Friday 31 January 2014

Operation Sanctuary: 27 Arrest So Far

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The very fact that the police wish to emphasise that those alleged to have been involved were from “a range of communities”, should be a clear indication that this is primarily another Muslim grooming ring with a few people arrested outside of that community. The police just don’t want a rise in racial tensions.
There is a serious problem in the UK with a certain type of Muslim from the rural tribal areas of Pakistan who have zero respect for non-muslim girls in this country.
Below is the updated story and below that is an excellent interview which explains the major problem with these Muslim grooming rings and describes the warning signs parents should look out for.
This situation can no longer be brushed under the carpet. The longer the authorities fail to address the underlying problem, for fear of stoking racial tensions, the greater the chance that white communities will take the law into their own hands. Something concrete needs to be seen to be done to reassure the majority. The police are trying to pretend there is not an issue but the majority in these communities will eventually come to believe that the police are deceiving them and protecting the people who are preying on their daughters and that could bring about the very situation the police are hoping to avoid with only one difference, the majority will no longer trust the police as they will blame them for covering up the problem.
Operation Sanctuary: 27 Arrest So Far | theneedleblog

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  1. now police statement on latest arrests say they will investigate any 'hate crimes' caused by people or groups looking to cause resentment. Does that not speak volumes about PC policing? I don't care what their background is LOCK THEM UP don't cover up


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