Saturday 20 July 2013

Operation Fairbank

Well after Murun posted ten days ago, my spirits were somewhat lifted in the hope that Opertion Screen would be reconsidered and maybe SOCA would look at why it was flagged as sealed. Why Malcolm Phillips is NFA for all further allegations, including the trade of children.

I have spent the last week or so trying to contact Operation Fairbank in regard to this matter and have thusfar failed miserably.
I have left several messages for the team but as yet they have not returned my calls.

Because I cannot get past an army of Officers that tell me they have never heard of Operation Fairbank or Fernbridge - the Met advised me to ring West Yorkshire, who in turn advised me to ring North Wales who then advised I ring the Met....... I have been unable to inform Fairbank of my research/proof/beliefs in regard to Calderdale and Rod Ryall and his connections to P.I.E.

These are connections I believe resulted in the trade of children from Skircoat Lodge to Bryn Alyn. He targeted children from the poorer areas of Halifax, with several victims coming from the same village, Mixenden, in Halifax. 

I also believe this trade was overseen and undertaken by Malcolm Osric Phillips under the guidance and instruction of Rod Ryall.

I can be contacted via email

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