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Warwick Spinks & Co.

Decided to do what David Icke won't and highlight some of the research compiled by the guys over at DI Forum as I feel they are doing some great work over there in regard to Elm Guest House and the links to International paedophile networks including CRIES and Zandvoort along with Spartacus and a few you've probably never heard of. 
It all ties in with the paedophile networks database I've been slowly building - except they are working faster than I'm currently able to catalogue. lol
More info on Zandvoort can be found on Fundamental Rights

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Amsterdam - Boys Club 21
Boys Club 21, also mentioned in the same Spartacus International 
Gay Guide as Toffs.

As published by Nick Davies:

''Williams arrived in Amsterdam in 1988, aged 21, and 
soon set himself up as the manager of a gay brothel called 
Boys Club 21
 on the first floor of 21 Spuistraat, near the 
central station. Across the road at number 44, another 
British paedophile, a chubby Londoner named Warwick Spinks
then aged 25, was running a similar club called the Gay Palace
Both clubs had a perfectly legal business, running a bar and 
offering the services of adult male prostitutes who could take 
customers upstairs to bedrooms. But Williams and Spinks had 
much wider and crueller interests.

Williams had fled to Holland after being convicted in 
Britain of indecent assaults on boys. In Amsterdam, he 
boasted of the day in South Wales when he had seen a 
ten-year-old boy on his bike, wanted him, grabbed him, 
raped him and, when he cried, strangled him to death.

He liked to show people the video of himself as a teenager 
in "Young Boys Pissing". From Boys Clubs 21, he organised 
the importing of boys from Cardiff and London, inflicting intense 
violence on any who defied him. P**l C******r, from Cardiff, 
who eventually managed to run away told us: “He put a contract 
on me. They were going to put a bullet in my head. Two of
my mates came up with black eyes and warned me. I hid in this 
cafe – they were ripping people out, looking for me.”

Coach Tours To Hell

Roll Up, Roll Up, For The (Last) Journey Of A Lifetime
Russell Howard-Tricker 

Born to Augustus Tricker and Emily G. Partridge in 1942 at Colchester.

Currently living in the Netherlands.

Russell Howard Tricker was educated at Elmbridge School,
Cranleigh, Surrey, where he was a pupil from 1956 to 1958.

He was also associated with the University of Southampton and
King Alfred's College, Winchester.

Tricker worked as a School Teacher from 1964 to 1974.
After his dismissal for child sex offenses he began working
in the travel industry from 1974.

Part One - Amsterdam

Tricker, Russell Howard, former English teacher
convicted paedophile become a driver for a tour operator
for English paedophiles going to the Netherlands, where he
eventually took refuge after his conviction in England in the
late 80s”.

Russell Tricker, a former private school teacher who was
convicted of child sex offences in the UK, used his job as a
coach driver to ferry suitable boys from London”.

“After speaking to paedophiles and their victims and to police
and social workers in Britain, Holland and Germany, we have
uncovered the inner workings of an international paedophile
Its roots spring from Amsterdam, where, in the late
1980s, a group of exiled British paedophiles set up a colony.
Taking advantage of Dutch tolerance towards sexual behaviour,
they exploited the freedom of the gay community in the city as
cover to enact their fantasies and to make money from them.
One of the first to do so was Alan Williams, the ‘Welsh Witch’,
who already had a vicious history of abusing boys in south Wales.

“It was the British who formed the hard core of the new
industry: Stephen Smith, who had helped to found the
Paedophile Information Exchange, fled there to avoid
imprisonment in England; Russell Tricker, now aged 58,
a former private school teacher who was convicted of
child-sex offences in the UK, moved to Amsterdam, where
he used his job as a coach-driver to ferry suitable boys
from London; Tricker’s
 friend, John Broomhall, opened a porn
shop on Spuistraat and was caught with more than a thousand
copies of videos of under-aged boys; Mark Enfield, now aged 41,
sold a video of himself abusing a drugged boy; Andrew Prichodsky,
now aged 50, jumped bail in England on the eve of his third trial for
child sex offences”.

