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Chain Of Events, Failure To Protect

This is a breakdown of the  events faced by one family as their lives were destroyed by the Zandvoort Network.

(Citizens Ministry for Child Protection)

Contact: Drs. F. Laméris, Zuidlaren: 050-4096142 – e-mail: frideslameris@gmail.com

1. 2009. Mr. Ben van den Brink discovers that his two daughters Demi and Nirvana have been, and still are being abused and mistreated by his father-in-law and friends of his. During this period his wife Leonie Minkema tells him that the same abuse was done to her by her father, other family members and friends. Ben is furious and runs to his father-in-law, who has already called the police. Arriving at the doorstep he is surrounded by 11 police cars. Here is the first sign of police helping the members of a paedophile-network.

  1. September 15, 2009. Due to threatening his father-in-law, Ben is arrested while making an official complaint at the police station in Alkmaar, and he is imprisoned for 6 months. Neither investigation, nor any action takes place against Mr. Ype Minkema, his father-in-law, a man of influence in the local community of Schoorl. The police refuse the request of Ben to file a criminal complaint against Mr. Ype Minkema because of his abusive behaviour.
  1. September 24, 2009. While Ben is in jail, the children are taken away by Children’s Welfare Agency and brought to OCK1 Het Spalier in Zandvoort, a children’s institution for ‘custodial placement’. Both parents are shocked by the removal of their already traumatised children. The parents are hardly allowed any contact with the children, while grandfather Minkema is visiting the girls regularly.

  1. During this time Leonie is at home alone, where she is being raped several times by her father and four friends, one of them being a policeman from Schoorl.

  1. Early November 2009. The physician of the OCK Spalier examines both girls and suggests possible sexual abuse.

  1. March 23, 2010. Ben gets out of jail. Leonie recalls more and more supressed memories and experiences, which prove she has been abused by a paedophile ring in Schoorl in which many families are involved as are the children of these families, many of them acting like this for generations. Totally shocked by this absurd abuse phenomenon and the unreasonable behaviour of Children’s Welfare Agency and police, Ben decides to start his own research.

  1. Ben requests assistance of friends and media, Scotland Yard, Morkhoven Group and Europol. He interrogates several employees of 9 different children’s institutions throughout the country, and posts at various places to make observations. This shows him amongst others, that many children are sexually abused at the OCK Spalier in Zandvoort. This institution denies these allegations. Furthermore, these investigations show Ben that tremendous child abuse takes place within these child care institutions.
Links are established by researchers between pedo-networks and the structural sexual abuse of children. The question is whether child trafficking is going on in the Netherlands.
  1. Structural and generational sexual abuse of babies and children is connected to satanic rituals. Unknown to many it is a subject that is now negotiable, allowing more insight to come in the how and why of child abuse. http://www.answers.org/satan/Sra.html

  1. August 2010. Leonie visits the family physician with Demi for the removal of a genital wart, under the supervision of an employee from the OCK Spalier. Demi panics as the doctor touches her buttocks; she’s afraid "he’ll put something in there".

  1. March 2011. Ben and Leonie want Nirvana to be examined by an independent physician in Haarlem as well, to prove sexual abuse. As soon as OCK Spalier finds out, both children are rushed to a secret location elsewhere in the country (Later on this turned out to be Huizen). They are kept out of school for 8 days, in order to hide any trace of sexual abuse. Contact with the parents is denied, only Leonie is allowed to visit the girls once a fortnight, under supervision, for an hour and a half.

  1. August 19, 2011. Demi and Nirvana are transferred again, this time to the Wilma House, a foster home in Zoetermeer. According to the behaviour of the girls Leonie knows by her own experiences the children are still being abused.

  1. Sept. 20 and Oct. 19 2011. Ben is trialled twice and later finds out that these trials are not recorded in the official national register of court cases. Both trials therefore officially never took place and are illegal.

  1. November 1, 2011. Unlawful and violent arrest Ben van den Brink. Ben and Leonie are brutally forced off the road by police cars. Ben is violently dragged out of his car and beaten up severely by several policemen and is taken to the hospital. Police threaten Ben and Leonie with a gun.

  1. Under false pretexts, Ben is imprisoned again. Attempts are made to enforce a psychological report for longer detention, without success. Release date: November 4.

