Tuesday 1 July 2014

Savile Gave VIP's Broadmoor Tour

Celebrities toured a women's ward while patients undressed, alleges one of the victims of Savile's abuse at the hospital.

Jimmy Savile gave Rolf Harris a guided tour of Broadmoor hospital in the mid 1970s, when the Australian-born entertainer gave an impromptu performance of Tie Me Kangaroo Down as female patients were undressing, it has been alleged.
An NHS investigation found widespread abuse by Savile of vulnerable victims at Broadmoor. The inquiry, published last week, confirmed that Savile invited Harris to an escorted tour of Broadmoor, something that could not be reported before a jury convicted Harris of indecent assaulton Monday.
The NHS inquiry said it heard no suggestion of inappropriate behaviour during Harris's visit to Broadmoor in 1973. But one of the victims of Savile's abuse at Broadmoor, Alison Pink, claimed the celebrities toured a women's ward while patients were preparing to go to bed.
Speaking to the Mirror, the former patient, now known as Steven George after a sex change, said he thought it was "strange" that Harris arrived "at the same time the women were undressing for bed". He added: "We all had to get completely undressed in the hallway in front of the staff, male and female, to show nothing was being taken into our rooms."
Describing the entertainers' visit, he said: "Harris was very famous at the time and had his weekend show. He walked down the passageway of York ward with Savile opening the doors along with a nursing officer.
"Some of the girls came out and there was an unprompted performance of Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport. He then went through to the punishment ward."
George told the Sun that the timing of the evening visit was deliberate.
"I was in my nightie and others were too. I think it was deliberate by Savile – to coincide with girls getting changed so he and Rolf could look at them," he said.

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