Saturday 24 January 2015

Lying Britain

Call me a conspiracy theorist, call me a whack job, you won't be the first, nor last I'm sure.....
But, are we to believe Leon Brittan died after a long battle with cancer.

Former Home Secretary Leon Brittan has died after a long battle with cancer, his family said on Thursday. 
Friends say Lord Brittan, who was recently caught up in a row over allegations that he failed to act on evidence of child abuse by senior figures in Westminster in the 1980s, is understood to have died in his sleep on Wednesday night. The 75-year-old was last in hospital in Christmas 2013 for treatment for cancer and heart trouble. Source

I'm sorry, this is supposed to be a man riddled with cancer?!
I have seen people with cancer, a year down the line they look haggard, gaunt, pallid.
This man still has excess weight on his face, neck and chin. He still had a somewhat active lifestyle and showed no outward signs of illness, as evidenced in the patient below.

He held vital evidence against dozens implicated in sex abuse cases. He handled so many documents and evidenced allegations over his years as Home Secretary, that have since vanished that his death must surely be treated as suspicious.
How many victims' Justice is one life worth?
Watch this space....

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