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Current Paedo Groups. (in progress)

Based on evidence collated within the Networks database, here is a comprehensive view of the currently active paedophile networks and their supporters.



Australian Man boy Love Association




The high level of activity in this area during, and after, the Dutroux Investigation indicates it to be a hotspot of abuse. The names indicated within the Dutroux files are of influential people, some of whom are still in power today.

Fach- und Selbsthilfegruppe Paedophilie
This support group is still active. In autumn 1994 they had invited Professor Rudiger Lautmann (author of the new book, Die Lust am Kind) to come to Zuerich to have a public speech there.


Closely linked to Tom O'Carroll, Free Spirits and LifeLine, this is where they meet to discuss boys. Other similar sites exist for girls and other sickening aspects of their depraved existence.

Coalition Pédophile Québécois
Coalition of Quebec Pedophiles

Free Spirits

Jimf3 was the webmaster of BoyChat in 1997 when its hosting ISP gave notice to terminate its service. Jim organized a group of activists, including Alexis, Adam The Baroque Keyboardist, and others, and launched the Internet’s first paedophile-oriented fundraising campaing in order to buy expensive hosting services from vendors that could take the political heat to keep the accounts open. This was the beginning of the Free Spirits organization. A couple of years later, with its hosting vendors facing increasing political pressure, Free Spirits raised enough money and gathered enough volunteers to buy its own server and set up its own ISP.
Another "contribution" that Free Spirits has made to the pedophile community is that, with the help of Kalos, they developed the "boy love" symbol, which is a blue triangle, nested inside another, which they call the "BLogo." This has become a symbol that pedophiles use to identify their desires to have sex with children, on Websites, tee-shirts, jewelry, et cetera.

800 Place Victoria
P.O. Box 411
Montreal, Quebec H4Z 1J7
5505 Rhodes Dr, Ste #116
Windsor ON N8N 2M1 Canada


The LifeLine forum contains a small message board and a real-time support chatroom for people who are attracted to children. The site is closely associated with BoyChat and falls under the Free Spirits Coalition umbrella.


It would appear a number of trafficking groups are active in this region, both of women and children. Many children are sold by their families into slavery with the traffickers, who then sell them on for huge profits. Most end up on the borders of Germany and Austria as child prostitutes.
A report into trafficking in Czech Republic noted 
Mainly in the Czech-German or Czech-Austrian border regions, thousands of prostitutes work on the streets or in brothel-like establishments to satisfy the demands of foreign clients – a lot of them are child prostitutes "starting from the very little dwarfs to those who are 18 years old – most of them over 12 years old"


Pedophile Group
The Pedophile Group or Pedophile Group association is a Danish organisation which was disbanded on March 21, 2004. A website is still running, operated by a group of active members of the former association. It was originally founded in 1985. On July 23, 1996 the group had eighty registered members and participated in an International Congress in Denmark. It was also a member of the IPCE (formerly the International Pedophile and Child Emancipation). A 2004 newspaper article identified Dan Markussen as the organization's spokesman.
In 2000, a Danish TV documentary team went undercover to investigate the group. Members were shown exchanging child porn and giving advice on how to contact children in internet chatrooms. A man was arrested by police in connection with the investigation.
In 2000, the group asked its members to provide misleading information to authorities to help Eric Franklin Rosser, an ex-member of John Mellencamp's band and a man charged with producing and distributing child pornography, evade prosecution. He was convicted in 2001 however, and was subsequently added to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation's most wanted list




Gruppo P
This is Francesco Vallini's group. Despite its legitmate status, Vallini spent three years in prison for running a criminal association. Despite this, the well-established gay magazine Babilonia continues to employ Vallini, and to support his ideas, although Gruppo P as such may be no more.


Dutch Society for Sexual Reform
The Dutch Society for Sexual Reform , also known by the acronym NVSH (in Dutch : Nederlandse Vereniging voor Seksuele Hervorming), is an organization Netherlands , founded in 1946, which advocates a change in the perception of sexuality in society. Among its prominent members was personalities with psychologist Frits Bernard , Senator and lawyer Edward Brongersma and sociologist Paul Schnabel.
The NVSH advocates the acceptance of human sexuality in all its forms, such as pre-marital relations, adultery , homosexuality , masturbation , exhibitionism , oral sex , anal sex ,bestiality or pedophilia. 

According to research, Tom O'Carroll went on to help establish this group after p.i.e was disbanded and remained a prominent member.

Founded in 1982. The most important pedophile association in Europe. On 27 June 2012 a Dutch court ruled that the group was illegal and ordered it to disband immediately. However this decision was overturned by a higher court in April 2013. The judge motivated his or her decision by stating that Martijn club did not commit crimes and the right of freedom of association.The group published the bulletin OK Magazine


Nigerian Senate
The Senate, in its infinate wisdom, has now bought into and openly endorsed the “Paedophile Charter” which essentially makes it lawful and constitutional for very young girls to get married and to have sex at a very young age it is my firm view that we have now become a nation of perverts and paedophiles. The Senate had a chance to clear the air and amend the law but, out of nothing but sentiment and an inexplicable eagerness to compromise with that which is clearly evil, they threw that chance away and sacrificed our most sacred values to Yerima and his gang. Worst still they did it with a smile on their faces. Every Nigerian should bow his or her head in shame because instead of crushing the head of the lustful beast that seeks to fornicate with our children, to steal their virtues and to destroy their future what the Senate did the other day was to compromise with and cater for the filthy appetites and godless fantasies of a bunch of child molestors and sexual predators.


Norwegian Humanist Association (NHA)
These are some of the thoughts you can find in an article by the name “Necrophilia-a sexual assault against the corpse?” , written by Norways most profiled blogger for the secular humanists and the skeptic movement.
The Norwegian Humanist Association (NHA) is one of the largest secular Humanist associations in the world with 83,100 members, and in relation to the size of the population it is by far the largest such association per capita. NHA is a member of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), and through the years they have held many of the top positions there.




Modern Boylove Magazine

A magazine pederastic English published online. Entirely by volunteers, it is an open access resource for both homosexuals as researchers or curious.
This magazine is written and published by members of various English-speaking forums, 

Thomas Victor O'Carroll proving yet again, rehabilitation is just a myth.
His vile site displays a list of his favoured blogs: Links have been removed...(list as given on Heretic)

  • Boy Chat:  The clue is in the name
  • CLover News:  Clever title: minor-attraction news rather than the latest about a green three-leaved plant.
  • Every Farthing Art: , poetry, novels, narratives and essays of interest to minor attracted adults. Excellent non-fiction selection too.
  • Girl Chat:  Self-explanatory, as per BC
  • Growing Up Sexually:  Vast anthropological archive
  • Inquisition 21st Century:  “Resisting the absolutism of our times”. Excellent exposure of UK’s Operation Ore and much else
  • Ipce:  Forum for scholarly discussion of child-adult intimacy. The website has a large academic and general library.
  • Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology:  World’s largest website on human sexuality
  • NAMBLA:  Still flying the BL flag after many years
  • Newgon:  The related positions of minor-attracted persons and contemporary youth. Good information resource.
  • PaidophilosTV:  YouTube channel with video discussions of minor attraction and sex offender registration
  • Take a Risk NZ:  Radical former family therapist focuses on the situation faced by minor-attracted people of all ages.



North American Man boy Love Association

United Nations
Dutch pedophile group Vereniging Martijn, was granted the important 'consultative member' status by the UN's Economic and Social Council.

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