“Dutch police estimated there were 250 paedophiles involved
in the production of child pornography in Amsterdam with an
unknown floating population of child sex tourists from all over
the world - and it was the British who formed the hard core

“ (In) Amsterdam Tricker was part of the English group
of organised paedophiles which included Warwick Spinks.
In this group was Derek Brown, who had spoken about a
snuff movie made about the sexual abuse and murder of
14 year old Jason Swift in 1985, for which a Small number
of the group was convicted. Brown was convicted in the
Netherlands in 1989 for making child porn videos using Dutch
and Moroccan children, and his friends Mark Enfield, who
was also an accomplice in the murder of Jason Swift, but
has never been questioned”.

Part Two – From Elm To Amsterdam

John Rowe suggested use of Spartacus Mag to advertise
Elm Guest House. ? Paedophiles arranged trips to Holland for ?

Elm Documents 13-14:

X was taken to Holland. At a house in Amsterdam
3 months – returned because he was sick (SD? and an infection).
Both he and X were kept at ‘safe’ house for periods …reported
missing by Kier.

Elm Document 44:

John Rowe Organised trips Holland for Monday Club,
also cruises. Has taken boys over there. Recruited via
rent boy scene & Ruffell. Selected boys sent on ‘holiday’.
Knows Tricker.

Elm Documents 53-54:

John Rowe took XX (Rusty) to Amsterdam June 1982.

Elm documents 55-57:

‘Rusty’ taken to Amsterdam. Was in care…

Elm Document 86:

John Rowe took Rusty and other boys to Amsterdam

Elm Document 87:

Boys – Recruited by Kier/Stingemore

‘Rusty’…. Care Richmond Grafton Close

Elm Document: 121

Although now retired in the Netherlands, Russell Howard-Tricker enjoys regularly
returning to the United Kingdom where he entertains families by playing a German spy captured in the” War Weekends” held at the Bluebell Railway, Borehamwood. 

Part Three – Passing On The Baton: The Next Generation

Amsterdam to Prague

Amsterdam is played out now and all my
old friends have moved here as well. The
beauty of this place is that, like the Dutch,
they have no hang-ups about sex".

The Legacy of Elm: Paedophile who runs package tours for perverts to prey on children

Warwick Spinks

As posted by Disco yesterday: “The most infamous alleged 
visitor to Elm Guest House was Warwick Spinks, a 
violent paedophile who in 1995 was jailed for a series of 
sexual offences on boys, including serious sexual assault 
at knifepoint, taking a child without lawful authority and 
taking indecent images of children. Lewes Crown Court 
heard that he had he drugged a 14-year-old boy and 
"sold him" to a gay brothel in Amsterdam”.

In 2000 A PLOT by Britain’s most wanted paedophile 
to run child-sex holidays for perverts has been 
smashed. The brute BOASTED how he used the Internet 
to lure men from Britain and the rest of Europe by promising 
tours of pick-up bars and providing apartments where 
the sex beasts could take youngsters. Spinks fled Britain 
in 1997 – breaking conditions of parole – after his early 
release from a jail term for drugging and kidnapping 
a 14-year-old boy who he SOLD to a gay brothel in 
Holland – Spinks was eventually caught late 
2012 in Czech republic after he after bragged he 
could arrange sex with young boys for as little as 10p. 
He was also caught on secret camera offering to supply 
a video in which a 10 year old boy was killed and one 
featuring the horrific abuse of a young boy".

The Dutch scene and how it links to the UK

One of the first to do so was Alan Williams
the “Welsh Witch” (died of aids and heroin), 
who already had a vicious history of abusing 
boys in south Wales. Williams arrived in Amsterdam 
in 1988, aged 21, and soon set himself up as the 
manager of a gay brothel called Boys Club 21 at 21 Spuistraat, near the central station. Across the 
road at number 44, another British paedophile, a chubby 
Londoner named Warwick Spinks, then aged 25, was running a similar club called the Gay Palace
Both clubs had a legal business, running a bar and offering 
the services of adult male prostitutes.
But Williams and Spinks had much crueller interests. 
Williams had fled to the Netherlands after being 
convicted in Britain of indecent assaults on boys. 
In Amsterdam, he boasted of the day in south Wales 
when he had seen a 10-year-old boy on his bike, grabbed 
him, raped him, and, when he cried, strangled him. From 
Boys Clubs 21he organised the importing of boys 
from Cardiff and London, inflicting intense violence on 
any who defied him.