Increasing irregularities in official documents show up, as well as names and photographs of policemen with double employment at Children’s Welfare Agency and a number of judges who make decisions against the official rules. The procedures are published in detail, also showing relevant documents, and are discussed by many at the website www.argusoog.org. The website is forced by Children’s Welfare Agency to censor, in order to avoid juridical procedures with high penalties.

  1. November, 2011. Anneke Bleeker, owner of the nationally well-known website www.verontrustemoeders.nl and citizen in the area where Ben en Leonie are living, has a meeting with the mayor of Bergen Mrs. Hetty Hafkamp and head of the police Mr. Kooijman for further explanation.

  1. December 9, 2011. Ben leaves with documents to Europol Germany in order to prevent unlawful imprisonment. He makes every effort needed to bring his daughters back home and more and more people start offering help.

  1. December 16, 2011. Squad raid on a friend’s house elsewhere in the country in an attempt to find Ben. Without success.

  1. January 21, 2012. Leonie, home alone, is regularly harassed by the police and again an unlawful raid takes place. Listen to the live recording here: http://www.argusoog.org/breaking-inval-in-huis-ben-van-den-brink/

Leonie decides to move to a friend to avoid intimidation and worse. Foster parents Wilmahuis ask permission for passport application for Demi and Nirvana. Ben and Leonie are fiercely against this and deny permission.

  1. February 2011. To punish the parents for refusing permission, Leonie is not allowed to visit the children for a month.

  1. February 22, 2012. Ben is arrested again. The obscure documents show double files, messing with time and copied stamps, and there are various other signs showing corruption and fraud of documents.

  1. May 24, 2012. Ben is released by the judge’s verdict without suspension until a new hearing. The hearing is extended until July 11. Shortly before July 11 the session is cancelled as there is no probation report. This report will never come out, for Ben has, by his own will, no contact with the probation service. The case against Ben therefore remains unresolved and there is no further communication between the court and Ben for a while.

  1. Grave concern too, concerning the status of children’s home Wilmahuis in Zoetermeer. According to the female owner/foster parents, she is in the service of /employed by the Hoenderloo Groep. Another website shows the Wilmahuis is a children’s home for Stichting Jeugdformaat. The Inspectorate for Youth Care, which is controlling both organizations, states neither is the case. Later on the foster parent says she is running her own business now, which is against the rules of the Inspectorate for Youth Care and therefore it is illegal to take care of children for the Inspectorate. The ex-husband of the woman, regularly visiting the Wilmahuis, is an ex-policeman. He is the same officer who filed the police report on November 2, 2011, one day after the arrest of Ben.

