Tuesday 2 April 2013

Operation Yewtree fail.... updated.

Tues 2nd April 2013
Have been told by Operation Yewtree that no action is to be taken in respect of the abuse I suffered in Halifax.

So the physical, mental and sexual abuse I suffered at the hands of Malcolm Osric Phillips and others is not to be dealt with by a court of law, justice will not be found and, the whole process of pouring my heart out for 5 and a half hours at the moment seems completely pointless - unless the whole point was to further inflict pain and suffering upon my already damaged and scarred mind.

Wed 3rd April 2013
Halifax Police rang today to further confirm there will be no prosecution in relation to the crimes I was subjected to in Halifax.

The stated reasons are that;

1; Physical assault, mental abuse whilst at Skircoat Lodge;
During Operation Screen, a decision was made between the Chief SuperIntendant and the C.P.S that, because Phillips was to serve time, all future cases involving Skircoat Lodge were to be recorded and filed. A further decision has been made that, based on Phillips' age (80) and time already served for similar fact crimes, he is not to face further prosecution.

Hmmm......wonder if that would work for an habitual shoplifter....Your Honour, this defendant has already served time for similar fact crimes so would not get a fair trial due to past crimes so he can't be tried.

2; Conspiracy to procure children for a paedophile ring;
No evidence despite most Skircoat Lodge residents either staying there and being his good little sex toys. or being shipped out to more secure units where there were paedophiles.

3; Sexual abuse in Farfield Children's Home, 193 Huddersfield Road, Halifax.
No evidence, no witnesses, no forensics, no prosecution.

Great British Justice


Still waiting to find out if anything is going to happen in regard to North Wales and Operation Pallial although I had already been warned it would probably go nowhere.

Read more about Malcolm Phillips and Skircoat Lodge here >


  1. Yes... well, it's all evidence against the policymen and their turn will come.

  2. Their turn has got to come when they all face judgement day. These low life protectors cannot shield and hide themselves and others forever. The tipping point is coming soon and the whole miserable vile house of cards will come tumbling down forever and ever taking them all with it. The sooner this comes the better.
    Let's pray for just 1 yes just 1 decent policeman/woman who is prepared to stand up and say 'this is not right and lets investigate this properly - sod the orders from above!'


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