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Parliamentary immunity to the "She-Dominator of the 3rd Sex"

Parliamentary immunity to the
"She-Dominator of the 3rd Sex"
Jacqueline de Croÿ - 18 septembre 2009

The Dutroux case has led to a reform of justice, which had as a result to provide immunity to the "She-Dominator of the 3rd Sex" , exposed for the production and sale of sado child porn of the Zandvoort/Nihoul/Dutroux branch, without the Senate raising one question.

In February 2001, the NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven, was looking Robert Jan Warmerdam, a Dutch prostitute since he was 13- years-old, who at the age of 28, still lived in the sadomasochistic community of Amsterdam. He had known Robby Van Der Plancken, also ex-child prostitute, who in 1998, to escape from the network, brought the NGO at Zandvoort to Ulrich, a German citizen, owner of the 88.539 pictures file.
Marcel Vervloesem went to Amsterdam, in one of the bars Robbie told him about. He asked the barmaid, a beautiful young woman, if she knew Robert Jan Warmerdam. She seemed anxious and asked why. He showed her a photograph of Manuel Schadwald, the little boy missing from Berlin, of whom Robbie had known. The young woman dropped her glass, which crashed on the floor. Marcel asked her:
- Robert Jan… is it you?
- Yes, said the barmaid.

Marcel never judges any body, specially not the prostituted kids, who remain hostage of the criminal circle, because they have no one to help them getting out, before AIDS kills them. His fight moves these guys, so young, yet at the end of their lives. All know we are looking for evidences that will oblige Europe to open its eyes on the production real crime films. Robert Jan Warmerdam told Marcel that the demands of the network - thus of the customers - were increasingly intolerable. He gave him his address books, his diaries and his computer. Robert Jan Warmerdam then went to the police force of Harlem, on February
27, 2001, to make an official report, where he admitted of having killed a 13-year-old boy, during the production of a child porn film.
Robert Jan Warmerdam says he had met regularly Marc Dutroux 1994 and 95 in this paedo-bar of Amsterdam, which looks like an ordinary bar and hides a meeting place of the paedo professionals, to speak and view paedo, as the music lovers go to the piano-bar, to speak of music and listen to piano. He said he had also met Dutroux in the Rex Production and Roxanne Films Production, at the number 111 of the Admiraal de Ruijter road, in a villa of the suburbs of Amsterdam, who according to him, were well exploiting children. Robert Jan Warmerdam did not know he would be free to go, thus more in danger than in prison,
because of his consents. We do not know what has happened to him, but we know that these two companies belong to Didier Pellerin, alias Mistress Roxanne, the "She-dominator of the 3rd sex", which Robert Jan only knew as a sadomasochist bar owner of Amsterdam.
Born in Paris in 1959, Mistress Roxanne was condemned to three years of prison for criminal conspiracy, blows and voluntary wounds, pornography and illegal practice of medicine. She often came in Dolo, a swingers' club of Brussels, held by two French nationals: Michel Forgeot and Dolores Bara. An internal note at the police indicated that in case of problem at the Dolo, it was necessary to warn Michel Nihoul, who was then accused to be the head of the Dutroux band.
The judicial police of Brussels questioned Mistress Roxanne in October 1996, thus two months after the discovery of two little girls alive in a hiding place of the cellar of Marc and Michelle Dutroux, then the corpses of Julie, Melissa, Anne and Eefje buried in their garden. Mistress Roxanne explained she had employed for a week, Marleen De Cockere, the second wife of Nihoul, to deal with papers of her sadomasochist film production company exploited in the Netherlands. She also employed four delegates,
who where driving Porsches, according to Nihoul.
The "She-Dominator of 3rd Sex" was doing deals with Daniel Messinger, a Swiss man who made fortunes in all the domains dear to the Mafia: the real estate, import-export of cars, of art, and finally in 1989, of child-porn. Messinger lived as a very rich "businessman" at the Riviera. He would have, under the cover of castings organized at the hotel CARLTON of Cannes, recruited young actresses to carry out films. He was accused of sequestration and procuring in a case including the disappearance of two young French girls, in 1994. The charges retained against Messinger included the death of a 19-years-old girl from Antibes,
during a pseudo satanic ritual. His objective was to sell films with real crimes, not to venerate Satan, but to make money. Daniel Messinger has managed to be released on parole after six months, which naturally enabled him to escape. Mistress Roxanne was selling her production to Gerard Menoud, the "King of Porn", who three months after the hearing of the "She-Dominator of the 3rd Sex" on her contacts with Nihoul, was victim of an amazing French a miscarriage of justice: the tribunal appointed for court expert, one of his former employee in the porn industry, who led him bankruptcy, then to prison. The "King of Porno" has employed a follower of Pasteur Doucé, who is the founder of the network CHRIST LIBERATOR and member of networks TORO-BRAVO and CRIES-UNICEF, whose production was in the ZANDVOORT file. Gerard
Menoud militates for the adult porn, but denies any paedocriminal production. He wrote a book rich in information, in which he recognizes that his judgement can be faded by serious violence of which no one had protected him when he was child. Belgium did not want at the Dutroux/Nihoul and Co prosecution that the international press films the "King of Porno", the "She- Dominator of 3rd Sex" or the ex-children prostitutes: these boys who became girls, dying of AIDS and ready to go in prison to stop the vicious circle. The court of Arlon was given the responsibility to condemn Marc Dutroux as isolated predator; the press was in charge of making Nihoul pass for victim of a miscarriage of justice and the Werkgroep Morkhoven as liars and protectors of paedophiles. Michel Forgeot and Dolores Bara, condemned in 1988 for procuring and keeping a house of vice with the Atrébates swinger's club, were cleared of the same charges in 2004, for the Dolo swinger's club. The prejudice was not established, even if the prostitution could not clearly be ruled out, according to the judgement, which underlines that "the evolution of the manners" must also be taken for account.
The Court of Cassation undertook to cover the faults of procedure necessary to condemn Marcel Vervloesem as the head of the Zandvoort network, then to maintain him in prison, deprived of treatment to his cancer, beyond the date when he is releasable.
The media cover the interventions made near the judges to legalize this murder, by a scandal on identical interventions at the time of the sale of the Fortis bank to France. The Senate keeps silent in a procedural rigor, which does not allow senators to raise the questions on the cinema that provides Porches to commercial delegates and kills children. Carine Russo, co-opted Senator and mother of a Dutroux victim, could not do anything about it, if not leave the Senate the day her daughter would have been 23. The press mentioned health issues and difficulties of melting in the rigour "of a too formal and too procedural political and parliamentary life", but not of the birthday present. Melissa Russo was kidnapped on June 24, 1995
with her best-friend Julie. She spent her 9-year birthday, on September 11, sequestered and abused in the cellar of Marc  Dutroux before starving to death because "Operation Othello" provided to watch the multi recidivist paedocriminal "to destroy a vaster network".
The only useful reform of the legal system would be to prohibit any public office to the magistrates who ignore the international law, but the only reform installed was to grant to them in 1998, immunity to cover all the crimes. The Belgian prosecutors, whose role is only to require the application of the law, this is to say the application of the general will, are now granted full discretion in "taking account of the directives of the criminal policy of the Minister for the justice and council of the general prosecutors", to reject any complaint, therefore not to require the application of the law, on the basis of directive of the minister.

Today, the "She-Dominator of 3rd Sex" (presently half a centaury old), invites you to watch her spanking movies on, free of access, whereas the information blogs of the Werkgroep Morkhoven are censored by a former monopole of the Belgian State... without warning!
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