Spinks had been running a mail order pornography 
business from Brighton, before he moved to 
Amsterdam, where he pioneered the trafficking 
of boys as young as 10 – first, from the streets of 
London, and, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, 
from the poverty of eastern Europe. Having brought 
them to Amsterdam, he used these “chickens” himself, 
sold them into the brothels or through escort agencies 
and put them in front of the camera. Some resisted, 
some ran away, but most were made to comply through 
the removal of their passports and doses of drugs and 

By 1990, these two clubs on Spuistraat, together 
with Boys for Men, De Boys, the Blue Boy and the Why Not, had become the busiest watering holes 
in the international paedophile jungle. Dutch police estimated there were 250 paedophiles involved in the production of child pornography in Amsterdam 
with an unknown floating population of child sex tourists 
from all over the world – and it was the British who formed 
the hard core consumers: Stephen Smith, who had helped 
to found the Paedophile Information Exchange, fled there 
when police in England prosecuted the organisation;
Russell Tricker, now 58, a former private school teacher 
who was convicted of child sex offences in the UK, used his job as a coach driver to ferry suitable boys from London; John Broomhall opened a porn shop on Spuistraat 
and was caught with more than 1,000 copies of videos of 
under-aged boys; Mark Enfield, now 41, sold a video of himself 
abusing a drugged boy.

Horrifying back catalogue of abuse led to his nickname 
‘the Pied Piper of Paedophiles’ after bragged he could 
arrange sex with young boys for as little as 10p

A violent child sex offender who fled the UK and went 
on the run for 15 years is back in jail after being arrested 
in the Czech Republic.

Warwick Spinks, 48, was arrested at Heathrow after being 
flown from Prague on Thursday, the Child Exploitation 
and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) said.

He was also caught on secret camera offering to supply 
a video in which a 10 year old boy was killed and one 
featuring the horrific abuse of a young boy. 

CEOP said Spinks was convicted in 1995 at Lewes 
Crown Court of numerous sexual offences against 
boys in Hastings.

He was jailed for seven years, reduced to five years 
on appeal in 1996.

His offences included serious sexual assault at knifepoint, 
taking indecent images of children and taking a child without 
lawful authority.

Part Four – Prague

International investigation

He was released on licence on condition that he was
not allowed to leave the UK without permission.

He breached the conditions in 1997 and was recalled
to prison, but went missing.

Following extradition from the Czech Republic he will serve
the 18 remaining months of his sentence.

His arrest followed an international investigation involving
officers from CEOP, the Metropolitan Police and the Serious
Organised Crime Agency (Soca).

Spinks was arrested by Czech police in August 2012.
He had been using numerous aliases , including Willem Van Wijk
and William Spinks, CEOP said.

A PLOT by Britain’s most wanted paedophile to run child-sex
holidays for perverts has been smashed by the Sunday People.

Evil Warwick Spinks is cashing in by organising “package tours”
for sicko clients to prey on teenage boys.

We tracked down runaway Spinks, 35, to the Czech
capital of Prague, Europe’s new perverts’ paradise.

The brute BOASTED how he used the Internet to lure
men from Britain and the rest of Europe by promising
tours of pick-up bars and providing apartments where
the sex beasts could take youngsters.

Spinks fled Britain three years ago – breaking conditions
of parole – after his early release from a jail term for
drugging and kidnapping a 14-year-old boy who he SOLD
to a gay brothel in Holland.

The fiend – described by police as one of Britain’s
most dangerous paedophiles – was also suspected
of masterminding an international paedophile ring and being
involved in “snuff movies”. He faces instant arrest if he returns

Spinks BRAGGED to our investigators – posing as sex tour
operators: “In Prague, a boy will spend the night with you
for 400 Kronas, less than pounds 10. Just put the men on
a plane and leave the rest to me. I can provide accommodation,
transport and the personal touch.”

