Saturday 5 July 2014

Dickensgate, Updated.

As yet, I have left the subject of Dickens and Leon Brittan to everybody else.

After reading the statements and various news reports issued over the last few days, I have decided it's now time to voice my opinions on the subject.
To do that we have to jump back to Calderdale, 1982 and throw open just the timeline for West Yorkshire and the relevant MP's, the smaller scheme of things as it were....

1978 - 1983;
Scotland Yard submitted a number of files relating to PIE members to the DPP.
These files were, for the most part, ignored. They have since been "lost".

Mr Geoffrey Dickens MP used Parliamentary Privilege to expose Peter Hayman MP as a Paedophile Information Exchange member. He launched his own investigation into the group in or around this year.

An internal inquiry was held due to the Assistant Director of Social Services (a job title freshly created when Ryall accepted the position) striking up an inappropriate friendship with a couple of young boys, "John" and "Thomas".
Following the conclusion of the internal review, the police were informed but no further action was taken. Ryall faced a disciplinary hearing at which he was said to be "shocked" when the complaints were put to him.
The panel listened to his version of events and decided it had been an error of judgement on his part.

1983, 11th June.
Leon Brittan becomes Home Secretary, replacing William Whitelaw.

1983 November, 1984 January;
Geoffrey Dickens MP submits dossier to Home Office and DPP (August 1983)
Now, the varying news reports all seem to jump on the bandwagon of "1983 Dossiers".
Mr Dickens' investigation actually ran from 1981 to year unknown. 
Based on available evidence it would appear it ran for a lot longer than officially recognised. 

1984, February
Leon Brittan writes to Mr Dickens outlining what has happened with the dossier.

Ryall was promoted to Director when a vote of No Confidence was passed on the then-Director during a child manslaughter inquiry.

The Halifax Courier ran an article about Ryall's appointment as Director.
This was seen by a local councillor Mr Pearson (1975-1985) who had become aware of the 1982 inquiry and the many rumours of continued friendship with the two young cousins. The "rumours" were generated by Rod Ryall's constant interference on behalf of one of the boys. Each time "John" got into trouble in the children's homes or at school, he would ring Ryall to bail him out.
Social workers tend not to like that kind of thing.

Various reports from Social Workers and Residential Care Staff are filed in regard to Ryall's conduct and constant interference in "John's" care/life.

1988, 19th January;  
The Halifax Courier ran a piece on the increase of child abuse. It included a statement by Rod Ryall.
The former councillor, Mr Pearson, composed a letter dated 21st January 1988 to Mr Geoffrey Dickens MP. He enclosed the news clipping and outlined his concerns about Ryall's conduct.
As this was not Mr Dickens elected seat, Mr Pearson was reffered to his own MP, Mr Donald Thompson.
He again outlined his concerns and his MP immediately contacted the Home Office.
The letter was passed around from  Lord Ferrers to Edwina Curry (From 1975 until 1986, she was a Birmingham City Councillor for Northfield. In 1983, she stood for parliament as a Conservative Party candidate, and was elected as the member for South Derbyshire.
So.... she was a councillor in West Midlands and an MP in East Midlands..... didn't she do well! pfft! Although neither position explains why she was examining a letter sent from a former Halifax councillor to the Home Office)
The Home Office then passed the matter to West Yorkshire Police and washed their hands of it.
The Home Secretary at this stage was Douglas Hurd.

1988, 5th August;
Rod Ryall was arrested for crimes against children. His last known contact with his victims was in June of that year despite the ongoing police investigation into Ryall's conduct.
It is said that Rod Ryall was apprehended in the private flat attached to one children's home in Halifax.
The home later closed due to extensive child abuse spanning decades.

This information kind of contradicts everything we are being told about  "Dickensgate".
We have been told the investigation ended in 1985, so why was the honourable former councillor still under the impression Mr Dickens was the correct MP to contact? 
We are told everything went wrong under Brittan. Well now, to be fair..... he only got the job in 1983 - the year the first dossier' were handed over.
We had three Home Secretaries over the time period in question. Whilst I am not defending any of them, I think some need to slow down on the public accusations just a tad. Your'e skipping over names that need including too.

The report containing this information can be found Here.
Also see Here

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