Monday 25 February 2013

Cotsbrook Hall

This home, owned by and operated under the flag of Bryn Alyn Community, is considered to not be part of Operation Pallial, because it's in Telford.
All children abused in care, under the Bryn Allyn Community, at Cotsbrook Hall have had to pluck up the courage to pick up the phone and ring Operation Pallial to make their complaint, to be told.....sorry mate, not our job, you want Operation Yewtree - Jimmy Savile and others. That was Telford, we're North Wales only.
I have had several emails asking.... where do I go from here

Try the office of keith towler, childrens commissioner for wales. they have been fantastic.
their number is 08088011000. ive been dealing with andy and john (might be james.....began with a J at least) although mostly andy.
tell them I directed you there and explain any difficulties ur facing in being heard. they should be able to give some advise,

also try the social work team from operation pallial. cheryl dennet is general social work, andy croxford is mental health social work and emma howard just sounded rather grumpy. both cheryl and andy have been fantastic help all through this.

lastly, try ringing operation pallial main office 08001181199  im dealing with Jackie McKenzie from there. really nice woman, would do anything to help any of us, i believe.

i would suggest, if you haven't already, also contacting victim support, unless you already have shrinks n mental health support in place. they will be able to help guide you through the process.

if you have anything you feel you would like to add to the macur review, looking at why waterhouse did such a shit job, their info is under the Macur Review article. i know of a few ppl from cotsbrook that are struggling to get statements made because of the remit of the original investigation.

I counted 14 occassions in the Waterhouse report where Cotsbrook Hall is mentioned as being Bryn Alyn Community and The Local Gov't Chronicle certainly believed that to be the case.
So if it was owned and run by Bryn Alyn Community ie:  John Nonce Allen, and Waterhouse recognised it as B.A.C, local Govt coverage saw it as B.A.C, wtf isn't it being treated as B.A.C?

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  1. I am seeking people who have been abused to join with Fair Play for Children to call for a national and independent inquiry into institutional child abuse over the past 50 or so years. Bryn Allyn & N Wales, Jersey, Surrey, BBC, NHS Hospitals, Birmingham, Islington and we can be sure there's more and more. Anyone who wants to know more, I can be reached on 01243-862072 and at, our web site is The myth is that because 92.7 of abusers are in "domestic" situations and only 6.3% in professional settings, that therefore 92.7% of child victims are in home settings. Huge fallacy - a domestic abuser will on average abuse maybe 2 kids over 15 years, say. In institutional settings - BBC, junior sport, children's homes etc, what IS the victim rate to each abuser? It doesn't take long before we can see that the 6.3% can account for 25-35-55 % Savile, over 100. Hall? Many convicted offenders only admit enough"taken into account" to bargain sentence reduction. In the US, a study of 150 undtected abusers got them claiming they'd abused over 22000 kids between them. Boasting? Who knows. That would make over 150 each on average. You might ask why an organisation aiming to promote the Child's Right to Play wants this inquiry? Because being sexually assaulted rather messes your playtime ....


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