The Sunday People has put paid to Spinks’s sick scheme
by blowing his cover. We can reveal today how he:

- POSES as a Dutch property consultant, using the name
Wilhelm Pavel;

- SHAVED off his moustache in a bid to alter his appearance
and rarely ventures far without minders;

- HIDES away in a flat in one of the smarter suburbs of Prague,
a magnet for perverts because the age of consent for gay sex
is only 15;

- USES e-mail and hidden websites to keep his tours secret from
the authorities;

- PLOTS to make Prague as popular as Thailand for paedophiles.
The city’s police have heard of kiddies as young as eight selling
their bodies.

- TAUNTED Scotland Yard detectives who long to put him back
behind bars and protect children.

Spinks, who claims to speak eight languages, boasted: 
“I know all the right boys. They’re all bisexual in this 
country. Any boy is available at the right price.

“I already have a lot of clients from Holland, Germany 
and Belgium. In June I have 20 arriving here. They are all 
spoilt b******s with lots of money. 

Amsterdam is played out now and all my old friends have moved here as well. The beauty of this place is that, like the Dutch, they have no hang-ups about sex".

“The boys are as cheap as in Thailand but are just 
two hours away from London by plane. The average 
wage here is only pounds 200 a month.

I provide apartments because you will have a 
problem taking a boy back to a hotel room. There are 
security men on every floor and they will not allow visitors 
no matter how much you have paid.”

Spinks, who had his gay lover Jakob, 22, in tow,
said: “Between us we have eight apartments with
access to another 68.

My apartments will give you the freedom to do what
you like when you like
. They are all nicely furnished and 
in the right locations for nightlife. I use clubs like Pinocchio’s 
or Escape where you get lads on the run from conscription 
into the army. Some of them are stunning.”

Spinks, from Greenwich, South London, proudly explained 
how he contacts the scum who use his services. He said“I don’t need to advertise but have a website run by a friend in Budapest.

“Most business is by word of mouth. I have a lot of regulars 
who know they can trust me. The boys are also trustworthy. 
You don’t have to worry about them stealing from you.”

Spinks then explained how he looks after the needs of his 
pervert punters.

He said: “We can pick them up by car from the airport or 
organise a minibus if it is a large group. We will drop them 
off at apartments and take them out for personalised tours 
of all the best places.”

Spinks tries to meet any needs of his clients – down to 
a supply of Diet Coke in the fridge.

He said: “They all want boys. We will be flat out pampering 
them. Most of our business is repeat business and clients 
won’t come back if we don’t look after them properly.”

Spinks was convicted in 1995 of abducting the 14-year-old.

He drugged the lad, who had run away from a children’s home, 
and sold him as a rent boy in Holland. British and Dutch police l
launched an investigation after the boy fled to the British Embassy.

Spinks got seven years, cut to five years on appeal. Officers 
from Scotland Yard’s Paedophile Squad were furious when he 
got parole in 1997 after 30 months. He ignored conditions that 
he be supervised by probation officers and sign the Sex Offenders 
Register and fled – sending cops a taunting postcard from Holland.

International businessmen, lawyers and politicians were among 
Spinks’ clients when he ran the notorious Why Not boy brothel 
in Amsterdam before his arrest.

Cops in Amsterdam secretly taped Spinks offering to supply 
a video in which a 10-year-old boy was killed. He also said 
an associate had seen a boy die in the making of a film.

Spinks told our investigators at a meeting in Prague’s 
Wenceslas Square: “Scotland Yard would love to get 
their hands on me because they wasted pounds 2million 
investigating me.” Two minders watched from a nearby 
car as Spinks added: “I am well protected here.”

When one minder rumbled our photographer, Spinks started 
ranting and had to be calmed by passing policemen.

Tulips From Amsterdam, Bluebells From Britain

(Much fun to be at at the Bluebell Railway, Borehamwood.
Allow your family to be entertained by International child
trafficker Russell Howard-Tricker).
Announcement: 8 October 2008 

It is with much personal sadness that I have to report the 
death of long-time volunteer Pat Berry in a car accident near 
Amsterdam last Friday (3rd October). 

