Thursday 14 May 2015

Tri-X Consultancy

Phillip Andrew Barnett, a former Director of Tri-x Consultancy Limited and listed as Secretary of the board for Tri-X Childcare Limited, stepped down in December 2014 to then take the stand as a defendant in a court of law, along with three other defendants.
He is on trial for crimes against children, allegedly committed whilst he worked at a children's home in Shropshire.

The company themselves claim to have been operating for over twelve years
Tri.x has been producing information, procedures and web-enabled solutions for over 12 years, and has grown from a 'cottage industry' to an established and reliable provider. We do this through our unique blend of legal, practice and technical expertise and by continuously learning from our wide range of customers across the social care sectors. Source
Yet at the same time, the company was officially formed in 2013 yet filed Dormant accounts in 2014. Funny, a dormant company that had clients in Jan 2014 yet filed no accounts and still accepts new clients? Cumbria confirmed with me that they had recently joined Tri-X, along with over 200 other Safeguarding Boards for Children and Adults.
They handle mental health, fostering, adoption, disability, young mum's and families, sex abuse counselling, children's homes and schools.

Tri-x Childcare have been around for 12 years.
A second company was also set up to operate as parent company for Tri-x, (Signis Limited) by Barnett and Barry Raynes. 

Raynes operated a sub-company, Reconstruct Limited, which was involved in the inquiry into the deaths of two teenagers within a Tri-x operated area. Both Raynes and his wife led the Inquiry.

An independent investigative Chartered accountant is currently exploring the activities surrounding this Company and their connections.

Update: George Gretton, the accountant has now sent it as a fraudulent case to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.

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