Monday 29 April 2013

Response to Pallial Report

I know many of you have been waiting patiently most of the day for me to comment on the Interim report on Operation Pallial.
I have sat back and tried to view the report objectively, taking into account the magnitude of the investigation and the time lapse, the problems faced in identifying victims and suspects being just some of the issues I tried to consider.
I have seen several negative comments regarding the report yet very few positive.
This in itself seems to have prompted yet further disheartening feedback from the next batch of readers/comments.

Whilst yes, some of the statements made within the report are generalised, others do not go far enought.

The key missing element being Cotsbrook Hall in Telford.
This Children's Home was purchased by and run under the staffing and management of Bryn Alyn Community.
Staff would go to Telford, or vice versa to cover shifts for staff shortages or holidays etc. There would be a bit of a bonus in their wage packets for the inconvenience and, half the time it would be a "sleep-over". Staff would arrive, make sure all were settled or settling for the night, have a drink and chill a bit, before going to bed. Next morning they would oversee breakfast, jump in the car and head home.
None of the activities or abuses within this home, operated by the same staff under investigation in Wales, are being considered by the police investigation or the Macur review.
North Wales police today dmitted they are investigating the historic abuse in 18 homes. That means they are completely discounting 1/19th of the evidence against these vile men and women that have been allowed to prey on children for decades.

There are a couple of minor issues that are in conflict with the claims of the report, but at the moment I am not at liberty to divulge these as they relate to personal ongoing police matters and I have no wish to jeapordise these, for anyone.

On the whole, this Interim, Phase 1 report is about the best that could have been hoped for. It highlights their focus, it shows several of the areas overlooked and gives victims and support workers something to work with and some idea what page everyone is on, while the investigation moves forward into Phase 2.

As the police said in 2012, this investigation is liable to take months if not years.
Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey............


  1. Is there anything 'we' can do to help make sure that Cotsbrook Hall is not left out?

  2. contact MP's. get them to ask Why.


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