Pat was recently married to Netherlands-based volunteer 
Russell Howard-Tricker (he plays the German spy captured
in our war weekends)
 and was on her way back to the UK for 
another stint as Santa's Granny dealing with the bookings for the 
Santa Specials.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Russell at this time. 
Russell was in hospital for a short time but is now at home, 
battered and bruised and lucky to be alive. Although it was hoped 
that Pat's funeral could be held in the UK, the costs of repatriation 
rule this out and it will be held in The Netherlands. 

Pat was a volunteer in the Booking Office at Sheffield Park for 
more years than I care to remember, travelling down once or 
twice a month from Birmingham to do a weekend on the railway. 
Following her move to France a few years ago, she would 
return periodically to the UK to work on the railway, most notably 
for the Santa season and afterwards when she would update the 
Santa mailing list. 

She will be sorely missed by all her friends and colleagues in the 
Park Booking Office and on the railway. 

- Gavin Bennett, General Secretary
8 October 2008.

Update: 9 October 

The funeral is being held on Thursday 16th October at 1:30pm at 
the C of E Church, Christ Church Groenburgwal, Amsterdam, followed 
by a private cremation. 

Family flowers only, donations towards to the Northern Extension.


Posted by Disco

I didnt know this man was still volunteering there! This absolutely defies belief! 

Whatsmore we have this location and him volunteering there in our knowledge for definite - see link - Bluebell Railways - and nothing is being done??!!

''The railway is operated by "Bluebell Railway plc", which is majority owned by the volunteer membership through the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society''

What we have here is a convicted paedophile, Russell Howard Tricker, an ex teacher,
coach driver, running gay brothels, that feature in a paedo magazine, who was found with
pornographic material in his possession and siezed at customs - who

has survived unscathed any police checks or criminal records checks- CRB's and the like 

and is still volunteering on steam railway with kids???!!!!

This is an urgent safeguarding issue! All volunteers have to have CRB checks-
I did too. Why wasnt he? Or was he and they didnt care about his past paedophilie crimes??

Tricker entertains families by playing a German spy captured in the” War Weekends” held at the Bluebell Railway.

Look at the special incentives they have for attracting kids. Im not saying the whole company
is like Russell, but it does say something perhaps about why Tricker wanted to work there!

-Thomas the Tank specials.*with Children's Entertainers
* Face Painting
* Punch and Judy
* Quizzes
* Rides in a Guard's Van normally used on Goods Trains!
(the fat controller will ''keep an eye on things'').
''For Children up to 8 we have the Stepney Club. The 9F Club allows older children to get more
involved behind the scenes at the railway. Details of how we assist with School Visits to the railway 
- projects can contribute towards Key Stages 1 & 2 of the National Curriculum.''

''Your children will love to take our vintage steam rail trip during your vacation.''

'' in the run up to Christmas each year, the very popular Santa Specials where the children receive
presents from Father Christmas, and a full programme of other Special Events. ''
(remember his wife was santa's granny - is he father christmas????)

'kids for a quid' specials at half term.

'This year we are introducing a family zone, with picnic area and children’s’ entertainment. 
Marco the Magician will be performing throughout the day, plus there will be Bouncy Castles, competitions and much more.'

Is this company running adequate checks on childrens safeguarding for volunteers? Do they know who he is? He shouldn't be working with or near children. What happened to the CRB?

And a couple of little pieces found by Jkick

When sex abuse can lead to murder

Spinks had been running a mail order pornography business from Brighton, before he moved to Amsterdam, where he pioneered the trafficking of boys as young as 10 - first, from the streets of London, and, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, from the poverty of eastern Europe. Having brought them to Amsterdam, he used these "chickens" himself, sold them into the brothels or through escort agencies and put them in front of the camera. Some resisted, some ran away, but most were made to comply through the removal of their passports and doses of drugs and violence.

