Saturday 22 October 2016

Common Sense and Justice Prevail

Gordon Anglesea was yesterday found Guilty for crimes against two young boys, under his care, 1982-1987. Source 
This brings Operation Pallial to the brink of double digits!
Nine people have been convicted of abusing children in care as a result of Operation Pallial, including care-home owner John Allen, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in December 2014 and a network of five men, who were sentenced to a total of 43 years in prison in September 2015 after being found guilty of 34 offences. The investigation is ongoing. Source

OK, so nine convictions, some of the perpetrators having worked with children and vulnerable people in England as well as Wales.

How many establishments have been looked at where these perverts would have worked or visited during the time between the (obviously) flawed Waterhouse Inquiry and now?

How can Macur justify her conclusions on her review of the Waterhouse Inquiry, given this fresh conviction. A child abuser, Gordon Anglesea, former Chief of North Wales Police (not just Wrexham, nor even Clwyd, but all of North Wales) has been convicted of crimes that everybody chose to overlook in years gone by.

How many chances must a paedophile be given before the law stops sitting on it's brain and actually works toward ending this blatant disregard for; vile treatment of, our future, our legacy, our children?

These same oversights still happen today in Health, Education and Welfare Depts up and down the Country.

As for Tania Griffiths, the Defence QC that favours the response "It's a conspiracy against my client concocted by people that have never met and are scattered across the world.", I think she needs to brush up on her research skills.

The jury had been treated over the last six weeks to a smoke screen, she said.
She warned of the danger of contamination of evidence and said that a Bryn Alyn home survivor’s web site, which closed down before the trial, had spoke about “all singing from the same hymn sheet” and “sticking together.”
There was talk of compensation, the top 16 abusers named by a number of people, and “similar fact evidence which got John Allen convicted last time”.
There was a risk of contamination at what she called “an Aladdin’s Cave” where people could pick up “a tailor made allegation.”
She suggested the complainants were making copy cat allegations.
The jury were being asked to say there was no smoke without fire.
“The greatest risk is not from the allegations but all this nonsense you have heard of no smoke without fire,” she said.
If he had been a paedophile for years why had he not been arrested and put on trial before? Source
1; None of my sites have closed. 
2; When it comes to the crunch, yes, we do have to support each other, be there for each other. Nobody else will answer the phone at 3am when your head is imploding.
3; Yes, in the support group, over time, abusers were named. They were also named by the Police as soon as they were charged.
4; Yes, some within the group mentioned compensation. It was put to the group as one of the options they could individually look at, should it be a route they wished to take. So what? It is their right.
5; I would love to know where this "Aladdin's Cave" is for tailor made allegations. I've never heard of it.

Asked about the libel compensation awarded to Anglesea in 1994, Ian Hislop, Ed of Private Eye, said
"I take a certain grim satisfaction in this verdict today and in the fact that justice has eventually been done.
"But it is a miserable story and it was one of the darkest periods of my editorship.
"I can’t help thinking of the witnesses who came forward to assist our case at the time, one of whom later committed suicide telling his wife that he never got over 'not being believed'.
"Private Eye will not be looking to get our money back from the libel damages. Others have paid a far higher price.” Source

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