Saturday 25 March 2017

St Aidan's, St Vincent's, Nugent Care

In amongst the information sent to myself from iiCSA,

St Aidan’s and St Vincent’s 

33.St Aidan’s and St Vincent’s were two of five homes at the centre of the litigation that became known as the ​“North West Child Abuse Cases”. The defendant was the same in both: the Nugent Care Society.

34.In respect of St Aidan’s, we currently only have one core participant directly associated with this case study: RSA. Although the Chief Constable of Cheshire Constabulary has not applied for core participant status, he has made it clear that Cheshire Police will co-operate fully with the investigation and seek to provide any relevant material. However, as noted above, at present we have no  core participant victims and survivors from St Aidan’s. We would encourage any victims and survivors from St Aidan’s who wish to be core participants or witnesses to come forward. If no one approaches the Inquiry within a reasonable time then we will need to consider whether it is appropriate for St Aidan’s to remain a case study in this investigation.  

Nugent Care still operate today as care providers. They also run fostering services.
One of their homes is an unlisted secure unit

I believe the investigation should look at Nugent Care as a group of homes. Their staff would have been interchangable just as they were with Bryn Alyn Community.


  1. my name was finbar mcnee when I was in st aidans,police came to me in 1987 to see if I wanted to put a complaint in against the home ,I said no as I was married with children,years later i received compensation of 5500 through abbney garrsden McDonald,it should have been 9500,but some was taken away for reasons I do not know,st aidans was a horror show from day one,i ran away so many times,i remember the abusers ,olly colly,materon,mr eliot,cheif the priest,mr ed,and a inmate called George wayland,fat tom the teacher,and others,i had to fight almost every day,for months,i even got on a boat to Ireland and was caught,with david schumaker.i tried to swim the mersy to get away but nearly froze to death,was taken to a police station and survived,in warrington.they threatened to tie me to a tree and shave my head bald,starved me,knocked me unconscious and abused me,but I ran away again and caused so much havok and admitted to things I did not do just not to go back,my number was 1856,i wrote this in paint on the parade ground before I ran the last time,i believe it gave other lads courage to stand up for them selfs afterwards,i witnessed abuse as well as being abused,i tried to put it behind me but I seen it on tv the other day Granada reports,i have been on edge ever since ,its a long night mare.when will it end.

  2. to add to my comment,mr woo was the other member of staff,most of the staff had nick names,when I was at junior school there was a teacher,cheetwood jnr school waterloo rd,cheetham hill,the teacher,moved from there to st aidens with his two sons,he did not know I recocnised him I can not remember his name,but he was one of the abusers,my house master was mr g,i was put under his watch in a separate part of the school,i think it was called arrowsmith house,i ran away again,and was caught near by after robbing the garage on the corner,i was put back in the main house,and beat up most days until I escaped again I ended up in risley at a very young age then onto detention centre,foston hall,then borstal twice ,everthope,lots of other places,including strangeways,i was 19 when I got out, 7 years of grief, friends of mine are dead now ,drugs,booz etc,i see all their young faces,i try not to think of it all,but it is just like yesterday,i use the name barry Hogan now,it helps to forget that little lad finbar mcnee,


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