, revealing he had abused, prostituted and shared numerous boys.

His correspondents included an assistant bishop, artists, aristocrats and public school teachers. It then  emerged that Righton’s lover ran a school for emotionally disturbed children, and Righton was vice-chairman of governors. New Barns School in Gloucestershire, which was atteneded by many children from London care homes, was  investigated and closed down on child welfare grounds. A criminal trial followed and all eight staff were cleared of charges of  conspiring to falsely imprison. Another teacher was jailed.

Eileen recalls the story of Liam, a boy in one of the Islington homes central to the paedophile ring’s production of pornography. Liam attended New Barns school; the deputy superintendent , Nick Rabet (who committed suicide in 2006 after being arrested for abuse), used to drive him there. Liam suffered such trauma that he had a breakown at 16, and his memories today are fragmented. He began telling people of the abuse in 1989, three years before the school was closed. His social worker was deeply concerned and promised action. But on Christmas Eve 1989, he disappeared and Liam’s files disappeared with him.

Many Islington social workers “just” burned out, or were threatened or victimised and gave up. Islington Council assured police investigating New Barns it had never sent children there because there was no evidence to the contrary. Tom Watson’s whistleblower was told by a detective that the inquiry into Peter Righton’s alleged ring was closed “from on high”. Righton was given a £900 fine and a caution. Many similar investiagtions have also hit the buffers. 

Cover-ups have taken place; events and indiviuals have been ignored.

I tell this story from a highly respeceted investigator to illustrate just how many people have been, and probably still are, involved in the cruel cesspit. I tell it to illustrate just how far the cancerous links spread. I tell it to support the view that only a full-blown police investigation has any hope of doing more than expose one or two indiviuals.

Right now the whole affair is descending into chaos, probably much to the relief of thousands of abusers. Phillip Schofield staged a ridculous stunt on live TV, Newsnight somehow managed to allow ill-founded allegations to be broadcast without making checks that are probably routine on the Trumpton Gazette. What we don’t need is a witch-hunt of the innocent.
Before the tabloids totally destroy any hope of real justice we need an investigation based on the principle of sub-judice. We need to shut up the idiots and to lock up the guilty.
Our children deserve nothing less for there are clearly a lot of  dangerous people still out there!



  1. I really do feel that the only way to get them out is to form a political party of our own and then infiltrate and push them out from the inside.
    This is exactly what they have done, infiltrated all the major political party's and probably local councils to not to mention the care(abuse) system.

  2. Despite the large numbers (I have listed over 100 different police enquiries, both in the U. K., and abroad (where the U. K. has been involved)), not 1 prominent public figure, except for old has-beens of entertainers, a profession in which these sort of things have been typical for decades, possibly for centuries, has ever been arrested, let alone charged. The only ones named always seem to be dead. Is it really this unlikely, despite all the rumours to the contrary, that there are no high-level paedophiles out there, or are they just being left alone, or even protected?


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