Saturday 9 August 2014

Calderdale Social Services Today.

A few weeks ago, I drunk messaged Calderdale Council, using one of their feedback forms.

Three days later, I received a phone call from Calderdale Social Services asking for more details and how they could put it right.

Now fair play to the efficiency currently show within Calderdale Council....

The message I left on (for some odd reason) the Council Tax and Housing Benefit section;
"whilst in the care of Calderdale Council, I was subjected to physical, mental and sexual abuse. nobody has been held accountable for this."
was quickly passed to a senior Manager within the benefits section who probably had a nervous breakdown as apparently their feedback is usually "fluffy and nice". It was then passed to a senior Manager within SS who said "Well, what do they want us to do about it?" before he then found a Manager with a brain who said "I'll give her a call and see what's what shall I?"

During that phone call, I was advised they had identified my case notes, based on my brief comment, and could see why there might be issues.

Yesterday, the same Manager came to my home and spent approx 2 and half hours going through my concerns, my issues with past and current SS setups and she went away leaving me feeling rather positive, all things considered.

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