Wednesday 16 July 2014

The Home Office

Yet again, all roads through the hell that is child abuse, lead back to the Home Office.

Under the rule of William Whitelaw, Leon Brittan and Douglas Hurd, child abusers found safe haven through the Home Office. 
With the right connections, a paedophile was, for the most part, free from persecution and prosecution. 
Some would have to spend a couple of years in jail if caught too often, a warning to be more careful next time.

Then William Hague ordered an Inquiry into the North Wales abuse.

We all know that was a farce, that's why there are more people currently facing court.
Bear in mind, there is a case ongoing in Telford that should really be linked back to North Wales. Cotsbrook Hall was, after all, Bryn Alyn Community.

Jump forward 20-30 years and as more and more victims come forth, and the truth starts to be heard, the Home Office announced an Inquiry into the prolific child abuse propagated by their predecessors.
How did the different Gov departments and Civil Service bodies handle the reports of child abuse.
An Inquiry that, even before its Terms of Reference were compiled, announced the victims were to be ignored.

Why they didn't look to Northern Ireland I do not know. Oh wait, yes I do......

They picked the perfect patsy for the Chair of the UK Child Abuse Inquiry. A woman with several flawed inquiries already under her belt, the appointment of Butler-Sloss was almost guaranteed to cause furor.

Now there is little sign of a new Chair being announced, nor has work begun on setting the terms etc.
With even the Prime Minister having publicly stated his approval of Butler-Sloss' appointment, it was one more nail in his coffin too.
A major shuffle in Government. Home Secretary and Office were able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Now the office staff that handle the day to day running of the Country, the ones that don't change with each Government appointed, can carry on, business as usual.

Only somebody completely independent of the establishment can possibly hope to win over public opinion at this stage I fear.

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