By 1990, these two clubs on Spuistraat, together with Boys for Men, De Boys, the Blue Boy and the Why Not, had become the busiest watering holes in the international paedophile jungle. Dutch police estimated there were 250 paedophiles involved in the production of child pornography in Amsterdam with an unknown floating population of child sex tourists from all over the world - and it was the British who formed the hard core consumers: Stephen Smith, who had helped to found the Paedophile Information Exchange, fled there when police in England prosecuted the organisation; Russell Tricker, now 58, a former private school teacher who was convicted of child sex offences in the UK, used his job as a coach driver to ferry suitable boys from London; John Broomhall opened a porn shop on Spuistraat and was caught with more than 1,000 copies of videos of under-aged boys; Mark Enfield, now 41, sold a video of himself abusing a drugged boy.

Alan Williams introduced two paedophile friends from Wales, John Gay and Lee Tucker, both of whom were to become central targets for Bristol detectives. The two men found they could sell Welsh boys into the clubs on Spuistraat and then make more money by investing in child pornography. They bought video equipment, set up TAG Films, and visited Amsterdam regularly to make films, which they sold through distributors in the US and Germany. At the time, Dutch law punished production of child pornography with a maximum sentence of only three months.

By October 1990, detectives on the old obscene publications squad at Scotland Yard were picking up worrying signals. An informant told them that someone called Alan Williams was trafficking boys into Amsterdam and that Williams had asked him to smuggle a child porn video back into the UK. Another informant told how he had smuggled a dozen tapes in the opposite direction: they had been produced, he believed, in north London, equipped with a bondage room for boys. He had delivered the tapes in Amsterdam to "Alan from Cardiff" at Boys Club 21. The informant said he had visited the Gay Palace across the road, where he watched videos of boys in bondage, aged 11 to 14, being buggered by masked men.

Soon, other informants were offering more detail. One man said he had seen Warwick Spinks selling a special video for £4,000. It showed a boy whom he thought was only eight or nine being sexually abused and tortured by two men. But the most startling allegations came from a gay man, "Frank", who had gone to Amsterdam in July 1990 and found himself caught up in this paedophile underworld. In 1993, he spoke to the same officers at Scotland Yard.

Frank told police that Warwick Spinks had invited him to come on a trip to the Canaries, where he had suggested Frank should help him sell videos and showed him a sample. Frank said he watched in growing horror as the video played out a murder - a boy who seemed to be no older than 12 was beaten and attacked with needles, before being castrated and cut open with a knife. The video seemed to have been shot in a barn, and detectives later learned that Williams and his friends had been talking about making a video in a barn that belonged to a German from one of the Spuistraat clubs. 


From a front-page editorial in Italy's Corriere della Sera, reprinted in The Irish Times, September 29, 2000

Also included among the 7,272 suspects in the United Kingdom, according to the Observer, were "hundreds of child welfare professionals, including police officers, care workers and teachers," all of whom were "identified as 'extremely high-risk' paedophiles."Particularly well represented on the list were law enforcement personnel: "Investigators now believe as many as 90 police officers have so far been identified from an initial trawl of 200 of the British names found in the U.S. Many of the other suspects work in other sensitive professions, often linked to the criminal justice system."

On November 4, 2002, the Independent carried a brief report that noted that virtually all of the British suspects had "yet to be investigated despite the police having their details for four months." All the information on the suspects was sent in July 2002 to the fifty-one police departments throughout Great Britain, but "despite detailed intelligence, nearly all of the suspected paedophiles remain at large." 

No mention was made of why it took U.S. authorities nearly three years to get the information to their UK counterparts. 

In January 2003, the Sunday Herald announced that the "police inquiry which plans to arrest a further 7000 men across the UK . is set to end in disaster with many suspects walking free." Detective Chief Inspector Bob McLachlan, the former head of Scotland Yard's paedophile unit, told the Sunday Herald, "the lack of urgency in making arrests will lead to suspects destroying evidence before they are arrested." McLachlan also told the Herald that claims made by police chiefs and the government that they are prioritizing pedophile crime are nothing but "smoke and mirrors."


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  1. A superb summary which brings together so much information.

