Tuesday 29 July 2014

Napier And Alston Charged

Charles Napier, the half-brother of Conservative MP John Whittingdale, has been charged as a result of a criminal investigation into allegations of historical child sexual abuse. Richard Alston, a former head teacher at a boarding school, has also been charged.
The Metropolitan police said the charges relate to alleged offences in the late 1970s when the alleged victim was an 11-year-old child.
Napier, a former teacher, has also lived in Sweden and worked for the British council in Cairo.
The Metropolitan police said Napier, 67, had been "charged with one count of inciting a child to commit an act of gross indecency contrary to section 1 of the Indecency with Children Act (1960)."
The Met said Alston, 69, was charged with five counts of indecent assault and three counts of gross indecency with a child.
Napier, now a resident in Sherborne, Dorset, where he lives with his 92-year-old mother, was arrested in June 2013, by Operation Cayacos, which is a strand of Operation Fairbank.
Detectives launched Operation Fairbank after Tom Watson MP made claims in parliament about a paedophile ring with establishment connections.
Both men have been released on bail and are scheduled to appear at Westminster magistrates court on 29 July.
The Met said that the "charges relate to offences which occurred in the late 1970s when the victim was 11 years old".

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