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Anthony Edgar Gartside Wright, Paedo

by Oonalu

Antony Grey is the pseudonym of Anthony Edgar Gartside Wright. After taking a degree in history at Magdalene College, Cambridge (1945-1948), he worked as a journalist on The Yorkshire Post, Leeds, before moving to London in 1949 where he was employed in the Secretary's Department of the British Iron and Steel Federation and (from 1961) as a public relations executive with the London Press Exchange. One of the earliest voluntary helpers since 1958 of the newly-formed Homosexual Law Reform Society, he joined the Society's executive committee (using the name 'Antony Grey') as Honorary Treasurer in 1960 and became Secretary of the HLRS and also of its sister counselling and research charity, the Albany Trust, at the end of 1962, at first on a part-time basis and full-time from 1964. Grey campaigned tirelessly for the law reforms advocated by the Government-appointed Wolfenden Committee's report (1957), writing many articles, making numerous speeches to interested groups, lobbying MPs, and organising action to promote the passage of the (Arran/Abse) Sexual Offences Bill through Parliament until it became law in 1967. He resigned in 1970, but again became Secretary of the Sexual Law Reform Society - successor to the HLRS - and Director of the Albany Trust from 1971 to 1977, continuing to press for further liberalisation of the law and social attitudes. He was invited to become Chairman of the National Federation of Homophile Organisations (NFHO), 1971-72. Following his retirement from the Albany Trust in 1977, he was involved in counselling and training work and was for some years a member of the executive committee of the British Association for Counselling. In 1998 Antony Grey was awarded the Pink Paper Lifetime Achievement Award. He has published Quest for Justice: Towards Homosexual Emancipation (1992), Speaking of Sex (1993), and Speaking Out (1997)(Collected articles). Histories of the HLRS/SLRS and of the Albany Trust/Albany Society may be found in the description for the Albany Trust papers.

Whitehouse/Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) dispute, 1977-1978 HCA/GREY/2/21 1977-1981

1 folder
Correspondence with the press and the Home Office regarding claims by Mary Whitehouse and Sir Bernard Braine of Albany Trust using public funds to support PIE, 1977-1978.
Correspondence with individuals including the Archbishop of Canterbury [Donald Coggan], Lord Longford, the Bishop of Malmesbury [Frederick Temple], Eldon Griffiths, Lord Halsbury, regarding Mary Whitehouse's claims, 1978.
'How Moral is the Backlash ? or The Politics of Puritanism' by Antony Grey. Talk to Brighton and Hove Humanists, 5 July 1981

Parent's Guide HCA/GREY/2/24 1972

1 folder
Typescript, chapters include:
How Does it Happen?: theories about the causes of homosexuality are discussed by Eva Bene.
The Role of Therapy: a discussion between Kevin J.O'Dowd, Peter Righton and Antony Grey.
What Should Be Our Attitude to the Young Homosexual?: a Christian Youth Worker's View, Antony Grey talks with Judith Piepe.
Christianity and the Homosexual: a discussion between Rev Fabian Cowper (Catholic), Rev. Tony Cross (Unitarian) and Rev. Malcolm Johnson (Church of England).

Law Reform: others' proposals HCA/GREY/4/16 1975

1 folder
Includes reports by the Paedophile Information Exchange, the British Medical Association, the National Council for Civil Liberties, the Board for Social Responsibility regarding the Criminal Law Revision Committee.

Paedophilia: loose papers HCA/GREY/4/17 c1975-c1978

1 folder
Conditions of access: CLOSED: Apply to archivist
Includes material by the Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Awareness and Liberation, drafts of Paedophilia: some questions and answers.

Paedophilia HCA/GREY/4/18 1975-1979

1 folder
Includes Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) report and publication 'Childhood Rights'.

48 files

Conditions of access: Mainly open; some items closed

Administrative history:

As well as his work with the Homosexual Law Reform Society, Albany Trust and Albany Society Ltd, Antony Grey was also closely involved with the Josephine Butler Society (which campaigned for reform of the law regarding prostitution) and served on a working party of the British Federation Against the Venereal Diseases.


This section aims to pull together Antony Grey's material on a number of his areas of interest, and consists of correspondence, leaflets, and copies of articles, on the following subjects: law reform (regarding the age of consent, privacy, rape, the situation in Scotland and Northern Ireland), paedophilia, prostitution, venereal disease, sex education, evangelical and other Christian responses to homosexuality, gay groups. Drafts and notes of talks given and articles written by Antony Grey from the early 1960s to the late 1980s are also included. The context of the talk/article is mentioned where this is ascertainable.

Sexual offences - foreign codes HCA/GREY/4/7 1968-1980

1 folder
Includes copies of Swedish and Danish law with regard to sexual offences, and correspondence with Dutch organisations regarding the age of consent.

The full archive can be found:

HC Deb 15 December 1977 vol 941 cc900-1

15. Sir Bernard Braine 
asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department what annual grants of taxpayers' money have been made to the Albany Trust and the Princedale Trust; and what are the total sums so far advanced to each of these bodies.

Mr. John 
The total sums paid by the Voluntary Services Unit since 1974–75, when the grants began, are £43,625 to the Albany Trust and £86,000 to the Prince-dale Trust. A final instalment of £3,375 from the 1977–78 grant authorised for the Albany Trust remains to be paid. I will send the hon. Member the annual breakdown of these figures.
The Department of Education and Science provided a grant of £5,717 to the Albany Trust in 1976–77 and has so far paid £2,174 in the current financial year.

Sir B. Brain 
Is the Minister aware that there is evidence—which I can supply to him if he has not seen it—that both these trusts have given encouragement and publicity to the Paedophile Information Exchange, an organisation which exists as openly dedicated to the sexual corruption of children? Before paying any balance of grants, or before renewing any such grants, will the Minister obtain assurances that public money is not being used to help a disgusting organisation which most people would regard as having criminal objectives?

Mr. John 
When I met a delegation led by the hon. Gentleman's hon. Friend the Member for Birmingham, Edgbaston (Mrs. Knight), I did such research. I am satisfied that no public money is being used for any propaganda purposes on behalf of such an organisation as the hon. Gentleman mentions, but he and I can correspond if he thinks that evidence exists for his view. I am satisfied that it does not.

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