  2. Thank-you very much for this information. I am at present compiling a list of possible contacts that Jimmy Savile might have had, and there are lots of names here who may be connected to people who might have been connected to Jimmy Savile. All very "might have been", I know, but it would only take 1 confirmed connection for there to be a new line of investigation available. The fact that Savile had operated over such an extended time span, and over such a large geographical area means that he would have had the opportunity to meet with any of the people mentioned in this article. Unfortunately, the time-consuming nature of what I am attempting to do, on a part-time basis, I am still working, means that progress is somewhat slow. Also, the more names that come up, there is an arithmetical progression in term of the numbers of possible connections, not just between the names and Savile, but between each other. But we slog on!

    1. See the Savile timeline linked at top of page.

  3. Read: and for updated information about the paedophile cult operated by Chris and Clare Godson in Benevent l'Abbaye, France. Ariela Cohen.

  4. I was astonished by learning just how many people knew or suspected the abuse of teenage girls by Chris and Clare Godson during their time in Ireland. Many people suspected that the young girls were not present in the Godson household for religious instruction. If anyone has more information my email is:

  5. At the moment I am concentrating most of my investigative powers into the mesh of paedophile networks operating in Thailand during the time Chris and Clare Godson operated a thinly disguised child brothel there. The girls 5y to 15y were given clean little dresses and a clean little bed......and a fat sex tourist 30y to 60y to share the bed. Making a substantial donation to the coffers of the Godsons bought you a season ticket to one of their charitable "Christian" establishments. My email:

  6. The convicted paedophile Russell Howard-Tricker who is now age 71 and lives in Uithoorn ( a town south of Amsterdam) has a Bristol VRT Series 3 Dual Door Double Decker Bus (Colour Red)
    British Registration : RHT 511S. I checked on the DVLA vehicle check and the bus was last taxed up-to 1998 in the U.K. So, it might have gone over to Holland with him.
    On the Bristol VR register, he has his location in Uithoorn, so could he still be doing bus tours in Holland? Very worrying! These buses are still in commercial use in U.K. and Holland. . Also, he has a profile on the dutch social site (but no pictures or info) I will try and do some more research, there are lots of videos of the Bluebell Railway and there can`t be many "captured German spies!" Would be good to have a picture to put to the name.
    Excellent compilation, keep looking at the David Icke forum, there is more info on these paedophile rings appearing every day.

    1. Firstly Russell Howard-Tricker has never had a Conviction in the UK and I have seen certificates that prove it. This is journalistic lies from an article in the News of the World from 1989 which has persistently been repeated.
      The Double Decker Bus RHT511S was scrapped by Crown Coaches of Bristol in 2003. The registration documents together with those for VOD594S were in a safe belonging to Classic Bus, North Holland based in Uithoorn. This was broken into and all documents were stolen. VOD594S became BP-GS-24 and was sold together with the rest of Classic Bus business in 2006.
      Please stick to facts in future and not dreams.

  7. found an interesting contact of Trickers...
    Hi all,

    I have today exchanged e-mails with Russell Howard-Tricker in Holland, who keeps a close eye on this bus, and he confirms that it was sold to the Housing Association, but with a 'buy back' clause when they no longer require it. Sjoerds Autos have the original (LT moquette) seats in store and steps have been taken to try and preserve the UK registration for future use.

    One day...


    Chris Stewart
    Essex Bus News

    1. Lets get the facts straight - shall we.The vehicle you are refering to is Prototype AEC Renown 8071 ML once operated by Osborne's Tollesbury now owned by Sjoerd's Autos of Lelystad. Sold to Rochdale Homes in 2009. Converted into a mobile Reception/Office Vehicle.Bought back in 2012 with broken engine. As new 590 installed in 2013. The seats are Frames only". Moquette and Sorbo rubber rotten and destroyed. If you have a cool 27,000 Euros the vehicle can be yours. Full History with vehicle including UK Registration papers