  1. July 21 – August 2012. Children are taken for a vacation to Croatia, against the wishes of the parents.
  2. Fake procedures, falsified documents and a number of not officially registered lawsuits within the Court, result in researching an “inner circle” within organizations by Ben and various other people. Furthermore is clear that the documents, on which the mother is suspended from custody over the children, have been printed on forged court papers, and are not listed in the national register of court cases at the District Court in Amsterdam.
  3. A new website, www.verontrustevaders.nl, appears online with one main subject, the horrific story of the Van den Brink family. The owner of the website, Frides Laméris, as a confidant of the Van den Brink family, files a complaint with the police headquarters of the city of Groningen concerning two fraudulent judges at the Court of Alkmaar, because of tampering with documents. The Court of Groningen also receives some detailed information about this.
  4. On CD’s which have the attention of national and international security services, persons involved in a paedophile network have been – possibly – recognized. Connections are leading to Noord Holland (police officers included). Special attention for the police station Alkmaar.
  5. 18 Sept. 2012. By mistake, Ben gets hold of a letter, probably included inadvertently in materials he receives from his (ex) lawyer Gerard van der Meer. It refers to a document which is supposed to be a ‘shadow report’ of the police. Close inspection reveals the many manipulations in this document. It is put on the internet, please see: http://www.verontrustevaders.nl/documenten/document.pdf
  6. October 2012. Demi and Nirvana are still not at home, despite official documents indicating that parents have full authority over their children. Four different courts i.e. Haarlem, Amsterdam, Den Haag and Alkmaar are informed with well documented files. The police station Alkmaar has by now refused to file a criminal complaint three times. The media are approached. When all the personnel of the schools Demi and Nirvana are emailed with detailed information, etc. it turns out, a secret ICT-procedure disallows the mails to reach their destination.
  7. October 7, 2012. A co-worker of OCK Het Spalier, the children’s institution where Demi and Nirvana have been in residence in 2010, makes a confession to some friends of Ben who visit them, that at least 8 colleagues have abused many children among which Demi and Nirvana. The names of these persons are known and have been published on the internet, only using their initials.
  8. October 2012. Prof. Dr. Onno van der Hart of the University of Utrecht, Faculty of Social Sciences, Clinical and Health Psychology (KGP), honorary Professor Psychopathology of the chronically traumatized, and therapist for satanic ritual abuse, follows this issue closely and – in writing – gives his full support to the Van den Brink family and other families involved.
  9. Stichting Alternatief Beraad (Foundation for Alternative Consultation – therapists, dedicated to helping victims of satanic ritual abuse) has contacted the Burgerministerie voor Kinderbescherming (Citizens Ministry for Child Protection) to offer support.
  10. 27-11-2012 A letter is sent to the mayor of Alkmaar, Mr. Piet Bruinooge, who is also head of the local police forces. He is asked for mediation so that Ben and Leonie can file their abuse charge against Mr. Minkema and his friends, a thing they already wanted to do three years ago now. Not unexpectedly the mayor refuses to mediate using some excuses.
  11. 29-11-2012: New Session at the Court Amsterdam for Ben van den Brink; continuation of the suspended hearing of 11 July 2012. A corrupted judicial call is sent to Ben to appear in court again on 29-11-2012. At the Court House in Amsterdam a chaotic session is held with corrupt judges, who try to catch Ben and put the whistle blower of the paedophile networks behind bars again. By an intelligent move Ben succeeds to escape from the court room and the session is suspended again. Around 20-25 people have witnessed this very curious and illegal court hearing. So after many ‘legal’ sessions Ben is still a free man.
  12. New (illegal) court session in Amsterdam is announced at 13th of February 2013. Ben will not attend, because by now it has become totally clear that these sessions are not properly convened, as this has been confirmed by an employee at the court.
  13. A charge is laid with the police in Utrecht against the three judges of the last two sessions for corruption: http://morkhoven.wordpress.com/2013/02/10/corrupte-rechters-moeten-opstappen-zaak-van-den-brink/
  14. Many publications are now appearing on the website www.hetuurvandewaarheid.info, highlighting a.o. new aspects of documentary and juridical fraud in ‘Case van den Brink’ (@casevandenbrink twitteraccount).
  15. The Belgian Werkgroep Morkhoven, an organization that is famous for fighting pedocriminality, whose main activist for humanitarian rights is Mr. Marcel Vervloesem - who has been arrested by the Belgian authorities on false charges almost 50 times now - has started to publicize intensively about the horror story of the family van den Brink. One of the leading Morkhoven members describes the situation in Holland with authorities as ‘indescribable’.
  16. The designation ‘indescribable’ or ‘unbelievable’ also applies of course to the so called Case Demmink, the Dutch and now ex-secretary of the ministry of Justice, who has become by now the world’s most renewed high placed pedophile, who is no longer welcome to visit the United States and who is completely exposed on the website www.arrestdemmink.com, but the Dutch authorities up till the second week of April 2013 not launching any kind of investigation, despite increasing international pressure.
  17. In the mean time the two daughters Demi and Nirvana of the family van den Brink continue suffering (and not only they) in their prison house in Zoetermeer, controlled by Child Care and Pedopolice officers.
  18. As in the case of Joris Demmink, authorities seem helpless, desperate or resistant to end this cruel story and bring the children home to their parents. It seems Dutch Parliamentary Democracy has turned into a tyrannical Pedocracy, where children’s and parents rights are denied and no justice is found. Dutch citizens are becoming more and more aware that the whole Child Care system and Service has been infiltrated by some kind of Child Robbing agency for the purpose of pornographic services to pedophiles of all ranks, high and low. http://jeugdzorg-darkhorse.blogspot.nl/2013/03/no-faith-in-dutch-family-law.html

1 OCK stands for: Remedial Education Centre Kennemerland


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