Wednesday 28 January 2015

Residential Social Work Course

In 1979, a Steering Committee was established to manage and oversee a course designed to provide an alternate qualification to the CQSW and CSS in managing disturbed young children in a residential setting.

The idea was formed by Paul Gautier, a leading psycho-educationalist at the time, following a trip to Canada.
Nick Stacey, the Director of Kent social services, formed the steering committee and funding was received from the Gatsby Trust, part of the Sainsbury Foundation.
They received £60,000 over a three year period.
£15,000 per year of this was spent on the Director salary.

The Steering committee consisted of:

Nick Stacey;
John Rea Price, Islington Director of social services;
Mary Joynson, Barnardo's;
Janet Mattinson, Tavistock Centre;
Godfrey Godfrey-Isaacs, Peper Harow;
Peter Righton, Director of social work education, National Institute of Social Work;

So far, the only people I can find trace of that took the course, have all been convicted paedophiles.

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