    2. Russell Howard Tricker trafficked boys from the UK to Holland, one poor 8 year old boy was trafficked by Tricker on his bus and sold to Warick Spinks for £400. Spinks sold him to another paedophile called Beet Meyer , a Swiss/British national who used the boy in his snuff film, filmed in Switzerland and called the "London tape" French police recorded this tape in 1991 and Thailand police found many copies of the same tape, both police forces forwarded copies via Interpol to British police, but the British police deny there existence, probably due to Westminster V.I.P paedophile links. e.g. Leon Brittan in the video that Russell Tricker had labelled as "Amsterdam Tram Museum" which was found at Dover customs..fact. In the London tape , the poor 8 year old London boy , trafficked by Tricker to Holland then sold to Warwick Spinks for £400 and then sold to that nasty paedophile Beet meyer, the boy was tortured for 8 hours, but the tape was edited to 2 hours. The boy was buggered , tortured, had his nipples cut-off, throttled, was castrated and then stomach sliced open! All this whilst conscious and filmed. THESE ARE WHAT THE MONSTERS LIKE RUSSELL HOWARD TRICKER, WARWICK SPINKS etc DO FOR THERE KICKS. NEVER FORGET THIS! THEY WILL PAY AND SO WILL ALL PAEDOS AND CHILD KILLERS!

    3. I have been dealing with Russell Howard Tricker's affairs since he moved to Holland in 1979. You describe him as a "Boy Trafficker" - lies. Until he retired he was an International Coach Driver and regularly worked between London and Amsterdam. You state that he trafficked an 8 year old. Please supply proof as no 8 year old could travel unless accompanied by an authorised adult.
      You state Tricker was paid 400 Pounds by Warwick Spinks - lies. The only money that Spinks ever paid to Toff's Apartments (Company owned by my client) was for accomodation. Some that Bill has never been paid.
      What Video Tape labelled "Amsterdam Tram Museum". My client was stopped by Dover Customs in January 1982. The envelopes were sealed and were A4. i.e.not large enough to contain video tape cassettes, which were in their infancy at the time and few people had players The seizure notice of August 1982 has been "augmented" with these tapes. So where did they come from.
      It is a pity that your blog has been infiltrated by people who write malicious allegation and lies. They repeat ad nausium lies that have appeared in earlier blogs - never bothering to check their authenticity or whether they are fact or fiction. Please check you facts before submitting anything for publication.

    4. Interesting how you leave all these accusations of lies, but you won't identify yourself, whereas the people that compiled the evidence against your "client" were more than happy to put a name to their work
      lucky for me I have your IP address and so do the police, now. Ty for that :)

  8. Firstly, I must come clean and admit that I am 1 of those people who leave a comment on a website and then never go back to the site to see if anybody has bothered to read it!

    Secondly, I am the "Anonymous" of 9/8/13; I was not trying to hide my identity; "Anonymous" was the only way that I could leave a comment at that time. Thank-you to kaz tiggr for referring me to the Savile timeline. I have spent several days, on and off, reading through everything contained in it except the following.

    I have not gone to the links for mainstream media, as I think that all of their information would be very much known in the public domain. I have also not gone to the links to other blogs as I know how easy it is to get side-tracked in this way, and I would not have been back even now, had I ventured there!

    I have, however, looked at the local newspaper reports, and any You Tube videos that I had not previously seen. Incidentally, there are a large number of "not found" messages on some of the local paper pages, particularly from the Jersey Evening Post, which is hardly surprising.

    Whilst there was nothing new there for me in specific relation to Savile, there is a lot of padding and fleshing-out of information that I already knew, together with a lot of context in which to place my thoughts, which is always helpful. Many thanks for all the detail. Keep up the good work, and we may eventually find the 1 connection that is needed to link Savile with somebody in high places. If not, then by piling 1 apparent co-incidence upon another, the sheer weight of such "co-incidences" itself becomes a form of evidence, if not proof.

  9. russell tricker has been found guilty of various child sex offences at chelmsford crown court and will be sentenced on october 4th 2019

  10. I was there. Just 17 years old in 84. Warwick Spinx and I had "intimate relations" on more than one occasion. My mate actually lived in Russell Trickers house. I'm happy to say we both escaped relatively unscathed, and both discuss how oblivious we were to what was going on around us. Stories that would make most toes curl.


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