Wednesday 12 March 2014

Child Trafficking For Sexual Exploitation, Executive Summary.

The executive summary of child trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation can be found on the ECPAT web site.

The UK continues to be a significant transit and
destination country for child trafficking. From
January to September 2011, Child Exploitation
Online Protection Centre (CEOP) identified

202 children trafficked into and within the UK
Of the various purposes for which the children
were trafficked, the second largest group of
children was trafficked for the purpose sexual
All those trafficked for sexual
exploitation were female, primarily from Nigeria
and the UK, and were on average between the
ages of 14-16 years.
Issues relating to the care
and support of Unaccompanied and Separated
Children (UASC) left at the border by
traffickers and seeking asylum in the UK have
long been of concern to the UK government,
local regional authorities and voluntary
organizations, as these children are often still
under the control of traffickers.

The UK has several national plans of action 
 to address child sexual exploitation. 
The most notable plans are the UK Action Plan 
on Tackling Human Trafficking, the Tackling 
Child Sexual Exploitation Action Plan and 
Violence against Women and Girls Action 
Plan, which was issued by the Home Office 
in 2011

Wait, so that's three different plans on how to deal with the same issue?! 

The UK government has recently undergone 
significant organizational changes in the area of 
child protection, and these changes impact the 
coordination and cooperation efforts involved 
in combating CSEC. The UK has extensive 
resources and excellent governmental services 
available to combat CSEC. There are currently 
at least five different law enforcement units 
that work on child exploitation issues: Child 
Exploitation and Online Protection Centre 
(CEOP); Serious Organized Crime Agency 
(SOCA); National Police Improvement 
Agency (NPIA); National Crime Agency 
(NCA); and the United Kingdom Human 
Trafficking Centre (UKHTC). Additionally, 
there is the UK Border Agency (UKBA) which 
also addresses child sex trafficking issues as 
they relate to immigration and border patrol. 
These organizations are currently undergoing 
administrative transformations, which have led 
to confusion regarding the specific roles and 
obligations of each group. Further, many of 
the groups are involved in every aspect of child 
exploitation, from identification of victims to the 
implementation of victim support services. This 
type of replication leads to institutional overlap 
and redundancies. 
ECPAT UK recommends 
that the UK government streamline these 
organizations and create a more clearly 
established chain of command to enhance 
effectiveness in combating CSEC.

Read more over at ECPAT

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